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    November 1918, was one of the coldest of the 20th Century.
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    Best I can do without a scanner Tony
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    Hi to all, as we all are bussy i was also. I have finaly my Harley WLA licensed so i can legaly drive it on the road. The clutch allining problem i had on the ARIEL WNG is solved. Little by little its getting on the good way. bram
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    I have assembled most of the engine .having replace all the manifold stud etc . The exhaust manifold had one broken flange which I machined off flat and having cut a new flange I welded it on using a 29/9 rod
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    Phosphoric acid. Read the side of a can of Coke. We all drink it with little side effect, apart for getting fat! It's a well known rust remover.
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    We were fortunate to be down in Devon over the weekend and whilst still concentrating on finishing the Thornycroft, thoughts are beginning to turn to the Peerless. We want to start by getting the engine out and going right through it. This we can do with the space that we have without putting anything into storage so we decided to take the sheet off and have a look at what we have got. We put the lorry ito Father's car-port about twenty years ago and packed all of the spares around it before sheeting it down. Tim started pulling bits out and we are amazed at what we have. One forgets after so long! We had turned the wheels onto a hard lock to improve access to the back door of the house so the next task was to straighten them up. The steering had seized completely so I disconnected the drag link. Still no movement until I realised that it had sunk into the tarmac by an inch! I jacked it and we put boards under the wheels whereupon they straightened easily and revolved freely as well. After doing the same for the back, we rolled it back six feet to give us some acces for removing the engine. Exciting times! Steve
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    Each Peerless was fitted with two wooden tool boxes with a metal lid. While at Beaulieu a few years ago were were very lucky to find an original one for a reasonable sum. After it was purchased we were asked what it was "It is a tool box from a Great War Peerless army lorry" Steve replied. "What are you going to put it on" he was then asked. "On to a Great War Peerless army lorry" Steve explained. For some reason the guy seemed disappointed. Anyway, one down, three more to find.