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    Yes it sure has! and I think I can Now Confirm that we are all agreed that we like and dislike Guy Martin, Like and Dislike the replica Tank, think that machines and systems are safer in the old days before health and safety and are safer today, we need more and less people in engineering and are pro and anti Europe, want to get rid of people who use their money to push technology forward and also want to keep them. I'm Glad that's all now settled, better close this thread off before it gets out of hand!
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    Speaking as a forum Admin and IT support guy I can tell you that it is a hugely thankless task keeping these things running. More often than not the Admins are well aware of issues that the end-user is not aware us and in some cases it's a case of holding on and hoping it doesn't go bang before you can get to fix it properly, (surely anyone who has ever had to jury-rig an engine just to get home will sympathise with that). The problem with forums is if they go bang, getting them back is easy (just a quick case of re-installing everything from scratch), getting all the data back is the hard bit. Reaching for your regular back-ups only to find that they too are corrupt is something every IT support Engineer dreads...it is what keeps us up a t night! Sometimes upgrading the software is something that is forced upon us by the forward march of progress. Recently my own forum stopped working and whenever a user posted something all that appeared was an empty post. It soon became obvious that, overnight, the company hosting the forum had upgraded the underlying database software (MySQL) and another essential web component (PHP) to the very latest versions, (they do these upgrades for security reasons, to keep out hackers and those who would embed viruses). Sadly, our Forum software does not work with these new upgrades and so we are being forced to upgrade before we were ready to do so. We now have to make a decision if we stay with the forum software we are using, which was what was being used here before the upgrade, or go another route to keep with the times and to give folks the feature requests they want. I don't know about here but I keep getting asked if I can add 'LIKE' buttons to threads. I can't and the software doesn't allow for it but the newest version does; it's just a case of whether I'm prepared to pay for that or not, especially when paying for the hosting costs is already a burden. Nobody likes change, (all of us here are here precisely because we like the old ways) but sometimes change is forced upon us, for whatever reason, and we just have to learn to deal with it. I appreciate that it gets harder as one gets older (I'm in my mid 50's now and beginning to get very set in my ways) but it is what it is and we need to learn to adjust. You just need to remember that we all come here for the content, the camaraderie and shared enthusiasm for all things historic, military and vehicular... the manner, or format, in which it is presented is less important. Just my two pfennigs!
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    Well, we have had a productive day but, as usual, never quite as fast as we would like! Roy came over again with his big sash clamps and battery drill, both of which proved very useful. We started the day by screwing down the floor boards. This proved hard on the knees but with Roy's clamps to pull them all up, it all went well. When we reached the last plank, they were over-width by 3/16" so I ran a pencil along the last one and then planed it to fit. The challenge was in holding it but we pushed it up against the post of the garage and my big plane soon made short work of it. Mind you, this was helped by the quality of the timber which was beautiful. It is softwood but has a lovely straight grain and no knots. I don't know how Mark gets it. It certainly isn't from B & Q! A test fit and all was well. We removed the kerb rails so that Dad can paint them separately. Once that was done, we turned our attention to the water elbows. Dad drilled the bolt holes in the last one and it was fine, except that it fouled the radiator stay bar so I had to file a bit off the top. Eventually, all was well so all we need now is some hose and we can fit them permanently. That really will be a landmark event. It is back to reality tomorrow, getting ready for work, which is a great pity as I am just getting some momentum going. Oh well. Time to study the job list! Happy New Year everyone! Steve
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    I finally got around to watching the whole programme on catch-up or iplayer or whatever last night. I think it was phenomenal - regardless of some of the comments on here - because a fairly ordinary bloke uses his celebrity, and the power of TV, to recreate something huge from 100 years ago and get it running with a lot of, widely acknowledged, help. His enthusiasm is infectious and, as he didn't know much about the scale and detail of WWI or H licences, as he learned on screen, he will have enthused others about the subject, engineering, welding, tanks in museums and more. The late Fred Dibnah didn't have the monopoly on being 'a bloke with a regional accent who liked British engineering history' and, as he's dead, the next generation needs a new folk hero. Then, finally, driving the tank at Cambrai, in my opinion, was far more poignant than threading it up a high street. The world is changing and we need to embrace that, in order to see the history that interests us is remembered. I can't wait to see the tank itself somewhere next year. JC
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    I have explained this a couple of times now, but here goes again. We were forced to move away from our old server because it reached its end of life. The old forum system didn't work on the new server (and was outdated) so we were forced to make a choice: 1) We could either try and fix the problem, which could take forever and would be rather expensive 2) We could move to a new system. When moving to a new system there were two options: 1) Migrate to a new version of the old system, which would be expensive, risky and very time consuming for me and quite frankly, I don't have the time anymore to work on this forum for full days. 2) Migrate to a new system that has a future, is managed (meaning there is a team of tech guys behind it), and where the whole migration is taken care off. And this all would be at a company that we are already working with and have proven to be very reliable. Naturally, we went for option number two; why make life more difficult for us having to manage multiple forum systems? We don't and that is why we chose this. Now I want to close down this whole discussion about that the old system was better. This is it, this is the forum that we are going to use. If you have questions about why it works in a certain way, have a feature request or want to ask if we can change a setting then please do and I will do whatever I can to help out.
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    Can you please expand to a non-techie , how the previous forum software was about to break ? Was it because it was no longer suitable for hand-held devices ?
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    Not that birthdays are that important but if the are to be displayed could they be DD/MM/YYYY rather than the US MM/DD/YYYY thanks.
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    Be careful... Local authorities are pass masters at making unpopular decisions appear to be someone else's doing.... They are full of completely hopeless and useless shysters, charlatans and chancers... devious and sly...
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    Works best in full screen at 1080p.
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    To try to make finding the new posts easier, I have made a few screenshots and added some notes. 1. Under the big HMVF logo you should see 'New Posts'. Click on it. 2. This should take you to a page like that shown below. I do not know why it is called 'Unread Content' when the button we clicked was 'New Posts'. We should be able to see all the new posts. But, if the summaries of the posts are huge like shown below, then we can make smaller (see step 3). 3. To save having to scroll and scroll to see all the new posts, look over towards the right-hand side of the screen, just above our list of 'new posts'. There you should find two text buttons: 'Condensed' and 'Expanded'. Click on 'Condensed'. 4. With any luck, you should now have the new posts listed like shown below. OK, it is never going to look as minimalist as the old forum, but then I am never going to look 20 again. 5. Finally, on the picture above I have added another thing for you to click: clicking on that green dot should take you to the first unread post (and not the 'most recent post' as I wrote on the picture). Now, if that still does not make sense, then please ask where you are struggling. trevor
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    Welcome to our new home! First, let me apologize for the fact that the forum has been down for so long. I never expected that moving 10 years of topics, stories, and pictures to a new location and a new forum system would be so time-consuming. Luckily, we have made it and now we have a new home, it will be mostly the same and different at the same time. There is still work that needs to be done but I'm on it and will do my best to get it all finished as quickly as possible. If you have any questions, please post them here or on this board and I will try and answer / fix them as quickly as possible, Enjoy HMVF!
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    All I will say is from the stand point of someone who could not run a web site of any shape or form I am immensely thankful for those who can and do....... like most club related actives it can be a thankless task...... so once again well done chaps thank you for your considerable efforts. Pete
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    The thing is, it was broken and needed fixing. We had no choice.
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    As Jack says the forum has gone through a number of changes over the years and the initial reaction of most people has been against the change but after a while you forget what the old system was like. There are bound to be hiccups at first but to be fair to Joris he has listened to members comments and reacted where necessary and this at what must have been a very stressful time for him. Thanks Joris. If an old computer illiterate fuddy duddy like me can adapt to the changes I'm sure anyone can.
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    Really sorry to hear that guys and understand that change is sometimes a pain in the backside. HMVF has been here since 2005 and throughout those years we have naturally have made many changes. This is because the software/tech becomes outdated - so if we don't make the changes then the forum no longer works. Evolution of the forum has always happened and will always happen and sadly there is nothing we can do about that if we want to keep the forum open, alive and up to date. I know it can be very frustrating at the beginning but please hang in there as you will be missed!! My kind regards, Jack.
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    Yes Pete over here we're really looking forward to the Dried Onions, Pea Soup Powder & Semolina on Christmas Day. I mean you have to spoil yourself at least once a year
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    Hi Ian, Thanks, I am getting frustrated with all this, it wastes too much time, not as quick as it was before, too much clutter. Not an improvement. Just found out my mailbox is full, wait one and I will do a bit of culling. cheers Richard
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    I have avoided coming on the forum for just over a month, I've been waiting to see how things would settle down. Catching up on the posts I must comment on the patience exercised by Joris & the speed with which he has responded to suggestions & observations. I was afraid at first that the new set-up may have been set in stone & completely non-adjustable. In my month of absence, I have found that despite the new set-up, there is no other forum that encompasses such a wide range of interests for MV enthusiasts & I would hate to see it fail. I am very grateful for the space allowed for me in Clive's Corner as a reference place for previously published articles & articles that are no longer considered acceptable for publication. The latter is because even for club magazines they are considered to be too detailed & don't have enough colour photos to sustain the interest of the average reader. It is sad that technical articles like these can have no printed platform, so I am grateful for them being hosted here, I hope to the benefit of those who want to read them. Whilst acknowledging the hard work put in by Joris & his continuing vigilance, may I make just a few suggestions for improvements that are not intended as criticisms? Like many, I miss “Today's Posts” I know there is “Recently Updated Topics”. That tells you the thread title & when it started & by whom, but not what is new. To find that out you click on it & that takes you to the very first post which may have many pages, so you have to click on the last page. But that is not the last post, for that you may have to scroll down sometimes 30 posts to get to the most recent post. The alternative is to click on the right side to “All Activity” & I appreciate this tab is easier than before when you had to go to the left side “Activity” tab then choose “All Activity”. This is good because you then get who has responded with the latest post displayed at the top. But there are only two lines of the post displayed, to get the whole post you have to open the complete thread. Please remember that not all of us have broadband. I have to rely on a weak phone link that has limitations of availability, speed & data allowance. If the previous posts in the thread are picture-heavy it can take a while to find out whether the latest post has useful content or not. So, could the full content of the last post be displayed in “All Activity” please? I appreciate that this is “All Activity” but could it be changed to “All Posting Activity”? At present we have to see who has started watching a particular thread or changed their profile, which I think many of us would regard as superfluous information. On the subject of superfluous information, “Today's Birthdays” are of no interest to me, not even when it is my birthday! Also “Popular Contributors” doesn't necessarily mean they are popular but perhaps prolific & it perpetuates the belief that a high level of posts is something to aspire to & the more posts you make the more superior you are in some way. Yes, I know I am a high poster, so it means nothing & as yet not achieved “Popular” status. But I realise I can ignore these “features” but they just contribute to front page clutter. If they are really considered desirable bury then in a tab or could we turn them off in the user's control panel? The only other thing is the fish-eye distortion of our avatars. Can there be an option for a non-fish-eye distorted view? I know it works well for some, but my avatar looks rather un-aerodynamic. Thank you for quickly unlocking the threads in Clive's Corner & hosting the articles that can't be read elsewhere! PS Something I can't master is having previewed a post then spotting an error I can't correct it. If I go back I loose the whole text, luckily I put this on my clip-board & redid it.
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    That's a real shame. The forum does just about everything the old one did and in an almost identical way. All the functions are still there. What exactly about the new forum (other than it's just 'different') are you struggling with?
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    Thanks Doug, If I had thought it through a bit more, I could have lined my two-gallon tins at the same time! Some of them are getting a bit tired. Oh well. Will have to do that next time. Dad has also been pushing on with the silencer. He first cleaned up the silencer ends which, with very little work, fitted the tube nicely. Thanks to Barry's excellent pattern making! He drilled the centre hole for the tie bar and three holes inside to support the baffle rods. Finally, he bored out the ends to accept the exhaust pipe itself. We then went on to assembling the baffles. These are threaded onto three rods and located in our case by split pins. I am not quite sure how they might have done this originally as I have no drawings and only a picture of a baffle in the parts book. I suspect that they may have been crimped. We may find all of the baffles at one end one day! Then it was 'spot the deliberate mistake' time. How do you slide four circular discs down a tube which has a row of rivets down its length? Dad notched all of the discs with a file and that did the trick. I don't know how Thornycrofts did it though! Ready to fit! Now we need some mounting brackets. Father had picked up the bracket castings a while back and cleaned them up nicely. I then finished them off by adding the mounting holes. In the meantime, Father had rolled up the mounting bands and fabricated the end fittings. After a rummage for some rivetes, we found just enough and put them together. After cutting to length and drilling, the rivet holes were counter sunk. We knocked up a snap from a piece of bar with a dimple created with the end of a drill. Not a perfect shape but good enough for this exercise. Then it was simply a case of knocking them down. The results were quite pleasing so they are now in the paint shop. I am working on the rest of the exhaust at the moment. We need a flange to bolt it to the manifold and a cast elbow. We do have a very sad original but I think it can be saved with a little help from my friends again but that will be a story for another day. Steve
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    Good Afternoon. Re Daf Jack I have checked with my MT friends and in our unit the Dafs used the same jack as the MJ. The jack is a ERN-LAKE 4ton, 6.5 inch Tower Jack, from Harvey Frost & Co Ltd. If you get stuck I have a hardly used jack with a handle in my store. Hope this helps Regards Michael
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    I know Joris is taking the credit here, but we all know Jack did all the hard work over the last week!! ;-) Thanks Jack. Your technology skills are as amazing as your mechanical ones!
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    The whip round wasn't so good
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    Great work Joris - I know it has been a lot of work so there is a pint in the HMVF Clubhouse from me :-)
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    Another video of the same old girl ! Something went wrong...