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    We have been experimenting with an electrolytic rust busting device, which has been showing great promise in early trials. Made from good solid (free) scaffold boards with a 1000 gauge plastic liner , the tank contains about 12 gallons of water with 6 cups of soda crystals for the electrolyte. Various anodes have been tested and the best was a length of box section steel, this was connected to the positive terminal of the power source. The negative end connects to the job in this case the steering column and this forms the cathode. At first results were disappointing , with a small battery charger struggling to provide 2 amps to the rather cold mix. Stan then produced the heavy artillery, a monster starter charger which soon got the party started and the bubbles flowing. We explored the full range of options which included a flat out setting of 24 volts and 28 amps. This was proper motoring and was restricted to short periods of boost when required. Amongst other beneficial effects this began to raise the water temp and we achieved 24 degrees C which was much better for the reaction. The results shown here after about 4 hrs show the rust mostly gone and replaced by a black substance which cleans off easily ready for paint. The rust was deposited on the anode which was growing a fine set of Titannic whiskers. Various modifications are at the planning stage, but initial results are very encouraging. received_698195273996100.mp4 received_698195273996100.mp4
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