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    Captions and (better viewing) here: CNA 1015: Officers of No.244 Wing RAF relax at their open air Officers Mess at Pachino, Sicily https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205209232 CNA 2381 The seven-piece RAF Command Dance Band No. 3, including four brothers, conduct an open-air rehearsal before entertaining No. 244 Wing RAF at Canne, Italy. https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205212494
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    In 2018 my brother and I purchased something bigger than we have previously restored! We bought the 1943 Federal as running, but decided to do a complete restoration. The original engine had been replaced at some time in it's life with a Bedford diesel engine. These pictures are how we purchased it. Hope you enjoy this thread.
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    im new happy owner Austin K2y, very nice original condition, preparate restoration, look for Austin speedometer and instrument case
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    Rose tinted glasses are a wonderful thing, how wonderful Folkestone was, realy, went a few times always the same jobsworths W&P staff who's one purpose in life to be as unhelpful and disrespectful as they could. A show has its moments some people like it others don't never changes. For me the best days at W&P are twenty or more years ago for others maybe they are still to come as for CMV lost its charm when two mags became one, I find the club magazines a much better read but this is only my opinion
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    Dad dug out of the garage the oil pump which we tucked away some years ago. It is a bit battered but is great to have the original. I dont hold out much hope of finding another one.
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    2 1/2 years later and I have found a correct GR engine for my project.
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    East Boldon Anti-Aircraft Supply Depot - August 13th OK, so with new markings made in early August, what have "Jessie" and I been up to? Well, we've been out to a local World War 2 site that until recently, I hadn't heard of. The site is East Boldon Anti-Aircraft Supply Depot, which is only 7.5 miles from home. The site was an Ordnance Depot for a number of local Anti-Aircraft batteries, including Red Barns Farm, where I used to keep the Dodge. The site was built in 1938, in anticipation of war with Germany. It was to supply ammunition to local anti-aircraft and other gun emplacements guarding Tyneside and Wearside. It was also used post war to become a temporary home to a medical unit, a bomb disposal unit. There was also a POW camp, No.8 POW Platoon, a hutted camp attached to No.20 B.D. Squadron of the Royal Engineers, still being used in 1947. A similar camp at Killingworth was bulldozed and converted to housing in 2014/15. With the development and quarrying of the land where the various other North East anti-aircraft batteries were, Boldon Camp is now the last remaining major above ground Word War Two site left in Tyne & Wear.
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    I am glad to see that the AEC Matador is held in such high regard. This is one of my favourite pictures of one in WWII - blokes who probably didn't want to be soldiers sweating and swearing on some North African road, moving the gun in the dirt and the dust because they had to, uniform almost a memory, no doubt looking forward to a cup of tea or a letter from home more than shelling Jerry... One of my uncles was a bloke like these (but with a Morris Quad and 25pdr in Tunisia and Italy).
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    To be honest, not much that I could show you, I have been really busy doing other things that were more important or so I am told. The rest has been a good opportunity to plan the next stage, do some more research and reinvigorate the creative juices, after the Victory show, I shall be back on it. Jon
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    That brings back memories, I was offered a sales job at Auto Diesels Braby back in 1974.
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    Haven`t done to much as we have been busy getting our gear ready for Dorset but managed to get the floor boards down and the tread bars but couldn`t resist a photo before we fitted them as the elm looked fantastic almost to good. I`ll add a pic with the tread bars next time.
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    We have just spent a few days in the Cotswolds which included providing transport for the wedding of some good friends. Getting the bride to the church on time adds a little stress to the drive. But after that trip went so well it was much less concerning to make it to the village social club. The cab, doors and windscreen provided ample weather protection as described in the original sales catalogue (40mph winds and rain). Back to the venue where the sun came out for the photos. The hill performance is slowly improving (and probably my driving also), but there is probably some more tuning to be done.
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    The "Ordnance Depot" sign would work well to cover the screen, but there was still the 8th Air Force markings on the front bumper. The RAF bumper markings, made a couple of years ago, just used the Jeep registration number along with the letters RAF and B/1 for the group. This gave me a basis as I could use this, but add a second layer of magnetic plastic over the RAF letters. I would add "ORD" on a new piece of plastic to hide the RAF and leave the rest as it was. That was enough to convert the Jeep for the photo shoot without excessive effort and would make the Jeep look far more appropriate for the location.
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    ww1 bus drawing not a Daimler so what is it or is it made up?
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    Are these your models or is someone else making them as well. (Found on Col's Models.)
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    Some years ago I was being given the run-around trying to register an MGB which had sat idle for 30+ years, and for which I had all the relevant paperwork. Not much happened until I started the on-line complaint procedure then things moved quickly.
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    Hi Mike, I would suggest that you have an incorrect coil. It is entirely possible that although the coil is for a 12 volt system, it could be a ballast resistor type used on a modern vehicle, possibly only designed to have 9 volts or so running through it. I have come across this a few times. If you do go down the electronic ignition route, then fit a new coil that is recommended. I have fitted Powerspark kits on a number of vehicles and they transform the running and starting.
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    Some more photos of the engine dismantling.
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    Found a useful part languishing on the spare frame, which was missing on the project chassis. One starting handle socket. Unfortunately the 'Ozrust' had taken an unsually firm hold and the blighter refused to budge, despite a month off, relaxing in a deisel bath . After a bit of light straining it became obvious that heavier artillery would be necessary and Stan produced the world's biggest tap wrench and lit up the oxycetylene. Resistance quickly crumbled under this ferocious assault and amidst plumes of smoke from vaporizing penetrant, the socket slowly began to turn again. Would have made a good picture but unfortunately our hands were full. Here is a reconstruction of the method of attack. You'll have to imagine the smoke.
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    Patrick Smart's Jeep and Hercules aircraft engine were at the end of the row. Throughout Sunday there were the track parades for classics and around 2:30pm, it was the military parade. While Lynne and I were both driving the Jeeps, my daughter took over the camera and snapped a few shots from our position marshalling the end of the convoy. For much of both laps, the front of the convoy was half to three quarters of a lap ahead of us. Lynne and "Jessie", half a circuit ahead of us on the lap. The new 60's/70's Retro theme and other changes brought in my the new circuit manager took much of the atmosphere away from the event. Hardly anyone was dressed up in period clothing and the best dressed competition was a bit of a joke. People who were there for the first time seemed to enjoy it, but those who had attended over the previous nine years all agreed there was something lacking this year. The bands who played across the afternoons each day were loud, and not as popular as the 1940's entertainment of past years. I'm a very light sleeper and a butterfly breaking wind can wake me up. As a result, the generators causing a lack of sleep was the killer for me and as a result, I'm unlikely to camp there again. In previous years, we've had two or three vehicles on show, and a reasonable diorama. For the future, we are more likely to only visit on Saturday with one vehicle. It's a shame, but the various changes brought in by the new manager has ruined the feel of the event. The "bad feeling weekend" finished with Lynne really scaring herself on the drive home. She wasn't going particularly fast, but took a roundabout with adverse camber and felt like she was about to roll the Jeep over. When turning from one direction to the other, the Jeep does roll on its suspension and combined with the adverse camber, it was enough to cause a real scare. We did however get home ok, clocking up two milestones on the way. About one third of the way home, "Hope" clocked up 1,000 miles since the restoration and with just a couple of miles to go, "Jessie" clocked up 16,000 miles in my ownership.
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    A few more vehicles led to the military bikes section with a mix of motor bikes, a para- bike and a folding para-cycle. An entry closing date for military vehicles around D-Day, meant many were focused on the Normandy 75th Anniversary celebrations rather than show entries. While it was later extended, entries were down by 35 vehicles over previous years.
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    May 2019. We are lucky that we have access to a forklift, without this would be impossible to remove the heavy items, the radiator alone is really a two man lift! The cab is in two parts, we struggled and lifted the rear off....stupid move!
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    Snapped these 4 at the Weald of Kent Steam Rally this weekend. Not military I know but a Matador is a Matador.
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    Can highly recommend bondaprimer
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    not really worth watching a repro 2010 vw kit car in a field .Also what is the point of this video it says nothing about the car and just shows 2 guys having a drive no detail,facts or history at all
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    Hello Ian, Good to hear you are progressing well with the' Inter. Down Under'. You should start a thread for it and publicise the museum ! The postman has today brought two new drag link springs from Tested Springs at Tividale. They have produced exact copies of the original, even searching out 1/4" imperial stock to make them from. Nice job.
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    Just bought some original German air recon photos of the area. Keith
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    Here are a few more photos of the engine strip down
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    All depends on the owner and what is wanted
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    I am unlikely to ever attend due to distance so this is a welcome peek at what is happening. Many thanks.
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    A chance to scan an Alvis Scarab/Acorn into a 3D model arose this week when I paid its owner a visit: Alvis Scarab/Acorn Charming little vehicle with a great history. The same owner has the Series III Carawagon and the results of scanning (for fellow forum member Robin) that will be processed and published soon.
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    I have seen this chap before doing a similar thing. He does not know a lot which is confirmed by the lame commentary.
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    Judging by the angle piece extending out at the front of the bus body you have an earlier version than the one in the picture of 332 which has the glazed sides to the driver's 'cab'.
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    After a few set backs its now had its first shake down run of fifty miles with no major issues just stenciling and one or two final touches
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    I had a great week, but, Was the quietest I have ever known w+p, even the re enactors field had spaces! Toilets really need to be cleaned twice a day- by midday they were awful. Severe lack of traders, was told the prices had been put up. The living history that was there was good. I cannot understand why the new owner does not open to the public on the sunday-it would give him more chance to take gate money if the sat is a washout.
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    Skiprat reminded me re site safety, that I heard a reliable report that tracked vehicles were moving round the site without a marshal......on foot or on vehicle. Not sure that the folk concerned quite realise the liability they are incurring here! Same goes for kids on m'bikes and quads, I guess. Thats a worry, really because potentially we are one tragic accident away from a ban on any site movements at shows involving MV's. Akin to the air display saga.
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    Here`s an up date.We now have seemed to of acquired our resident "old boy" Dave who`s quite handy with the wood hence we are on a bit of a roll ,timber for body ordered with a bit of "mate rate "and off we go,not much of the original timber was salvageable but the main front bulkhead is plus nearly all the steel brackets and bars.As with my other projects we opted to use Sapele as we like its stable characteristics and its ability to take paint.The majority of the original body was Elm and luckily I have some elm which we will use for the floor boards and inspection hatches .
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    As I imagined, I start at the first lap ..!
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    Pleasantly warm in the spray shop for the last couple of days so I've taken advantage of the solar gain from the tin roof and got a gloss sealing coat on all the parts that were blast cleaned and primed the previous week. Pete
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    I commissioned a couple of 1.6mm soft solid copper head gaskets to be made. (I have a spare one if anyone needs it...PM me). I've torqued all, the 'new' nuts down in the correct sequence to 25 ft pounds. Rebuilt radiator next! Ron
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    Hi, I made my own mould to re-rubber CVRT wheels. There are companies out there that will re-rubber them without a mould. But bear in mind each pair of wheels on the same hub needs to be the same diameter. I can get an upto date price for you if interested. Just send me a PM.
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    5 - Tech Site perimeter track heading South West 6 - ENE-WSW Secondary Runway looking East North East 7 - The NW end of the NW-SE Secondary Runway looking South East 15 - The Main Runway from the WSW-ENE runway intersection, looking North The full tour can be seen here - http://www.sacarr.co.uk/mymvs/events/2019/ek_af.htm We stayed on site again on Monday evening, but instead of heading home on Tuesday, continued South for a holiday in Suffolk, since we were already so far down the country. Norfolk and Suffolk were of course home to the U.S. 8th Army Air Force and part of the holiday would involve exploring some airfields. Those photos are yet to be processed.
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    Further aviation pictures can be found here - http://www.sacarr.co.uk/mymvs/events/2019/ek_ac.htm
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    Aviation Saturday May 25th was the first time the Mosquito made a full taxi in front of the public. It made an engine running appearance at the beginning of the month, but only rolled a few feet forwards. Once again, I took many, many pictures, only some of which are posted here. Resident Lancaster, "Just Jane" Resident Mosquito, formerly based at Elvington Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Dakota B-17 Fortress, "Sally B", photographed in pouring rain.
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    One evening, most of the armour went for a drive around the airfield, escorted by troops on foot. I managed to catch the Jackson and Chaffee firing again this year. Catching the flash from the barrel is almost impossible on my DSLR, especially when you don't know when the shot will be fired. Shooting video however, usually catches the flash on at least one video frame and a piece of astronomy software I have, can then split the video into single frames to extract the image I want.
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    East Kirkby "Lanc, Tank & Military Machines" - May 25 & 27th Military Vehicles & Armour This was our second time at the show, but this year, the Jeep went in US markings rather than the RAF of last year. Saturday was the brighter of the two days, although the bright Sun did make for very contrasty pictures. I took hundreds of photos, only a small percentage of which I added to my Jeep website gallery. Fewer still are added here, but I've picked out some of the more unusual vehicles and will add a link to my gallery pages. My family and "Jessie the Jeep"
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    It's been a while since I I've worked on the OY as it has been blocked in the greenhouse. I did get it cleared around the front early this year. As the shed was freezing and my back is playing up I decided to sort some cab parts out today, I have a potbelly stove in the greenhouse. There seems to be a lot of work that's been done that I've not posted. All the cab tinwork has been shot blasted and is in primer, also most of the new wood for the cab frame is cut and I now need to build up the cab so I can fit the new wood frame. I have found most of the new and old cab wood frame although the left side of the truck has had a crash and some of the floor frame has been replaced and is not correct. Also the rear cab mount was badly bent and has been replaced. I have also found a NOS driver's windscreen frame along with some other parts. Peter.
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    Hello Alex, I do some little research for www.oudzijtaart.nl Maybe you can look on our website. Click 'Kroniek', then '1943'. Read from 'Medeling van Marc van den Berkmortel op 5 april 2010.' till 'Graard van Boxmeer: Van 16 op 17 juni 1943' It's all information about Conroy's crew Burns, Densmore, Leitch and Nelson. Three of them were burned inside the plane, one was found in a ditch (I think James Burns). Last year I spoke Annie van Asseldonk-Van den Hurk. She was in 1943 a 9 year old girl and found James Burns (?) dead. Her whole story, and that of other citizens of Zijtaart is on that site. It's all in dutch, but maybe readible for you. You are especially interested in Robert Conroy. The first farmer who helped Robert Conroy to escape was Bert van Sleeuwen, brother of Johan van Sleeuwen. Kind regards, Marc.
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