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    Another 'first contract' WD/C, left behind by our retreating BEF boys has come to light on the continent. The owner has asked me for help. It's been glooped together and kept running with lots of wrong parts and inferior workmanship by a Frenchman. The big end and small ends are totally knackered and the bore will have to be measured. I've straightened some bends in the fork tubes and saved any original fasteners which will go for stripping next week and then plating after preparation. Another friend will hopefully make up the missing fasteners on his lathe. Ron
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    Welcome to the forum John, i am glad that you have enjoyed my project so far and i hope that you will in the future. There are some other fantastic projects that other members are currently undertaking, so when you are on the forum take a look at those as well as they are very inspiring. I have done a bit more work to the brake drums, just to try and make them look more realistic really. There is a plate, that is bolted to the hull just behind the brake drums, it carries items of equipment, I need to replicate this plate and bolt it into position before I finish the brake drum linkage just in case it causes clearance issues. Jon
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    Yes, this tug has been saved and has gone to a new owner.
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