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    Take a look here: https://digitalcommons.unl.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1727&context=tsaconf Dunlop. Neoprene rubber substitute. 'Camouflarge cloth' ....secret. Air Ministry Ballon Section built them, so did Shepperton Studios. Search Google widely and deeply and ye shall reap 'facts'. My interest is Force R, who whilst they were the masters of deception in WW2, were at some point brought back into play for the Cold War ...... certainly in Tripolitania in 1955 and as an overtly Royal Engineer unit were based in at least one regiment's base at one time (Homs, 3RHA) to utilise a new unusualy large purpose built aircraft-type hanger ....on the edge of the parade square to house what is anyone's guess as I can't track much in the archives remotely from the lands unfit for human habitation. I was alerted to Force R by a Veteran of 3RHA who was there and he told me that the unit was based in their camp and that personnel of Force R were not allowed to mix with the troops stationed in Homs as 'their work was secret'. They dressed in quasi-military uniforms and were 'scruffy'! What I have found out officially is that Force R were indeed in Libya to build dummy V Force bomber diversionary airfields in the desert .... as the real RAF Idris was a known diversionary real airfield for when the 'balloon went up'. The thinking is the large hanger was for constructing/inflating dummy aircraft ... the hanger, even I can remember as a child there in 1959-61 was huge and most certainly was big enough to house a blow-up Vulcan or two! Whether there ever were inflatable British jet aircraft at that time, or after I know not. The hanger was not used for anything after 1957 when 3RHA departed, seemingly 'empty' during 6 and 2RTR's time in situ though no other Veteran could tell me what the hanger was used for even if they could remember it being there. So if you know anything about dummy airfields, inflatable aircraft and Cold War deception in Libya, do please sing out.
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    Yes it sure has! and I think I can Now Confirm that we are all agreed that we like and dislike Guy Martin, Like and Dislike the replica Tank, think that machines and systems are safer in the old days before health and safety and are safer today, we need more and less people in engineering and are pro and anti Europe, want to get rid of people who use their money to push technology forward and also want to keep them. I'm Glad that's all now settled, better close this thread off before it gets out of hand!
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    Speaking as a forum Admin and IT support guy I can tell you that it is a hugely thankless task keeping these things running. More often than not the Admins are well aware of issues that the end-user is not aware us and in some cases it's a case of holding on and hoping it doesn't go bang before you can get to fix it properly, (surely anyone who has ever had to jury-rig an engine just to get home will sympathise with that). The problem with forums is if they go bang, getting them back is easy (just a quick case of re-installing everything from scratch), getting all the data back is the hard bit. Reaching for your regular back-ups only to find that they too are corrupt is something every IT support Engineer dreads...it is what keeps us up a t night! Sometimes upgrading the software is something that is forced upon us by the forward march of progress. Recently my own forum stopped working and whenever a user posted something all that appeared was an empty post. It soon became obvious that, overnight, the company hosting the forum had upgraded the underlying database software (MySQL) and another essential web component (PHP) to the very latest versions, (they do these upgrades for security reasons, to keep out hackers and those who would embed viruses). Sadly, our Forum software does not work with these new upgrades and so we are being forced to upgrade before we were ready to do so. We now have to make a decision if we stay with the forum software we are using, which was what was being used here before the upgrade, or go another route to keep with the times and to give folks the feature requests they want. I don't know about here but I keep getting asked if I can add 'LIKE' buttons to threads. I can't and the software doesn't allow for it but the newest version does; it's just a case of whether I'm prepared to pay for that or not, especially when paying for the hosting costs is already a burden. Nobody likes change, (all of us here are here precisely because we like the old ways) but sometimes change is forced upon us, for whatever reason, and we just have to learn to deal with it. I appreciate that it gets harder as one gets older (I'm in my mid 50's now and beginning to get very set in my ways) but it is what it is and we need to learn to adjust. You just need to remember that we all come here for the content, the camaraderie and shared enthusiasm for all things historic, military and vehicular... the manner, or format, in which it is presented is less important. Just my two pfennigs!
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    I replied to a earlier thread on this subject and at that time could not add any thing to it other than what i knew at that time since then l have been put to gether a list of RAF MU's AAW's AVD BVD RVD and there locations several things have come to light concerning the numbers allocated to them one location can have two or three different numbers on the same site or in a area covered by one area command BURN near YORK and BARLOW near SELBY had the same 41 AVD were is this taking us well up to now with what i already knew i have found one hundred locations and B42 was located at WALLINGTON in the uk ps at the same time DIAMOND Ts were under going rebuilds at the same time
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    The EMER for the Gun tank say 810 BHP at 2800 RPM and 1580 FtLbs torque at 2000 RPM. It is interesting that a Meteor has quite a lot of grunt at idling. The Conqueror ARV will neutral steer with the engine idling. The REME museum's Cent ARV has rubber pads on track and so will generally require a touch of throttle to neutral on tarmac. The cylinder heads on the M120 and the Meteorite are very different from a IVB with its more direct Merlin ancestry. As for he exhaust ports, they are different but I have no idea if they are better or not. John
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    Sye wotherloik, but ee probly duz morn anyuvver geezer to bring in the punterz to see arr clobber an genrilly popyoolaroiz arr obbee . Dunnee? Gits moi vote evree toim. Innit. Muss go; jus seen a genyoowine Waffen SS toasting fork...........ow much?!! Eeemussbeavinalarf!
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    Ah, parts from Jean Duchamps' emporium for the restoration of ex-French Enfields !
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    You could try buying this book: http://www.bookworldws.co.uk/9011-tankograd-british-special-recce-p-3346.html others in the series are also good. Not sure why you need camo on your vehicle, with all those shiny bits etc?
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    Well, it works! We have had some fun and games this morning but eventually, it went and I have some film files to post once I have worked out how to do them.. Idles nicely but dies when I try to open the throttle so I will need some advice about Solex carbs. More later! Steve
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    My mate Brian built the engine up for me today, everything went well thank goodness. I Passed spanners, parts and mugs of tea 😎 Using the flywheel to turn the crank. Setting the torque wrench for the main caps. Using plasti gauge to check tolerances. Fitting pistons. Old sump used for protection while transporting then re fitting, all new core plugs fitted. Hopefully this should be back in the chassis tomorrow afternoon.
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    Well, we have had a productive day but, as usual, never quite as fast as we would like! Roy came over again with his big sash clamps and battery drill, both of which proved very useful. We started the day by screwing down the floor boards. This proved hard on the knees but with Roy's clamps to pull them all up, it all went well. When we reached the last plank, they were over-width by 3/16" so I ran a pencil along the last one and then planed it to fit. The challenge was in holding it but we pushed it up against the post of the garage and my big plane soon made short work of it. Mind you, this was helped by the quality of the timber which was beautiful. It is softwood but has a lovely straight grain and no knots. I don't know how Mark gets it. It certainly isn't from B & Q! A test fit and all was well. We removed the kerb rails so that Dad can paint them separately. Once that was done, we turned our attention to the water elbows. Dad drilled the bolt holes in the last one and it was fine, except that it fouled the radiator stay bar so I had to file a bit off the top. Eventually, all was well so all we need now is some hose and we can fit them permanently. That really will be a landmark event. It is back to reality tomorrow, getting ready for work, which is a great pity as I am just getting some momentum going. Oh well. Time to study the job list! Happy New Year everyone! Steve
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    I finally got around to watching the whole programme on catch-up or iplayer or whatever last night. I think it was phenomenal - regardless of some of the comments on here - because a fairly ordinary bloke uses his celebrity, and the power of TV, to recreate something huge from 100 years ago and get it running with a lot of, widely acknowledged, help. His enthusiasm is infectious and, as he didn't know much about the scale and detail of WWI or H licences, as he learned on screen, he will have enthused others about the subject, engineering, welding, tanks in museums and more. The late Fred Dibnah didn't have the monopoly on being 'a bloke with a regional accent who liked British engineering history' and, as he's dead, the next generation needs a new folk hero. Then, finally, driving the tank at Cambrai, in my opinion, was far more poignant than threading it up a high street. The world is changing and we need to embrace that, in order to see the history that interests us is remembered. I can't wait to see the tank itself somewhere next year. JC
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    I have explained this a couple of times now, but here goes again. We were forced to move away from our old server because it reached its end of life. The old forum system didn't work on the new server (and was outdated) so we were forced to make a choice: 1) We could either try and fix the problem, which could take forever and would be rather expensive 2) We could move to a new system. When moving to a new system there were two options: 1) Migrate to a new version of the old system, which would be expensive, risky and very time consuming for me and quite frankly, I don't have the time anymore to work on this forum for full days. 2) Migrate to a new system that has a future, is managed (meaning there is a team of tech guys behind it), and where the whole migration is taken care off. And this all would be at a company that we are already working with and have proven to be very reliable. Naturally, we went for option number two; why make life more difficult for us having to manage multiple forum systems? We don't and that is why we chose this. Now I want to close down this whole discussion about that the old system was better. This is it, this is the forum that we are going to use. If you have questions about why it works in a certain way, have a feature request or want to ask if we can change a setting then please do and I will do whatever I can to help out.
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    Can you please expand to a non-techie , how the previous forum software was about to break ? Was it because it was no longer suitable for hand-held devices ?
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    Not that birthdays are that important but if the are to be displayed could they be DD/MM/YYYY rather than the US MM/DD/YYYY thanks.
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    Be careful... Local authorities are pass masters at making unpopular decisions appear to be someone else's doing.... They are full of completely hopeless and useless shysters, charlatans and chancers... devious and sly...
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    Works best in full screen at 1080p.
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    To try to make finding the new posts easier, I have made a few screenshots and added some notes. 1. Under the big HMVF logo you should see 'New Posts'. Click on it. 2. This should take you to a page like that shown below. I do not know why it is called 'Unread Content' when the button we clicked was 'New Posts'. We should be able to see all the new posts. But, if the summaries of the posts are huge like shown below, then we can make smaller (see step 3). 3. To save having to scroll and scroll to see all the new posts, look over towards the right-hand side of the screen, just above our list of 'new posts'. There you should find two text buttons: 'Condensed' and 'Expanded'. Click on 'Condensed'. 4. With any luck, you should now have the new posts listed like shown below. OK, it is never going to look as minimalist as the old forum, but then I am never going to look 20 again. 5. Finally, on the picture above I have added another thing for you to click: clicking on that green dot should take you to the first unread post (and not the 'most recent post' as I wrote on the picture). Now, if that still does not make sense, then please ask where you are struggling. trevor
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    Welcome to our new home! First, let me apologize for the fact that the forum has been down for so long. I never expected that moving 10 years of topics, stories, and pictures to a new location and a new forum system would be so time-consuming. Luckily, we have made it and now we have a new home, it will be mostly the same and different at the same time. There is still work that needs to be done but I'm on it and will do my best to get it all finished as quickly as possible. If you have any questions, please post them here or on this board and I will try and answer / fix them as quickly as possible, Enjoy HMVF!
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    All I will say is from the stand point of someone who could not run a web site of any shape or form I am immensely thankful for those who can and do....... like most club related actives it can be a thankless task...... so once again well done chaps thank you for your considerable efforts. Pete
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    The thing is, it was broken and needed fixing. We had no choice.
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    As Jack says the forum has gone through a number of changes over the years and the initial reaction of most people has been against the change but after a while you forget what the old system was like. There are bound to be hiccups at first but to be fair to Joris he has listened to members comments and reacted where necessary and this at what must have been a very stressful time for him. Thanks Joris. If an old computer illiterate fuddy duddy like me can adapt to the changes I'm sure anyone can.
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    Really sorry to hear that guys and understand that change is sometimes a pain in the backside. HMVF has been here since 2005 and throughout those years we have naturally have made many changes. This is because the software/tech becomes outdated - so if we don't make the changes then the forum no longer works. Evolution of the forum has always happened and will always happen and sadly there is nothing we can do about that if we want to keep the forum open, alive and up to date. I know it can be very frustrating at the beginning but please hang in there as you will be missed!! My kind regards, Jack.
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    OK Lex....Her name is Judith. Ron
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    Has anyone else seen this? https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/e10-petrol-consumer-protection-and-fuel-pump-labelling From the FBHVC: "Dear Enthusiast, The Department of Transport has issued a consultation document on the subject of introducing higher levels of ethanol in petrol. Many older vehicles are likely to suffer damage and possibly dangerous fuel leaks if the E10 grade of petrol is used without modification to their fuel systems. For the purposes of this consultation the Government is focussing on vehicles more than 25 years old. Whilst wishing to introduce the higher ethanol level E10 grade of fuel, the Government are guaranteeing a 'protection grade' of petrol at the E5 grade that is equivalent to the currently available 95 RON petrol. However this guarantee will only last until 2020 when further consultation will take place. It is likely that on the introduction of E10 at the 95 RON level, the currently available 'Super' grades with an octane level of 97 RON or higher, will cease to be available. The Federation has designed a survey on petrol useage in older vehicles which will provide valuable evidence in the consultation response. Please complete the survey and help the Federation preserve our right to use 'Yesterday's Vehicles on Tomorrow's Roads'. The survey can be accessed by clicking this link. Ethanol Survey. If you wish to read the consultation document it can be found by following this link Department for Transport consultation. Please encourage your friends and fellow enthusiasts to complete the survey, just forward this email and they will be able to follow the survey link. The survey will close on 31 August 2018 in order to collate the results for the Federation's response to the consultation. A copy of the response will be made available on the Federation's website. Thank you for supporting the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs and helping to keep historic vehicles on the road. Paul Chasney Director - Research" The survey is here: https://paulc1.typeform.com/to/Bt7HKS Andy
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    I have the sof (kc)british walled tent. All good no issues.
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    from the bore sighting label, and the graticule adjusters, the L4A1 is the chieftain gunner's night sight.
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    I'm not sure that I agree about the booking and paying and not what you bring. I was under the impression it was a military vehicle sort of show, not a white van show ??
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    Not been mentioned so far is that traditional military cross ply tyres such as 11.00-20 are 100% profile so the overall diameter is 20" (the hole) + 11" + 11" (the extra radius of the hight of the tyre twice) = 42" An 11.00R20 is probably 80% profile (may be almost anything though, and should be marked) and that will be 20" + 8.8" + 8.8" = 37.6" diameter which is a bit different ! This results in a 13.82" difference in circumference or how far you go for one turn of the wheel. As your vehicle has four wheel drive you must have the same size wheels on all four corners or bad things will happen to the transmission. It is a bit hard to see how issues like speed rating and adhesion qualities are relevant to this application but not destroying prop shafts or diffs is in my opinion David
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    Looking in the parts book, there is not a lot in the steering box to get upset, just a worm on the end of the column, and a follower. I think your problem is most likely at the top of the column. 1. Take steering wheel off. Centre nut is captive, as you undo it, it jacks the wheel off. 2. The cap on the top of the column itself unscrews, the little nut on the side that looks a bit like a grease nipple is a locking bolt which needs removing first. 3. Under here is various seals and bearings, and a locking nut that holds the whole thing together. I reckon this nut has come undone, allowing the centre to wind itself out as you turn the wheel. Parts book shows a locking pin holding this nut in place, so would guess that this has been sheared off. Do you have a parts list? Mine has a good exploded view of the whole thing. I could copy it for you if you need it
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    The paint colour in NATO Green BS381C shade 285. You should have no problem buying it online. Try Trade Paints, Marcus Glenn, eBay or get it mixed at your local supplier.
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    This link takes you to the Scammell Explorer Gallery: http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?t=7057 As this thread is getting a little long I have made an index!! To leave you something to do I have left out repeats. No anoraks were hurt in the making of this list :-D 1/#1 239 XUE (01 BD 98) Croc, chs no. 7365 2/#2 NGY 584 Forceful Gritineye, Cummins L10 chs. 8642 cont.9870 3/#7 Q190 XSC ? on ebay 4/#7 Q765 DRS 5/#8 USJ 948 Kevin Royal 6/#10 NZ type 7/#12 158 UXL Jules Corin 8/#13 HSL 730 Trixie JCB Pete. chs no. 7451 9/#20 JSU 704 (94 BD 08) Daisy Andy Fowler, Meadows Petrol :thumbsup:, Chs no. 8106 10#/25 YSY 249 picture has disappeared somehow 11/#26 YAS 852 (94 BD 35) chs no. 8133 12/#26 UXA 722 Mean Machine 13/#28 250 XUB (01 BD 89) Private Benjamin chassis no. 7356 14/#31 NGY 587 (the yellow cabbed one) Gardner 6LW and others 15/#32 AJS 335 Natts Chris Acock 16/#33 UXG 550 17/#34 ?? ?? ?? in service 18/#34 TAS 446 Amos Bodsworth. same as #528? 19/#35 FSU 548 20/#36 HKH 334 Hercules 21/#37 SJS 920M Kevi Royan 22/#38 Q579 ??? 23/#39 93 BD 23 ? in service 24/#39 92 BD 45 ? in service 25/#40 GMT 22N 26/#43 BSJ 271 Edward Colins, Cummins L10 27/#47 06 BD 36 / 06 BD 41 / ? in service 28/#48 ????? Dora Robert Crowther CIF, Meadows diesel 29/#49 LSU 856 (91 BD 77) John Millam, Leyland 680. chs no. 7875 30/#50 ?? BD 74 in service 31/#52 SS? ??? looks the same as #338 ? 32/#53 94 BD 06 In service 33/#55 KYS 854 ? 34/#56 SSU 404 Jules/CoolPaul? Meadows Petrol :thumbsup: 35/#59 SSU 404[/s] 36/#60 MWV 153P Harris bros., RR Eagle. chs no. 7353 37/#64 93 BD ?5 Meadows Petrol 38/#65 WSK 485 (02 BD 10) Lightning, Andy Moseley, Cummins L10, chs no.7377 39/#67 PSY 974 (93 BD 85) Jules Corin, RR Eagle / ??? ??? 40/#68 HJS 741 (35 BC 95) Graham Germany. chs no. 7101 41/#76 Egyptian Explorer, Meadows Diesel? 42/#82 NSU 417 / UXA 722 43/#84 OSJ 698 (92 BD 33) Thor (was Nightmare), thor698, chs no.7931 44/#88 159 UXW Trigger 45/#92 At unknown in museum Portsmouth ? 46/#94 in service ?? ?? ?? 47/#95 92 BD 03 in service, same as #267 48/#96 54 BD ?? in service 49/#97 Unknown 50/#98 in service ?? ?? ?? / ?? ?? ?? 51/#99 in service ?? ?? 73 52/#100 in service ?? ?? ?? 53/#101 lots in service ?? ?? ?? 54/#102 in service 55/#103 01 BD 40 in service same as #409 ? 56/#104 91 BD 58 in service 57/#105 06 BD 41 in service 58/#106 06 BD 36 in service 59/#107 ?? ?? ?? in service 60/#108 ?? ?? ?? in service 62/#109 ?? ?? ?? in service 63/#110 06 BD 00 in service 64/#111 in service ?? ?? ?? / ?? ?? ?? 65/#112 in service ?? ?? ?? 66/#114 Newzealand Explorers Meadows Diesel? 67/#117 SSL 356 68/#112 in service ?? ?? ?? 69/#123 USU 714 Andy ?? 70/#124 FKO 368 Jeff Rogerson, Meadows Petrol :thumbsup: 71/#125 Unknown 72/#126 Unknown 73/#128 Sir Winston JVS 851 74/#131 LSK 200 John Comber, Cummins 220 75/#133 unknown 76/#135 ASJ 231 77/#152 Unknown 78/#153 AAS 121 Leane Booth, Cummins L10 79/#156 YSK 918 (35 BC 38) Leyland 680. chs no 7044, 80/#166 MVS 864 Alan Plummer 81/#167 HSU 832 Geoff Nurse 82/#183 Unknown ebay 6LW 83/#214 HSL 983 Michael Austen 84/#235 Unknown Gardner 6LW 85/#267 92 bd 03 in service, is the same as #95 86/#290 ESL 393 & unknown 87/#291 unknown Gardner 6LW & unknown 88/#299 ESL 599 89/#304 unknown 90/#333 Q61 PFE RR 91/#338 SSU 308 (93 BD 80) MONTY, Ted Riley, Meadows Petrol :thumbsup:, chs no. 8078: same as #52 ? 92/#339 01 BD 41 Meadows Diesel James (see #409) 93/#365 Q921 NTR Meadows Petrol :thumbsup: 94/#382 YSV 763 Hercules Meadows diesel 95/#382 09 AH 00 RAF Museum, Cosford 96/#386 GSU 510 Meadows Petrol :thumbsup:, Ex RadioMike 97/#389 Q789 MEV Leyland 680? 98/#389 XSK 460 99/#395 94 BD 17 100/#396 unknown reg, Denniss Garage 101/#404 unknown 102/#406 ??? 190K 103/#407 43 BT 29 in service 104/#409 01 BD 40 same as #103 ? 105/#409 01 BD 41 FLOYD moon, stars, all lined up! Now owned by YOUNGGUN !! 106/#420 4 unknown Meadows Petrol :thumbsup: 107/#423 92 BD 80 108/#427 20 BD 63 in service 109/#435 92 BD 40 in service 110/#438 NSU 417 (92 BD 45) Chunkey, (was Big Blue Joe) chs no. 7943 112/#438 YSL 662 (35 BC 00) No Nuts, gps, chs no. 7006 113/#438 KSJ 678 (02 A? 96) chassis no. 8529, 115/#439 YSY 249 (93 BD 09) chs no. 8007 116/#439 YSY 250 EFNICK chs no. 7351? maybe Lightnings no. 117/#440 GSU 510 118/#440 unknown 119/#441 Q??? WEP 200/#442 JSU 265 201/#448 920 FUF Peter Dawson? 202/#458 ??? ??? Island Explorer 203/#463 SSY 679 204/#463 GMT 22N 205/#463 YVN 185J 206/#479 in service 207/#527 YJW 382S 208/#528 YSM 910 209/#528 ??? ??? same as #34? 210/#536 in service 211/#549 NTA 658P. chs no. 7963 212/#558 in service 213/#563 ??VS 851 ? 214/#565 BSV 704 (93 BD 06) Thor, daz76, AEC 760, chs no. 8004, Cont 7443 215/#556 KSK 559 (97 RN 71) Ark Royal, R.White, Cummins diesel 216/#574 WSL 196 217/#581 unknown 218/#585 unknown 219/#586 unknown 220/#587 MGP 833L Big Ted 221/#606 unknown 222/#610 728 YUD Dora Robert Crowther, Meadows diesel 223/#669 06 AH 78 in service 224/#674 HMVF clubhouse car park! :-D 225/#717 Q736 WJR 226/#720 in service 227/#731 TOT 279 ___/#1059 unknown (01 BD 97) Leyland 680 chs no. 7364 228/1714 XSV 488 Paul and Jenny Rollseagle..Rolls 290 I've really really really lost the will to live now!! :yawn: :sleep::sleep:
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    Well, it has been all of a bit of surprise - we never gave it much of a thought that it would have created this amount of interest! We are just so pleased that folks have enjoyed watching it develop in this way. Whilst there have been three of us at it, it has been very much Steve's project and it is a prime example of the "Apprentice has now become the Master". And all the way through, there has been a tremendous amount of advice and encouragement from members of the Forum and we have been very grateful to have had that. And we must acknowledge Jack for it is his Forum that has given us the means to tell the story in this way and we are grateful to him. Tony
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    Adrian, thanks mate I may well have a question or two on the Breech ring and Block, but what you gave me on the Mantlet allowed me to do finish up the following. It's not 100% complete just yet, there are a few details that need adding, including the counter-bore that you mentioned earlier, and the position of the aperture for the MG cradle needs to be adjusted, but if you spot any glaring errors do say so ;-)
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    Hi Lizzie, I must have missed this post, here is a photo of the load bed of a F.V.16104 Truck, 1 ton G.S. Welding, 4 x 4, MORRIS MRA1. The description is " The plant is a 'Plant welding electric, single operator, engine driven, output 300/400 amps.' with a dropping characteristic. There are cupboards which hold the necessary items of welding kit and a portable table for use in the field. The welding generator is bolted to the floor of the vehicle with the engine radiator at the tailboard so that maximum draught can be obtained.
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    I've been trying PULSETECH XTREME chargers (well the MOD apparently use them), thinking it might be a solution to my dilemma of a shed full of OPTIMA batteries hanging around for months before being called upon to earn their keep. I know Antar on here has had very good results with them on Hawker batteries. I also know some of my batteries are sulphated - but unless badly sulphated they should still take a reasonable charge even if they don't last as long. I've had some batteries on charge for over 3 months continuous and the red lights flickr about and indicate 'duff battery'. When tried they are dead. So it is a bit annoying to then put the same batteries onto a more modest OPTIMATE 4, only to have most of them charge up to decent cranking power. Some of them do not last as long as a tip top battery might, but quite adequate none the less. I've then put the same battery back onto the PULSETECH only to find it won't charge - straight back to the annoying row of flashing red lights. To my mind the PULSETECH would display more intelligence if it had an indicator on it which said "Well mate, your battery is f*&@%d, but I've put as much in as it will take so at least you're out of trouble, but don't blame me if it fails somewhere down the road". Just to sit there smugly flashing your tiny red LEDs saying "Look - I'm not going to charge any old sh&t batteries OK? Don't bother me until you've bought a new battery" displays a degree of arrogance and an attitude which quite frankly is not helpful in the slightest. I feel so much better having offloaded that - I think I'll cancel today's appointment with my Analyst.
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    Derek yes that's coming on, but I think there should be two sliding doors on each side. That then allows a wider exit hole for the length of the missile, because at present the door can't go too far forward as it would encroach on the driver's door. A split door that is operated by a rack & pinion would obviously less burdensome to open. Presumably the rear loader would open the rear sliding door & the front loader the front sliding door. Of course there is quite a barrier, in the form of the launcher arms/cradles, between the front & rear loaders, which is why the rear loader has his own rear door. As I understand it Eric was the Sales Manager during most of the time of the manufacture of Shorlands. The export drive was down to him mainly & he was on a sales mission abroad when the take over happened & sadly the records seemed to have been cleared out & presumably discarded/destroyed. Eric died about 4 years ago, but it is him in many of the sales brochures featuring a man in a DPM jacket firing a gun or missile from a Shorland.
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    Looks like youve made good progress. Thst bed is v heavy, i know!
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    Chris Wilkinson told me that if he ever had purchaced any Covenantor parts and particularly Meadows flat 12 parts, that he would scrap them as soon as he identified them. There was no market whatsoever for them, military or civilian, so there was no point keeping them. Presumably that would have been a common attitude among the dealers at the time. It might well be that some Meadows flat 12s survived longer than the Covenantors because the Covenantor power train was used in the British copy of the LVT4, known as the Neptune. These were not exactly successful but did stay in service long enough for the last remaining ones to be driven into breaches in the sea defences in the Fens in the 1950's floods, and deliberatly sunk as a barrier. As far as I know they are still there. There was a smaller version of the Meadows flat 12, of 165hp vs 280hp, used in the Tetrarch light tank. This engine was also intended to be used in the FV420 series carriers, which would have given a flat load floor like a Stalwart, but a policy decission was made to use the RR B80 resulting in a big bump in the middle of the load bay which was not exactly helpful and resulted in a complete re design into the FV430 series where the (B81) engine moved into the front LH corner of the hull.
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    I can see the benifits of leaving items in place, the other side is if some were recovered a land based perminent museum would have benifits as well. I am still trying to come up with a plausible suggestion for the mystery item in hold one.
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    I'll let the CVR(T) owners give you an authorative response but note that the driver doesn't need all twelve cores if he only requires intercom access. Andy
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    Lizzie, As an ex Libya hand, civi not military, I have thoroughly enjoyed your posts, they have quite taken me back to happy days wandering around the desert. And of course we all want to see photo of our vehicles actually in use in the real world. Gordon Ferret Mk1
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    I'm going answer these feature requests and hope that will be the end of it. 1. and 2. The new posts tab is providing the exact same functionality as the one we had on the old forum. Changes to this can't be made, this is how the new forum works. 3. Just add "fixed a typo" to the description, can't see what the problem is with that. 4. This wasn't possible on the old forum and we will not make this possible here as it has been abused in the past. If you need something deleted, use the "Report post" link at the top of every message and we will help you out as quickly as possible.
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    I really do not see how it is harder - there is the same structure, and the text is a bit bigger and easier to read. In fact it is easier to scroll through topics because once you have finished reading the new posts in one thread, there is a convenient link under the last post that will take you to the next thread with unread posts. trevor
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    National Archives WO199/1052 http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/results/r?_q=WO199%2F1052
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    I seem to have had a promotion
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    I know Joris is taking the credit here, but we all know Jack did all the hard work over the last week!! ;-) Thanks Jack. Your technology skills are as amazing as your mechanical ones!
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    What he said! I don't see how we can 'get out there and wave the banner for the MV movement' whilst at the same time refusing to discuss some of the potential problems facing us. If someone is knowingly breaking the law and admit to it, then they will probably and deservedly be taken to task for it. I don't consider their presence here to tarnish us equally.
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