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    A Genie! Gosh that made me laugh. Nothing quite so exciting really. Here is a picture of the store room.
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    That is a shame, but I suppose if it is nice that week I could park my Land Rover in the field, throw some dust over it, throw some straw over myself & get my wife to come along & ask me silly questions?
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    Sorry, I was not responding to any implied criticism, just my frustration at Photobucket black mailing me. I have just updated page one of the Thornycroft and nearly finished the Peerless thread. There are about a further 4,650 photos for me to replace, so I better get back to it then. Interestingly, these threads still attract a great deal of interest and it would be a shame to loose it all. Very sadly, a great deal of other threads and photos will have been lost. Anyway, normal services will be resumed as soon as possible. .
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    Dunkirk 80 years ago ww2. This week i will add some of my original Dunkirk photos.
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    It was also a nice surprise for the wife 🤨
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    Interesting that we were told by the folk that used my particular MV in the Normandy campaign was that the first thing they did was to paint out the bonnet star! Seems some thought the emblem was too good a target, which is kind of contrary to the scurrilous saying of those days that if the Germans flew over, the Allies ducked; if the British flew over, the Germans ducked; and if the Yanks flew over, everyone ducked!
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    I'm not taking any chances, being an auto electrician I have self insulated. Joking aside I have come out of retirement to drive artics for a supermarket company. We are gradually getting back to normal as suppliers have in many cases ramped production up by 50% and we are working round the clock but there are still plenty of retards abusing the system by stockpiling perishable food which will have rotted long before it gets used.
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    Hi Ian, They look great, I like the toothed ring for the ABS sensor on the wheel in the middle of the picture 😁. David
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    Jon, Simply amazing. You are talented beyond belief! I have been following you since you were just building the turret, and when you started on this endeavor after the volume of encouragement to do so, I couldn't have been more excited. You are getting so close, and you have to be applauded for your commitment to staying as close to authentic as possible. I can't wait to see the hull mated with the turret, and even better, one day moving along on it's very own set of tracks. Keep it up brother...you're truly an inspiration! -Tom
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    I recently had some time to spare at work, so I thought I'd run AP2515A Vol.III, Mechanical Transport Vehicles Complete, dated May 1946 through the scanner. It essentially lists all of the MT vehicles, trailers and associated bodies, in use with the RAF at the time. Interestingly, some of the chassis/complete vehicles have the contract numbers listed and for many of those the chassis number ranges covered by each contract are included. Also included at the end is the first amendment list, from January 1947. If it's of interest, we also have the second edition of May '52 and the fifth edition from April '64 Apologies if there is a better place to put this. AP2515A 1946.pdf
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    Lunch time break there numerous trials reports on land rovers and l could spend lots of time posting them but this l promise is the last only because the museum had one of the prototype FC 101 and POWERED TRAILERs
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    Because you know it's there! 🙂
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    PUT THE TURRET ON! PUT THE TURRET ON! PUT THE TURRET ON!!! just for a minute! Please! Please Please!!!! John
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    I phoned the W&P Office a few days ago, suprising someone answered, even more of a surprise it was Anne Bertrand the Co-Owner of W&P revival show, we spoke at length and found Her charming and very helpfull. we discussed the possible show cancellation situation and She told me they are waiting for Government decision that if social distance restrictions need to continue into/beyond July then they would Not be allowed to open the show, they are Insured against such eventualities, but cast doubt if they would get fully compensated, but Ann Assured me Everyone who has paid Will be Refunded anyway....I even spoke to John Allinson too, so rather than speculate, just pick up the phone and speak to the show owners yourself, ..not many events you can ever do that to. --------------------------- ......The very successfull Capel Military Vehicle Show nr. Dorking Surrey July 5/6th has been Postponed untill September........
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    Can't believe it's taken so long to update my progress. Poor weather and work stopped play. However, lockdown has its advantages. Managed to paint and fit front wings, grab handles, grill, steering. Painted willys windscreen. Started modifying bonnet to accept willys hinge. Its finally starting to like a vehicle.
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    This is the curse of restoration when "flying" somewhat blind. i.e., without good source-drawings or photos to study. I found when I did my TE, I did many things twice. And there was no common-cause. Sometimes poor machining on my part, or the job did not look right; or, as we discovered later, it was to foul some as-not-yet-thought-about part. My solution, as with all conundrums of this type, lies with Doctor Shepherd & Dr Neame's patent problem-solving elixir - to wit, Masterbrew.
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    I'm convinced that a trip to 'the stores' actually involves rubbing a lamp to summon a genie with access to a seemingly inexhaustible supply of obscure 100+ year old lorry parts... 😂
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    Evening All, I thought that I would do a pre-Christmas update. I have been concentrating on the wiring, a bit odd you may think as there are more pressing jobs with the drive etc but I needed something that wasn't complicated and that I could dip in and out of. I am glad that I did, as there were a lot of holes to drill, clips to make and trunking to run and head scratching to do. There is a section of flexible trunking that runs in front of the driver, around the peddle area. I had thought that it was part of the wiring but I am now not so sure, as I have identified the wiring route and it doesn't use that section of trunking. However I have used it to run the gearbox kickdown switch wiring in, as it runs in the adjacent area. The wiring is now complete and tested but I have made use of a lot more flexible trunking than the original. All the wires in the original appear to be black, I have used colour coded wires but where they can be seen I have jointed onto black extensions. I have left the wires long enough so that they can be pulled out of the end of the trunking so that the various colours can be identified as they join the black ends. The interior of the hull contains light sockets for the magnetic work light as well as adjustable station lights. So far, I have been able to identify the location of two sockets, one by the driver and one in the turret and two station lights, one in the turret and one by the radio operators position. I would have expected to find three of each so I will keep on looking. Work light location next to the driver I posted a question on another forum with refence to the station lights and amazingly one of the various styles is still produced, but for an automotive application. I had to make the work light sockets. The sockets are standard DIN sockets pressed into the housing but the spade connections had to be altered. In situ with the work light plugged in.
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    Thats a neat piece of metalwork, from experience getting the shape/contour of window or screen recesses is quite tricky. I had to fabricate a complete rear screen recess on one of our lorries, it took a lot of patience and in the end a few attempts!
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    Thank you Pete, I find researching stuff like this fascinating, especially when its family or vehicle related!! Kevin.
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    Well done , looks great and as already said it’s great to see a differently painted and marked jeep 👍
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    here is the 110" 3/4 ton bonneted control in its current position in the Dunsfold Collection, nice find Wally , please bear me in mind if you have a chance to copy it. philip
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    Lovely work! keep the pictures coming
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    A nice job you are doing. I did run into this picture on an belgian site. Is this civilised truck an Leyland too?
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    Nothing very exciting but cleaning and priming continue. With the Radius Rod, we have 4 complete sections of the rear part of it and three of the front part which incorporates the revolving sleeve. After some effort the sleeve part was freed up on two of them where they were all rusted solidly together - the third one has so far refused to "give in". As we only need two, the third stuck one has been returned to the Spares Department to keep for another day! We soldier on - it will be great when the gang can reconvene and start puting some of these bits together!
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    This is not exactly my first post on the HMVF, but a quick intro may be useful before I post some pictures of the rusty scrap that has come my way and seems to have filled my shed, the yard-area and depleted my bank balance in various ratios. Scrunt & Farthing is the name I have used in the past for cartoon art, some of the less tasteful and certainly un-funny pieces being uploaded to Traction Talk (which, if you don't know is rant-based forum for lonely steam-types, un-moderated and certainly less discerning than the HMVF). I live in Kent and completed a traction engine restoration in 2018 that took me just over 18 years. It could have been done quicker, but I find restoration projects are best discussed in pubs, over beer, tea or any other diverting task that keeps you from the job in-hand. I fully intend for this project to be managed in the same slip-shod, time-inefficient and frankly beer-fuelled way as the last. If the formula works, don't mess with it. I was on the look out for a 1920s lorry or bus, preferably on solids. I have some history in that area, but I shall save that for another day. Anyway, enough flirting. The lorry is a 1929, solid-tyred SQ2 model, with 36HP petrol engine. It has had a long hedge-based history before landing up on a lorry bound for my house. To say it is a kit of parts would be an under-statement. But, as a mate of mine said the other day..."oh well, here we go again!". We have some shuffling to do at home to make space so I think the first priority will actually be the Leyland engine. It is going to have to wait it's turn, as "HQ, Land Command" wants a new kitchen, and has hinted at an extension. But i think i can squeeze in a few evenings without it drawing too much attention. And so, what does a few quid buy you. Well firstly, thee points on your licence for driving a lorry whilst on the phone. Some more important bits. Tea diverts us as the reality sinks in. Still, it's nearly pub time, and some of the help has to go back to their carers. we are not sure what these bits are, but they look important. Plenty of work to do on this lot... The next instalment may well include a start on the engine, or the strip down chassis. S&F
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    I think those seats are really special. The body is also an inspiration, I take my hat off to you chaps.
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    does it matter if you are L/Corporal or lieutenant, its just nice to see the skill that these guys have, and I wish I had half there skill.
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    Nothing wrong with Indian Royal Enfield's I suppose? But the new 'Pegasus' is hardly even a nod to the WD/RE (Flea). Ron
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    The glass for the 52mm gauges measures 48mm diameter. https://www.merlinmotorsport.co.uk/p/smiths-spare-glass-lens-for-classic-gauges-cb-glass?utm_source=Google&utm_medium=ShoppingUK&utm_campaign=ShoppingUK&vat=on&currency=GBP&gclid=CjwKCAjwp-X0BRAFEiwAheRui7YdnJA0kTJ72s13Kk7icliA5XAO_inEkLkUbXn6HnQd0g9etsBv7hoCwF8QAvD_BwE
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    Evening, I thought that before I get too excited and cast all ten, I had better see if they fitted first. They still need fettling but I am pleased with them. Jon
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    Started to cut the slots in the two King Pin Nuts - they are still together and not yet separated. Should finish that job tomorrow and will return then to the Clevis Bolts.
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    Dear All, I was tempted to sanctimoniously boast that I did not have an adjustable spanner in my main workshop. I might have one in the Landrover's tool box. I do have one on the shadow board at home in the garage. I have to confess to using it yesterday but, in my defence, it was to hold the fuel rail still on the Meteor M120 engine AND it was 20mm square section. I hope that I can be forgiven! John
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    Looking good, Duncan. I don't know how many of the original coach fittings you have, but there has been a nice 20's period Disturnal & Co. catalogue on ebay for a while. The price is a bit a rich, but I reckon the drawings of the items are a lot older than the catalogue date. I find these types of items interesting in that they give clues as to what things should look like. It does not seem to be a sensible time to be spending cash, though! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1929-MOTOR-OMNIBUS-BODY-FITTINGS-CATALOGUE-R-DISTURNAL-CO-WEDNESBURY-STAFFS/202932784464?hash=item2f3fbc8d50:g:~EwAAOSw5-hcAxu5 Dave (S&F)
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    Item number 133351879350 - what appears to be a water bowser tank for a Bedford MW.
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    If the tank has rust on the inside but is not rusted through, electrolysis might be a good cheap and simple way to clean it, followed by a coating if needed.
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    Ah yes they had also those coil springs.
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    Hi no nothing on the back apart from its just black and its I would say small cup size like a tax disc holder size
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    thanks Robin, will be in touch once we have some firm dates on the first batch.
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    Barry, Happy New Year and congratulations. Are you looking for a North American distributor as I know a couple of well qualified and well set up business wise people who may be very interested to act as your agents. Send me an email if you would like to discuss further off line. There are many on this side of the Atlantic who would buy them. Infact the world wide appetite is quite large. Once again, it is great to see modern day production of vintage pattern spares to keep our vehicles going, what a great age we live in.
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    😄 you can always dug out the floor...
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    Ian, From the Runway Edge Lighting Regulation 3515 (9) there appears to be a maximum but no minimum spacing, so I wonder if the WW2 spacing was the same, especially as the decoy airfield spacing was 100 metres, although in WW2, I would have expected measurements to be in yards not metres. Part of the Runway Edge Lighting Regulation 3515 (9) Be uniformly spaced in rows at intervals of not more than 60 metres for an instrument runway, and not more than 100 metres for a non-instrument runway.
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    Like this '32 BB but with a different cab configuration
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    Evening All, For various reasons I have achieved jack since my last post but this afternoon I managed to finally complete and connect all the brake, steering linkages. How efficiently it will all work, is yet to be seen and I still have to machine the ratchet teeth into the quadrants. Jon
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    Some more inspiration for you. IWM photos CNA 1015 and CNA 2381:
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    Alternatively, you could make something up using Belleville washers or even laminate some 1/4" rubber and flat steel washers. It only needs to take the shock out of the system. If you use rubber, make sure the rubber washers are smaller in diameter than the steel in order to allow somewhere for the rubber to go under load. We were fortunate in that we had two drag links (both of which were scrap) and in each case, one spring had survived. Steve
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    I wondered if it was TonyB's Dodge, but it looks like it might be a 6x6
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