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    The Morris is a bit of a distraction but I am trying to maintain some progress on the Dennis. We had another day of driving it around as the weather was good and there was no salt on the roads. 311218trimmed.mp4 After running around for a while we emptied the petrol filter bowl into a jam jar. The one on the left is new clean petrol and on the right shows particulates and a little water. No stoppages today which is a definite improvement but I think I will continue to flush the contaminated fuel through a filter each week and burn all this brown fuel off before putting fresh fuel in. I have been making the covers for the door pockets. Starting with the leather off cuts from the seat cushions I used a cardboard template to mark out the leather and started to stitch the edges. After stitching the whole way around I treated them with some leather balm.
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    Hey Tomo, great to see the project is moving along. Shout if I can be of any further assistance. Shaun
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    Hope the squirrel did not hide any of the nuts 😟
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    Hi 11th Armoured, Thanks for the info and the 'links' - yes pun intended 😀
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    Just to confirm, checked the Fox CES list and stock no. 5120-99-827-5311 comes up. Check this link, lo and behold the NSN is allocated to FV774783 , result! https://www.iso-parts.com/NSN/5120-99-827-5311
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    After about 5 months my new toy has arrived from Australia! I am really pleased with the condition with 28000km on the clock backed up by the service record that I also have. Now something will have to go... More pics etc later. Iain
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    The timber has all been cut to size and the toolbox assembled in situ. It was then dismantled and will be painted. Will it still fit after painting - probably not.
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    1943 GMC CCKW 353 Finally letting go of our GMC after 32 years of ownership. This is a prize winning truck having won the T.I.T.S. (Tire Iron Truck Service) Trophy at the Beltring War and Peace Show. Its provenance is known to have served in Europe before being given to the Dutch Army on the Lend/Lease program. Subsequently it was purchased by Stanley Kubricks production team for the 1987 Film, Full Metal Jacket. I have also worked with the BBC running this truck up and down Kenley Airfield to record the engine sound at idle, running and full tilt. The truck is different from most as it has a Composite Cargo floor, therefore no rust unlike most steel tubbed cargo trucks, I would guess to haul ammunition. I also have the original screened distributor to go along with in the sale. It is on a full set of Uniroyal Bar Grips. Good strong running GMC 270 engine. 5 speed gearbox plus high/low box and selects all gears well. Wooden Steering wheel. Split Axles. Full Worthing Canvas ; tilt, back, seats and sidescreens. Various spare parts, accumulated over 30+ years. Kitted out in the back with kitchenette and sleeping areas as well as multiple enclosed storage compartments. Many years ago we decided to purchase a Willys Jeep to allow us to park up and go explore in the Jeep. To do this we built strong steel ramps that allow you to drive your Jeep up and in the cargo bed, all custom built and included in the sale. This also includes a 12v winch to pull it up if not brave enough to drive in/off. This is a high quality truck, mechanically as sound as they come. No weekend jump in and go heroes here, its been well looked after, dry stored, gets its yearly service and tightening and oiling as required to ensure maximum safety. Perhaps if you ask around, as its been around so long, many people will know of this truck. Reason for sale, I have other hobbies now that are a little smaller and easier for me to get in and out of. In 30 years this truck never let me down once! A great opportunity for someone else to have a go. Asking £16,000 and open to offers. If serious call me 07956558610
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    There is actually a book (I don’t have a copy, so just know what’s online about it) written by David Morris called ‘Royal Navy Search and Rescue’ published in 2015. It does seem to focus mainly on the ‘air’ part of ASR/ SAR from what I understand although it might give you a few pointers. https://www.historyextra.com/period/first-world-war/a-brief-history-of-royal-navy-search-rescue-1915-2015/ https://www.amazon.co.uk/Royal-Navy-Search-Rescue-Celebration/dp/1445634635 One snippet gleaned from wikipedia is that immediately post war, some type 2 HSLs were transferred from the RAF to the navy, so the RAF might have some information on the Hong Kong based launches at the time of the transfer. I also found a write up (link below) about the author’s grandfather’s experiences in Hong Kong in the immediate post war period. Quite a read really, and there are a few mentions of an ASR boat involved in the recovery of bodies following an aircraft accident. Not directly related, I know, but quite well written, absorbing and thought provoking. https://gwulo.com/node/41256 Regards Martin
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    Boxing Day was a very appropriate time to start work on the tool box. This goes at the rear of the lorry underneath the body. As we were in a bit of a hurry to get the lorry finished we left this until last. It has become quite apparent that making the toolbox first before putting on the body would have been the easiest option as it has become quite awkward to do. The aim is to now cut the wood to size, drill the holes, test fit, remove, paint then reassemble. It is proving to be a lengthy process so far.
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    Bedford MWR -more wood...more problems….and over 30 kilograms bolts, nuts...
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    Yesterday I was asked some very detailed questions by a young child and was made to feel utterly inadequate in my knowledge. A quick web search when I got home revealed a source for answers that I thought others may find useful this Christmas. A very Happy Christmas to you all https://www.scribd.com/doc/193423407/Pilot-s-and-Engineer-s-Notes-Sleigh-I-II?fbclid=IwAR24OextibgiIlsfidThVatgw4Ti7lr-YqZplBz3E73uIeFbXYUNAxdeN0Y
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    Sorry for the lack of updates. This has mainly been due to concentrating on other projects such as clearing some space in the garage and workshop so we can move on to the next projects. I have flushed the same couple of gallons of petrol through the system on numerous occasions and the level of particulates has greatly reduced. We have bought ourselves a Christmas present (one of the reasons we needed to tidy). It is a 1913 Morris car and said to have been laid up from WWI until 1970 (when restored) and had occasional use since. I can't imagine any were used in WWI so we have little excuse for posting it!
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    A question for Steve I think. It should be noted that in between buying the Thornycroft and restoring it we also restored two Autocars, one Jeep, the FWD and the Dennis so it had been waiting its turn long enough and needed to be done. I think that it is common belief that we should never have touched the Thornycroft because there was not enough of it there to make a viable restoration. We have been very lucky and we have some very helpful and generous friends.
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    We refitted the Thornycroft fuel tank after the rebuild, fitted the petrol tap, changed the jet on the carb and fitted instruction plate. A few less parts on the floor to trip over.
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    the last 2 months have shot past and had completely forgotten about this thread so better bring every one up to speed before christmas. the Rolls Royce C6 is know running and sounding fantastic first attempts to start were difficult which lead to having the injectors and the injector pump rebuilt, the radiator is finished bar the brush guard. need to sort the clutch out then the gear box can go in and the truck will be drive able again. started with the large amount of tin work like running boards and battery boxes etc a lot of which is going to have to be replaced. the cab is coming along at a fare pace know and looks like it will be ready for February time. looked at the ballest box today and after removing the rusty scale it turned out to be in far worse condition than first thought so going down the route of building a new one. the plan is to have the truck ready to drive to Welland at the end of July but if not it will go to south cerney in August in what ever state it is in. either way loads of progress is being made as quickly as possible and can't wait to start driving it around. 001.AVI
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    Hello, I have a Smith's 10ton LT11 all terrain crane, picked up from eBay during the summer as a working tool but it's really not in bad condition so was hoping to gain any information about it I can please. If you know anything about it please can you let me know. So far I know it's ex UK military, built by crane travellers / Jones cranes late 70's. It has a Bedford 500 diesel engine, never been road registered and weighs around 20 tons, not much to be going on. I can't find a operators manual or service book or anything even from a similar model. My plan is to get it road legal during the next few weeks, then start fixing the cab up to stop the water ingress. It's not too bad but it has got a bit of time worm, unfortunately I didn't get the crane in time to save the cab interior but I can stop it getting any worse until the warmer weather lets me strip the old paint off to see what's left of the cab roof. Only other small issue is the air system, it works fine running from a compressor attached to the recovery points but will not pressurise from the twin cylinder Clayton dewandre air compressor. Shouldn't take much to find the root of the fault on air system but fixing it might be another game. Here's some pictures anyway, it would be wonderful to have this back in a road legal working condition. Thank you, Rich
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    Fantastic topic, I have learnt something new today and I look forward to following the restoration. Jon
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    Hmmm, I think I would have at least another generation to go before the family is considered Scottish 😀 Although I am a celt of the dragon supporting kind 😉 Besides being impressed with the sheer engineering skill involved in your project I have also been 'gobsmacked' at times with the creativity involved in doing what you do on such a shoe string budget. That may be why you have so many responses looking at the possible options for track to try and find an option that can make this happen. If it gets to it I would contribute to a 'Go Fund Me' for the track.
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    I was driving down a road the other day which I’ve driven down hundreds of times when I saw one of the bowser tanks at a farm. It was only because of this thread that I recognised it. I wouldn’t be surprised if the trailer is somewhere on the farm to. picture from google maps.
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    Good day today .mounted the two front tires and installed inner wheel bearings. The bearings had been seized on the axles and required a lot of pressure to separate them. To reinstall them we spent several hours honing the inner aspect. Interesting is that 3 of the 4 wheels were Firestones the 4th was either Goodyear or Goodrich There was a "G" on the bolts and this one had straight bearings The Firestones had tapered bearings. The wheels them selves were slightly different as well the "G" wheel has the tire mounted slightly offset from center. The Firestones also have a slot that the rim slides into when mounting. Both are retained on the wheel by a wedge inside and out which itself is held fast by the outer rings. These are hold the wedges and when drawn in seat the wedges and center ,or in the case of the "G" wheel, slightly off center the mounting of the rim tire assembly
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    Dear All, Even the E5 bio petrol caused serious problems with the REME museum's Conqueror ARV. I made up a fuel manifold to supply each of the 24 electronic fuel injectors. I used 15mm copper pipe and soft soldered on a compression fitting to supply each injector. In terms of fuel leaks it worked fine for some time. Then suddenly it was spewing petrol everywhere! The bio fuel had attacked the soft soldered joints. Even though the joints had plenty of cross sectional area of solder, they still failed. The new system that I have made has no soft soldered joints. This suggests that many vehicles will need a completely new fuel system with no soft soldered joints anywhere. I will shortly be posting tales of woe about Meteor tank engines and petrol contamination of the sump and the possible effect on the white metal of the crankshaft bearings. I suspect that the reason why Government has not moved faster to E10 is more to do with issues concerning the economics of supply and possible adverse effects there rather than the effect on old vehicles. I think that E10 will be ubiquitous in due course whatever problems it causes to older vehicles. The problems for our vehicles are manageable provided one is not too worries about originality. The real problems will be for those with later vehicles (especially cars) with sophisticated fuel systems which are not tolerant of E10. I expect that the response from classic car enthusiasts will reflect this. John
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    Working on the rear of the Loyd now.
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    I fabricated the inner guard from scratch.
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    I then rebuilt the transmission from parts of two transmissions. Only had one useable clutch and it is like new, a bit of luck there.