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    Not retired, just very tired. I have always been like it, whether it's at work or home, I want the project finished so that I can start the next one. That's not to say I don't enjoy it, or that I am rushing it, I just need to see forward progress at a pace that I feel is acceptable. I plan each stage, and try to foresee any problems, so I build each component multiple times in my mind and even in my sleep, that way all my workshop time is productive. I still find problems, cock up but that's me just being male. Thanks again for taking an interest and the time to comment. Jon
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    Very nice! Tony
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    Hi no nothing on the back apart from its just black and its I would say small cup size like a tax disc holder size
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    Wet and windy in Bristol; "staying indoors" weather. Which gives me the opportunity to sort through the photographs and bring the story a little bit more up to date. Like most vehicles of its age, the Karrier has a clutch stop immediately behind the de-clutching mechanism. It takes the form of a piece of spring steel, bolted across the pedal shaft brackets, onto which is riveted a leather ring. Upon withdrawing the clutch, a brake disk on the clutch shaft contacts the leather pad slowing the transmission. (Visible in the first photograph of this Tuesday's post on gearbox removal) The original leather was rotten and required replacement. I remembered having seen a description of the manufacture of new leather oil seals in "handy1882"s Vulcan VSW 30cwt 6x4. post (before it was comprehensively vandalised by the Photobucket corporation) so decided to have a go myself. There's a 1/4" thick spacer ring between the leather and the spring-steel bracket. A square of leather was rough cut and bolted on before being chucked up in the Harrison lathe. A scalpel blade in a parting off tool holder was adjusted for height before being shown the leather. Slow speed, hand feed on the compound slide. Trepanning the centre out of the leather And out it comes! Riveting underway; bolts removed one at a time, holes counter-bored to keep rivet heads below the surface of the leather. Computer insists on rotating this image for reasons I cannot fathom. Actual photograph is landscape. Huh?? Riveting done. Just the paint to touch up.
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    Hope fully there's one in sight, just spoke to a chap who apparently bought an MB in 2006 with view to stripping down repaint (in gloss!!!!!) as something to do in retirement .... BUT he never retired and realistically won't get round to doing it now. I won't have full details for a couple of months (I can wait that long!) but gather it's still a 6v, could do with rewiring (don't know why?) and wings bolting on as he had some engine work done when he got it... Tub solid, tyres were new I'm told. Hopefully he won't want silly money for it as I'd have to ship it out to get the wiring done, and then give it a bit of basic recommissioning to get it up and running again.... Keeping my fingers crossed....
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    I came across this web site where someone was trying to find out details of the registration numbers of the FSA Rapier Launcher trailers and the possible source of a Rapier generator Set. As I am one of the few ex B.Ae. engineers left who was involved in the design and development of the Rapier system, in particular the electrical power generating systems. I have in recent years taken an interest in recording some of its long history in service. Next year 2021 marks the 50 th Anniversary of the into service date of the missile and it has not changed much in this time. There have been a number of versions of the ground equipment which have all been vehicle mounted, so I think can be classed as a military vehicle so is appropriate for this site. The main versions of Rapier are, Field Standard A ( FSA), evolving into FSB1 & 2, Tracked, originally developed for Iran but was stopped when the revolution took place, subsequently taken up by M.O.D. and Field Standard C ( FSC ) this latter one I understand is still in service but soon to be be replaced by Landceptor. In to day's money it is estimated that Rapier has generated something like eight billion pounds worth of work for the UK defence industry. I have for the last 8 years been very involved in the Aerospace Bristol museum in Bristol in restoring, acquiring and displaying the guided weapon products that were designed and produced at the Filton factory where I worked for 32 years. Unfortunately the management of the museum are besotted with Concorde and have a streak of political correctness running through them as far as weapons are concerned, so it is an uphill battle to get them to display the equipment we have. Which is a complete FSB1 system, launcher, radar tracker, optical tracker, pointing stick and S.E.Z., a Tracked Rapier and a FSC Launcher. At present only the Launcher less generator set, optical tracker and S.E.Z. are on display. I have attached pictures of the FSB items on display and of probably the only example of the FSC launcher that will ever be released by the M.O.D. unfortunately this has no internal working parts but externally is in excellent condition as it was re painted by MBDA approximately 2 years ago. As AB are not eager to display the FSC launcher it resides in a field near Bristol and its future is uncertain. There are not many of us left now, but at the end of the 1950's I was conscripted National Serviceman ( there were no women involved in those days) into the Royal Air Force where I became an Air Wireless Fitter but never saw an operational aircraft, as I was posted to RAF Mountbatten in Plymouth where the last activities of the sea going RAF were stationed, in very nice billets overlooking Plymouth Sound. In those days there were sometimes visits by Atlantic liners, it was before the jet civil aircraft had taken over totally. Brian Blestowe
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    Very little. Which is why the 2035 ban is proposed to be on the sale of NEW petrol and Diesel powered cars and vans, not on the use of older vehicles
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    An Albion shovel. What a fantastic find. I will be taking a closer look at any ore that I find. Although it looks like they might drop off they shouldn't be able to move. There are several variations to the mounting bracket. On the Dennis, the pick axe is firmly wedged down through the bracket and cant get out. The spade can slide laterally only an inch or so and shouldn't be able to drop out because of the pick. There is nothing to stop people removing them though and that is something I will have to keep in mind if we leave vehicles alone for very long.
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    I have driven Hydrogen buses they were trialled by First North London. The Green credentials were used as part of London's Olympic bid, Perfectly easy to drive , reliable and did the job. Biggest problem was the infrastructure for fuelling, that had to be built. Volvo also trialled an Rechargable bus around Dartford last year. Clever bit of kit. There was a charging station at Greenhithe station. Each vehicle did about a 12 mile circuit. As it appraoched the station a RC system started the geneartor . Bus drove under a canatliver that lowered and charged the vehicle in about 5 minutes. Worked reasonabaly well, trouble was charger was unique and an eye watering cost. Next stage was due to test the vehicle at Heathrow airport where ground power circuit would be used to charge the beast. I now own a 1999 V8 Discovery 2 on LPG. Current cost of LPG 64 p per litre. Costs more to half fill the petrol tank, 8 gallons than to half fill the LPG. Two tanks 30 and 50 giving nominal 70 litres. My local expert tells me expect to get 56 in. It is an old 1999 coversion , but and most important for insurance, is listed on the Go Green Autogas web site. Drawbacks , slow to fill, but I only have one nearby fill point so may be that. I intend to alter pipe on filler which may improve matters. Easy to work on the sytem. NGK LPG plugs £18 each, and I have EIGHT of them!!! So *** that! Standard NGK PFR6N-11 platinum plugs run fine. They aren't cheap but taking the old ones out, I think they have never been changed. Performance, you don't notice which fuel you are on, only the little light tells you. Range, still working on that, but I'm guessing you get about 2/3 of the milage than on petrol. Engine has done about 125,000 Go Coach has also trialled an Optare electric bus around Sevenoaks, cheap to run about £13 a day, bastard to keep going. Optare also recently sent an electric decker to Jersey to try. That wa sa total failure. So on balance , I'd go for gas. Easy to transport and store , unlike elecktrickery, gas burning vehicles are old technology, gasifiers were used in Sweden and during both World Wars. Most petrol engines can be converted to run on them, and Disiel but you have to dial the pump back about 30% and if you run out of gas you lose tha 30% on Disiel. Fortunatley, I have near by a man called Neil at Medway Dual Fuel, who is also an ex Land Rover man. Anyone intrested I can send contact details or go to his website. The guy does know his gas.
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    Have l misunderstood this l thought the ban applied only to vehicle made after that date when ever. So are they going to stop the use of all vehicles using petrol and diesel after that date as there will be still thousands in use to me it looks like yet another ill thought out idea no clear policy just my thoughts
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    hi Simon, no problem, most of us on here are engineers or closely related to the "art form" so have a pretty pragmatic approach to the future, personally I see a whole load of opportunities, ok shows might be fewer and smaller, but we will still do our thing, as long as we are helpful to the changing situation and don't become a load of stick in the mud luddites, it will be ok, if we don't then the general public will turn against the hobby.
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    In the days before the internet, sometimes, as we restored something, a bit of licence had to be used. I was more than fortunate to obtain a WW1 spade dated 1917 and stamped ALBION, I had no idea that they made spades as well as vehicles, at an Aussie Disposals shop in Bairnsdale. The shop owner actually put it aside for me knowing that I has my Albion.(I also picked up one dated 1944 stamped BEDFORD for a mates Bedford QL there as well.) I had no idea of the fittings and as I was in a bit of a hurry to get the vehicle ready for the Television Series, "The Anzacs" made here in Victoria Australia, I had to guess the best way to attach the tools to the side. Later, via the internet and after a visit to the Albion Archives in Biggar Scotland, I realize that one day I will have get around to manufacturing the original style brackets. Attached is a photo I copied in Biggar in 2009 showing the correct placements and some photos of the fantastic apprentice made model they also have on display at the archives. (There is also another model, the same, in the Australian War Memorial in Canberra which was presented to to AWM at the opening in 1941.) My tool fittings pass with a push with the uninitiated as all the tools are WWI and are shown here. Regards Rick.
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    Simon. Here are the measurements you asked for. Sorry it took so long. A = 2580 B = 4250 C = 2820 D = i could not access the mortar hatch due to stuff being piled on top. E = 1235 F = 1005mm I hope this helps.
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    minor point. energy saving will play a big role too. just did a quick calc. over the last 3 years we have replaced all the strip light bulbs in the factory with led ones as the old ones went wrong. that saves me 4.2kw/h on a 12 hour day so 50.5kw. thats enough to fully recharge my electric car. and yes the led ones do last longer so far the 3 year old ones are still good. never had a standard one last that long in a machine shop before.
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    I don't know where you are in the world but here in Wales every petrol station still sells liquid fuel and I can't think of one that has stopped in the 30 years that I have lived here. One of my wife's friends lectures at uni on such issues and when I have conversations with her, she is totally unable to explain how, it really frustrates her that unlike her students I will not accept the " it's something that they will have to work out" answer. What car dose she drive, a diesel and why, because the distance that she has to travel an ev would not be appropriate. There are so many questions that have to be answered, so many problems that have to be solved and the easiest of those is who is going to pay, bend over we are just about to be shafted.
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    After 500 miles later we have arrived at the hotel all ready for a run out tomorrow........ everyone else arriving tomorrow
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    I wish someone could explain the logistics of electric cars for me, someone that actually lives in the real world and has thought of and solved the huge problems ahead. The real answer is hydrogen but why no one will admit it is beyond me.
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    Got to sit on a Wd 16H today and look at all the dispatch riders gear thanks to a friendly owner who invited me over to have a look at his got me even more excited now as I know I fit on one even though I'm tall! Very humbling as well thinking about what the bike may have been through! Really can't wait to get one of my own an start cranking the miles on. Learnt an endless amount today about the details to look for always amazes me just how brilliant the bike community is Was amazing as his dad had served in Egypt an so did my Grandpa who was in the 8th army. Who's the main reason I'm hunting for one miss him alot. Thanks again mate very much appreciated. 110% convinced the 16h is the right one for me out of all the wd marques look forward to getting along to all the events an rallies when one turns up.
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    If I remember in this format 2/10, first number (2) is the Div number, and the second number (10) is the ID number for the regiment within that Div. I have no Idea what the regiments role was, I'm assuming as it is a fairly small number, they were an armoured regiment and the Scorpion was in their recce troop.We, 15/19 H were in BAOR 1979-86, ours was 3/45, as we were 3rd Div Armoured Recce Regiment.
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    There is a compass binnacle in front of the driver. I assume the turret moving round with the main gun swinging over the driver compartment would affect the compass magnetic field.
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    Sorry I can’t help you in your quest Simon, but what you post is always interesting. The resolution on this is amazing, so I just wanted to say thank you. Steve.
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    More rusty tea-chest treasure: full set of bonnet catches. A little bit of heat freed everything off. Springs past their best. Replacements sourced from Flexo Springs at Kingswood. Four new shoulder bolts required. Brass nuts reused. Painting... in my kitchen in Bristol One more job off the list.
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    well we have had some good developments, the MIg21 arrival has woken up a lot of the Aircraft enthusiasts who seem a good bunch and have been offering their support left right and centre...we may make the 100 plus supporters yet...given that every post makes over 500 people its so annoying that international supporters cannot make comments...
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    The catalogue I have only quotes 1 length chassis for the WDS: from starting handle to towing hooks overall - 20ft 10in. Of interest also is an insert dated 18 June 2019: The following special features hitherto fitted to this chassis to conform to the War Department's Subsidy Specification will no longer be supplied:- Water cooling system for footbrake drum; spare oil tank on dash; sprags; towing hooks; bolster brackets; head lamp generator and head lamp brackets; driving mirror; rear mudguard stays. The list of special fittings and accessories will therefore now be as follows:- Centrifugal governor; radiator guard of stout steel tube, supported by steel brackets from the main frame members and fitted in front of radiator; 4 steel mudguards, stays to front guards only; 2 paraffin side lamps and brackets; 1 paraffin tail lamp and bracket; 1 horn.
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    Very interesting, all those British manufacturers, sadly now all gone.
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    A Pathe news reel with a short clip of a Stalwart. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEY2lx5ALxY
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    Mazzamagoo. The gearbox end is the ford circlip type, if your using a Willys Jeep Speedo, it s the 5/8 x 18 Basically work out the length bu using either the old ford cable or an old curtain wire. Then give these guys a ring. https://speedycables.com/speedometer-cables/ Do forget to get the speedo re-calibrated at the same time. Even with 14" wheel the speedo is way out.
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    On the subject of hard rubber tyres on wooden rims, though not directly truck-related, I would never have guessed how this was done:
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    Another Walter, even has the open flap in the bonnet.
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    Did find something very similar, long nose, four wheel drive with the same type of axles, headlamps on the cab...an american Walter truck. Only this is a bit older with massive tires. And a more recent one with the same shape of radiator and rounded chassis underside, what do you think of this
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    I will get some out and post a picture of the head stamp Regards Laurence
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    I have blasted the ironwork and really liked how the blacksmith tidied up the corner by forge welding a triangular piece in. They have cleaned up well. Repairing the threads that have been cut off will have to wait for a later date. I briefly looked at how much it would cost to reproduce the body in oak as used originally. Some shopping around will certainly be required.
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    Thanks for this its quite a vehicle .I was wondering if the British army also used 2omm shells ????
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    Just posted my support. My closing paragraph: I feel that it is important to give future generations a feel of what was going on. Many of the younger generations nowadays worry that civilisation is sliding into extinction, what they don’t seem to grasp is that we were under the threat of pretty much instant extinction! It would be as well for them to remember that, but they need to be told about it and I think this museum would help do that.
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    2020 Corowa Swim-In and Military Vehicle Gathering Quote Post by Jan Thompson » Fri Jan 17, 2020 9:12 pm Hi all The 41st Annual Corowa Swim-In & Military Vehicle Gathering will take place at Corowa, NSW, Australia from 9th to 15th March 2020. The latest KVE News is now out and linked on our website, www.corowaswim-in.org The theme for 2020 will be Year of the Military Motorcycle. As usual, all other military vehicles are welcomed and encouraged to enter as well. At the back of the newsletter (and available to download off the website) is the entry form. Those entering have the opportunity to order anniversary number plates (not rego plates), either sequentially numbered or without. See last page of the newsletter. These plates are only available to those sending in Entry Forms. NUMBER PLATES We have decided to do 2 types of numberplates for our 40th Anniversary commemorative item. The following conditions are: These plates are only available to those completing entry forms as participants. To secure a plate this needs to be paid along with your entry. See bottom of entry form for details to complete. Orders for plates close on 1st February 2020 1. Sequential numbering from 001 to 150 The following numbers will be auctioned on Friday 13th March at the Corowa-Rutherglen Football Netball Club: 1-10, 39-45, 88, 90, 101, 108, 109, 110 Cost $30 each When your entry is received we will contact you to let you know if the particular number you have chosen is available. If it isn’t you will be able to negotiate a number. 2. 40th Anniversary standard plates Cost $25 each The number plates are on the production line at the moment. I sold 5 sequential and 5 standard plates this morning. We have the following sequential numbers available: 023,026,027,,036,057,062,083,086,092,095,096,09 7,102,103,104,105,107,108,114,115,116,117,119,120, 127,129,130,132,134,135,136,148. $30 each The January edition of the KVE newsletter has just been released. If you want an emailed copy send an email to us. kveinc@optusnet.com.au For those wanting a swap meet stall contact Jan McKenna ASAP. The trips on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are to some interesting locations. Anyone who would like to share some stories from the past 40 years are encouraged to contact Jan on 0412078096. On Friday 13th March we have a function organised at the Corowa Rutherglen Football Netball Club across the road from Ball Park Caravan Park where there will be a meal followed by a driver's briefing then we are hoping a number of people will get up and talk about their experiences of attending the swim-in. Whether you have been going for many years, a few years or for the first time we encourage people to share their stories. When you come to the site office you will be asked to put your name down if you will be attending this function. This will give the club an idea of the numbers of people they will be catering for. This is also when some of the Number Plates will be auctioned. If you don't want to attend the meal you are welcome to come across and join in the celebrations. Keith Webb has put together an interesting DVD on the 40 years of The Corowa Swim-in and will release his DVD covering last years event. There are less than 40 of the sequential number plates left so if you want to secure a number let us know. If anyone would like to do a shift on the site office or help with mustering vehicles for the parade let us know. This event needs people to volunteer some time. From Wednesday to Friday there are some interesting trips planned and we will have route cards at the site office and will ask you put your name down if you are planning to attend. Program of Activities: Route cards for all the trips will be available at the Site Office - make sure you put your name on the lists if you intend to do a trip. Wednesday 11th March: 9am: Departure from Ball Park. Trip around the Chiltern area will be suitable for most vehicles, then after lunch there will some All-Wheel driving suitable for vehicles no larger than a 6x6 Land Rover. Organise your own lunch in Chiltern. Please make sure you have a route card and read it prior to the trip. Thursday 12th March: Depart Ball Park at 10am. for trip to Howlong: -Arrive at the Park across the road from the Howlong Public school or pre-school at 11am, this gives us an hour to drive the 30km involved and park up. -When the visit at Howlong schools finishes, we can make our way to the main street of Howlong for lunch. There are a few options for lunch in Howlong however it can be up to the individual to source their own lunch. -1pm depart Howlong and drive to the Avro Anson landing site for a look. This will take about 20 minutes to get to as it is 13km from Howlong. There is about 8km of well-formed gravel road. -After 10 or 15 minutes at the landing site we drive to Brocklesby which is about 17km from the landing site. Here we stop at Blacksmith Park for a cuppa and a talk about the Avro Anson crash and at 2pm the kids from the Brocklesby school will wander over for a look at our vehicles. -Everyone to make their own way back to Ball Park. Stop at the Balldale Hotel if open. Friday 13th March: 7:30-9:00am: KVE BBQ at Ball Park Caravan Park 9:00am: Trip ending up at Wooragee for lunch. Richard is organising a Motorcycle Run just for motorcycles. The other vehicles will leave Ball Park Caravan Park and go to Lake Moodemere where there will be a Land Rover photo shoot. After the photoshoot we will then go to the Chiltern Motor Museum. Entry $5. We are then going to the district of Wooragee where the local tennis club will provide lunch at a reasonable price as they are fundraising for new tennis courts. The Motorcycles will attend this function and then they could go back via the motor museum. The children from the local school will view the vehicles. In the afternoon people may be able to view the Lucas Mill business which is located in Wooragee before heading back to Corowa. (Over 18,500 Lucas Mill portable sawmills sold into more than 100 different countries around the world!) Friday night: 40th Anniversary commemorations, auction and 2 course dinner at the Corowa Footy Club. The number plates which have been held back will be auctioned this night. Saturday 14th March: Vehicles will line up at Bangerang Park from 7.30am and participate in the parade at 9am to the Corowa Showgrounds where there will be a photo shoot and swap meet. From1pm: vehicle activities From 8-9pm in the evening there will be presentations. Sunday 15th March: KVE will have an AGM and General Meeting at 10am. In the evening there will be a meal at the Corowa RSL. During the week there will be a number of people who will have things for sale in Ball Park Caravan Park. Some of you will get some bargains or might find items you have been searching for. The theme for 2021 will be Year of the Jeep and Year of the RAAF Vehicle. In 2022 the theme will be Year of the Heavy Metal Jan Thompson-Creamer Secretary and Public Relations Officer Khaki Vehicle Enthusiasts
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    Hi John, Just for my own personal interest and it may help others here - do they have to use solid tyres? obviously they ran on solid tyres originally to eliminate the hazard of punctures or shot out tyres on the battlefield. Could pneumatic tyres of the same size not be substituted now? Maybe they are equally rare i don't know. Thanks, Richard
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    Indeed - and hard to find. Some WD / ex-WD Karriers, including the 5 ton chain drive type. If only one of these could be put on for every tube strike!
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    Thank-you to everyone who has shared information. I had not seen the "Motor Traction" report before. I have a photocopy of a parts list, also a detailed article from the periodical "The Automobile Engineer". There's also interesting articles on the Karrier lorry and Tylor engine in the Commercial Motor archive. I also stumbled across this report in Implement and Machinery Review:
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    Some adverts (Part 1/2)
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    Ours is still in its farm trailer guise but stored in a barn these days. Not very complete but has got an instruction book with it 😂
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    ANNUAL CAMP 1957-activities and events of the 278th Field Regiment of the Royal Artillery (T.A.) in the 1950s. https://movingimage.nls.uk/film/9353?search_term=camp 1957&search_join_type=AND&search_fuzzy=yes Bedford OY and MWD, Morris Quads, Scammell Explorers, Austin K9's, Matadors, Mack NM, Jeep, BSA etc
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    Its a Trailer, 40 Ton, Tracked, Recovery designed by Cranes. According to the information given on a 1:76 scale plan I have, 75 were built in 1944/45 by Boulton and Paul. Both the front and rear bogies were tracked.
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    We certainly face that dilemma and have been canvassing suggestions. Some examples of these trucks have the entire wheels, spokes and all, painted "International red", which we are using for the chassis and accessories. This would be a sacrilege in my opinion, so a natural finish of some kind is required. I have long used boiled linseed oil, mineral turpentine and Terebine (40+40+20%) (which I dub 'linturbine') as a treatment on old cast iron on stationary engines, but it had not occurred to me that it might also be suitable for timber. I will do a trial. We expect the wheels to be complete in a week or so, and I will post more photos then. Ian
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    By the way, original rear brake plate swopped with a later one, with a Belgium friend, very nice! Magneto ready too, we're getting somewhere! Cheers, Lex
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    Here in the region they did replace a restored german gun back on it's "pedestal".
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    Its not taking any hurt in the shed.
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    Herman now lives with my pioneer as he was bought by my brother a couple of years ago to save him from being scrapped. He looks to have had a very hard life as the chassis is bent in front of the crane and at one time the front drawbar hook has been snapped off ,the pto on the gearbox has been broken off possibly caused by letting the clutch out while the winch was unwinding after winching in. But apart from its battle scars its got lots of potential and if live to 120 and win the lottery it might get restored one day.!!
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