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    We are in a funny odds-and-ends phase at the moment. We really need to get together again to take the engine out and pull it down. In the mean time, apart from catching up with other things, I have made up a puller toget the propshaft joint apart which is the last thing holding the engine in place. A rummage in the drawer found a ring that I made up for something else which I have been able to bore out. Goodness knows what I made it for but I suspect that it will become obvious when I need to do that job again! Now ready to clamp to the prop and pull the cover off. Hitting it didn't work! We have rescued the greaser, drain tap and priming cocks from the engine so I thought I would sort them out. Some paraffin and a gentle wire brushing soon brought these up. The priming cocks are unusual in that the cup on top is filled with fuel and then unscrewed to open the needle valve at the bottom and allow the fuel to run in. As you can see, we only have two and a half of them. First job, after cleaning up was to identify the threads. After a lot of head scratching, I reached the conclusion that they were NPT (National Pipe Straight) which is a form I don't have so I ordered up some taps and a die. I suspect that stock turnover may be slow in this size. The printing on the box looks like it is from the 1960's and the taps were beautifully wrapped in greaseproof paper and placed in a tinplate tray. The die is dated 1950. That is 68 years on the shelf! Anyway, they did the job alright. You can't see it but there is a hole right through the centre and a cross hole just above the point. Full set ready to go! Dad is working on the rest of the pump so we will have something to show there shortly. Steve :)