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    Came across this video today. Covers a range of Heritage vehicles and equipment from Tiger Moths to Steam Locos and everything in between and yes there are some military vehicles but none of the usual types you normaly see. Too long to pick out individual clips just skip through yourself or watch the lot. https://www.national-preservation.com/threads/sandstone-2019.1417211/#post-2534599
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    Dear All, Years ago there was a 'scandal' in a newspaper that the MOD was, apparently, paying something like £5 for an ordinary light bulb. They even showed the packaging with the price and the D of Q. Of course, the D of Q was something like 24! John
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    An eye watering amount + fuel + pocket monies + food allowance + some pic's of some of the vehicle we took to a show out of our own pocket
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    When somebody asked our training instructor for an adjustable spanner when we were apprentices his reply was "When you show me an adjustable nut you can have an adjustable spanner"
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    A few more photos taken from my original negs from a ramc doctor in 1918. and i have rescand some of the other photos. Keith
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    Thanks Niels, i have already been given their contact details on another forum but i have yet to make contact with them. Evening All, I have been concentrating on the petrol tank cover, on the original this was an armoured cover welded to the hull, access to the fuel tank would have been from under the tank via a removable plate in the floor. To remove the cover in mine, you would have to lift the top of the hull but I have added inspection, maintenance covers for the fuel sender and the fuel pump. I have also made the cover in two parts so that I can gain access to the engine electrics without having to remove the whole cover. Jon
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    Pete, I fully agree, hence my comments at the beginning of this thread. Alas, the Beeb sees fit to dumb down such fare to have the widest appeal - supposedly. And the result is dire. And we pay a licence fee for this sort of rubbish. can you imagine an unmarried mother-to-be showing off her bump with pride and proclaiming her intent to stay single. Pure 21st Century values......which we would agree with today......but in 1940? No way.
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    Having watched the program last night from the Royal Albert Hall and this mornings from the Cenotaph. I was struck once again by the thought of the number of people who selflessly give up there time to help others to be there, and to organize these events. There is also the enormous loss of tallent to the world caused by the events being commemorated. I bow my head in reflection and appreciation.
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    Hello All, I recently purchased this British 10 cwt trailer and I would like to know more about it. i.e. Manufacturer, Year, Model etc. According to the seller, it was acquired from the RAF in the late 1940's. Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be a ID plate, is there any way to find out it's identity? Thanks in advance, Ian.
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    These are the front springs - they have been sand blasted to clean them and to make a full examination of their condition easier to assess. You will see that they are in an indifferent condition - heavily rusted, one leaf broken, the leaves have spread and the bronze bushes on one are heavily worn. We have decided to send these to a Springs specialist to look at - repair if possible or to be used as a copy for new ones to be made. Fortunately, the rear springs are in good condition - we have two sets of those but only the one pair of "fronts".
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    Thank you for the ongoing replies. I'm working on this at weekends so apologies for no further updates so far.....however..... I've now established that by removing the covers on the side of the engine to expose the valve springs that the can tappets are rising and falling as the engine is rotated - suggesting the cam is not broken. There was some piston compression on the pot nearest the bulhead - so I'm again reasonably happy at this stage that the cam is fine. So it appears that almost all the valves have stuck or are sticking! I'm now trying to see if these can be freed off without taking the engine out and opting for a rebuild - but if I'm correct and they are all sticking open I'm thinking the odds might be against me! Please bear with me as I continue to explore this! Thanks
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    Thanks Adrian I actually looked briefly at this generator yesterday and did not think it looked like B&S and the engine data plate was not easy to read, so my mistake. Thanks 😊
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    I've gone as far as I can go with Lex's frame and engine, until the fasteners are returned from the platers. I was pleased to find that the steering head races are in excellent condition, so just replaced the steel balls with best quality British balls. Ron
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    According to my technical literature, the generator is made by Pioneer but the engine is made by B&S. The PE-77-A to C used the model IL, the D and E used the model N.
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    Then a little bit of a backwards step. The cooling fan should have been installed before the engine went back in which was a rookie mistake thinking it could go in after. Cunning plan to take the front pulley off only missed by an inch of fitting. Ah well lifted the bulk head and fitted. Very easy to do but 2-3hrs of wasted time.
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    I have also stripped the drivers seat down, sand blasted everything, unseized the backrest ratchet, repainted and re assembled.
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    At last back on the trailer, I have attached the before and after pictures, Penman very kindly sold me the handle at a good price. Yes I know its nothing compared with some of the restoration on here, but as only started learning mechanics in last couple of years. Small victories for some one but for me a vast learning curve
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    Hi Ryan. Frame TL 53113 was from contract C8886 which was for 3000 bikes from Oct 44 to Feb 45 but only 2991 bikes delivered? TEC 1. 45. = Triumph Engineering Co. Jan 1945 I calculate the tank census number to be C4856875. Engine 3HW 44250 is from a much earlier contract C13948 which was for 5495 bikes from mid 42 to mid 43. Ron
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    My long awaited valves have arrived from G&S and will be taken directly to Paynes at Evesham where they are waiting to finish the cylinders and valve guides. Also back from Rob Foreman ( Mr Solex ) is my MOV 35, newly re jetted and refurbished. This magnificent bronze carb is slightly later than the original, but has many improved features, including butterfly throttle, idle mixture adjustment and a choke. These are also easier to find and a fraction of the price of the early ones. This particular example came from the south of France, where it was previously employed on a vintage Bentley. The enormous main jet it had, would appear to support this assertion.
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    Also had time to restore the seat bucket. I Cot off the bottom 4inches all around except for 3 inches in the front on both sides. I I had a replica of the rusted missing metal fabricated with an offset at the top. I used blind countersunk rivets to attach and then did the appropriate body work to hide the repair
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    This is one other photo of the ASC at Dunbridge that came with the other photos, its the best i can do with the photo as its not sharp but might give a clue. Keith
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