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    Hi Ted thank you very much for that I have been going the wrong way. regs Rupert
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    With work being rather difficult to find recently, coupled with some rather expensive engineering work to pay for, I have found myself plumetting towards the festive season with insufficient funds. I have therefore taken on some highly decorative fairground work, which is outside my normal scope of operations. This has been taking all my attention recently, leaving little time for project Thornycroft. However I have now recovered the refurbished cylinder blocks from Paynes, which have been bored and linered to Standard A. (4.5") the valve guides were sleeved and bored to suit the new valves with seats recut to match. Paynes have also supplied new rings including 1/4" oil scrapers which will be taking up residence in the newly ventilated third grooves. The following pics show today's progress on the front block.
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