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    That is interesting, thanks Tony. I guess the bigger diameter threads were UNS where they wanted to reduce the pitch (in spite of the diameter) to reduce the depth of the nut whilst keeping the load area high. It looks like that is what they done on the clevis pins. I always think it interesting to discover things like this, and re-think what must have been discussed in the drawing office, back in the day. Chees, Dave (S&F)
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    Thought I’d post up a picture of my Nubian fire tender. I believe now the oldest in existence! With only 3 or 4 surviving now. im sure I’ll be trying to pick your brains regarding the restoration and getting her back on the road.
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    We were lead into a sense of false security about threads when we started the Peerless - by that time we had already done three American trucks - two 1917 Autocars and the 1918 FWD -the threads in the Autocars were all UNC and the FWD was all UNF - so we naturally thought that the Peerless would be one of those two thread systems - in which case we would probably have all the required Taps and Dies for any thread that we would have to make for Peerless. Wrong! We could not identify any of the threads initially that we began to reveal on the Peerless and it was really through this Forum and helpful advice from others that the light dawned that they were UNS. Another thing - it seems very likely that our Peerless could have gone through Slough Estates before it was sold on and in which case, the odd British thread appears. Tony
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    Work so far after a few day. Every time i take a section apart to repair i found more holes.
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    got a bit of time on my hands at the moment so i’ve finally started the cab repair’s and there is a lot.
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    im new happy owner Austin K2y, very nice original condition, preparate restoration, look for Austin speedometer and instrument case
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    now in orig. marking "Token force" , 1.may 1945, Eger town, Czech border
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    managed to collect the new front fenders the other weekend and get them fitted, all of a sudden she looks like a Diamond again. shame it all has to come off to be painted and fine tuned by same time nice to have it all back on for final fit real soon. day i collected the wings just chucked them on to get a feel for how they will fit. welding the front mounting brackets which fit to the top bumper plate. ready to start fitting to the truck. one side mounted with the tread plate and new head light and mount fitted. last saturday had the toys out and really happy with how the diamond is looking with it's face back on. did a few laps of the field and boy i can't wait to get her on the road!!!
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    No seal fitted on these engines.
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