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    Looking now at the Track rod or described in the Parts Book as the Steering Cross Rod. We have recovered a sound one from our "spares Department" but no Clevis Bolts. The Bolts incorporate Greasers. We have another old front axle with these parts still on it but the Clevis Bolts look beyond use again - so at least one has to come out to be used as a pattern for us to make two new ones. One has started to move but needs some more work yet.
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    Now eyeing up the next job - we have two King Pins that will want tidying up but will be fit to be used again but only one nut for them so the second nut will have to be made. They are 2" A/F and the thread is either 1.42" x16 or maybe 1.40" x16 - depends which one you measure. We have 2" Hex steel in stock so that should be a straight forward job.
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    three days of work and the stairs are repaired
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    That's the one. And here is our Holbrook, in the middle of another Scrunt&Farthing *-cart. My forklift bogged down moving the Holbrook on boggy ground. No problem, press the Taliban's favourite fork-lift rescue vehicle into service; minus one clutch later and its time to get a telehandler onto the job. Which is probably where I should have started in the first-place. Now, to more recent matters. I am still stripping down one of my two crank-cases to relieve it of some useful bits. Today the timing cover came off to yield a magneto/water pump drive. Additionally smaller items such as core-plugs and camshaft end covers. I don't have a water-pump (for a S5 36-40hp) so if anyone has one it would save me a whole loadda pattern-making. The timing cover is in good condition so may be used in place of the one on the main engine which has some damage. Crankshaft next, my assistant insists that PPE should always be pink. I am not sure how this intermediate gear comes off this shaft and I have no drawings so some Diesel soaking may reveal more information. And that is about it. We are still working full-tilt, albeit at home so no more lorrying until next week. Dave (S&F)
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    As one of the fortunate few who can walk across the yard to get to the workshop, I feel duty bound to share with those who cannot in these unusual times. So here's some pictures from earlier this year re-fitting the clutch. Flywheel painted, ready to receive clutch components. Grease applied to mating face. In with the clutch cone. Followed by the cover... and the spring. Winding in the spring adjuster with the new laser cut spanner. Note the grub screw and locking slot in the adjuster. Clutch release bearing, stop, lock nut, spacer and repaired retaining bolt for the drive coupling. Retaining bolt had deep gouges as a result of having been undone with a hammer and cold chisel. These have been welded up and filed back to shape. And back in position. New 3/8"BSF nuts and bolts from Trojan Special Fasteners at Birmingham. Pedal shaft and bearings ready for lifting into position... Pedal shaft in position. Thanks to my brother David for being a second pair of hands. Clutch stop and drive coupling fitted.
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    Some other items that I have found over the years.
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    Evening All, I hope that you are all safe and well. I haven't done much since the last update as the sun's been out and it's time to get the garden done. I have started the polyurethane casting mould for the road wheels but I am waiting for a new cutter to arrive for the milling machine and at the moment it takes a little bit of imagination to see the finished item. Apart from that, I now have eight track return rollers with tyres on but not finished, as the polyurethane takes about eight days to go off and I can't finish machine them until they have hardened. Jon
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