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    CLIVE here are a couple of photos from the new box l see there is/are some photographs of red shoes there are dozens and dozens of photographs to sift through as well as files as l said l was only expecting one box not two
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    I have just started unpacking my latest two boxes from my friend and they are giving me some surprises one is a folder of pictures of the mock up model vehicles as some of you will already know that these things were made at MVEE others were made by specialist model makers
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    A couple of offerings today from Mons Engineering, interesting use of the 'Mons' name and the individual radiator shapes. Richard Peskett.
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    The London General Omnibus Co. 'B' type - straight from the 'Western Front' ,well not quite . Faced with the disposal of over 2500 vehicles from 1919 onwards these being replaced by the larger 'K' and 'S' types. Some of the newest examples were offered for sale first as complete vehicles in good order , at least 32 found there way to Australia some even with their double deck bus bodies still fitted . Gradually sales dwindled and by the end most were broken up for scrap. A few survived a couple more years as works transport during 1927-29 when AEC moved from Walthamstow to Southall. Richard Peskett.
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    Subscribe to the channel for the full restoration blog!
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    Well here's my little attempt 😉
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    Afternoon Again, Several years ago I bought a small shot blast cabinet but as my projects get bigger, I have out grown it. I have been looking at larger commercial cabinets but they seem very expensive for a box, so I thought that I would make one. When we bought the house there were several galvanised water tanks around the land which I was tempted to scrap but instead, I shoved them in a hedge for safe keeping. The larger one is an ideal size, the shot media reservoir is an old bucket welded underneath and the door some 3/4 ply that was left over from another project. I bought the gloves but made the arm hole surrounds from some odd bits of steel. It's all a bit bodge it and scarper but it works really well. Jon
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    Here's another to add to VE day driveways ✌️
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    Ok, it wasn't VE day but Liberation day (5th of May, Netherlands). With the events for that day cancelled I didn't just want to let it pass without doing anything and took the Dodge for a drive.
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    Andy (Truck 257) obviously hasn't seen this thread yet, otherwise he would've posted this pic of his Militant. So I'll do it for him
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    Spring Cleaning. The plan was to give the near-side rear spring a good "going over" with the angle grinder and a cup brush. Unfortunately, we have run out, most places are shut and, as our local supermarket does not deem these essential items (although 18" high plastic gnomes are, apparently) I found myself having to improvise. We had some M10 threaded cup brushes that seem not to fit any angle grinder we have ever possessed, so to one of these was added a cut-down bolt and a lock nut, thereby adapting it to fit the electric drill. Incidentally, even now whenever I use the phrase "I found myself", I'm reminded of my o-level French teacher's criticism of my translation of "il se trouvé" which was, apparently, too literal. I digress... Actually my makeshift wire brush did a good job: the spring was successfully de-rusted, paraffin washed and allowed to dry. With the spring out of the way, it was a good opportunity to clean up and paint the spring hangers. In a contrasting colour, one can appreciate the strength and elegance of their design. It's very much been a painting week: spring, pins, links, brake parts and rear wheel have all transitioned from red oxide, through grey undercoat, to their final colour - black or dark green.
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    Today's photographs - of stuff brought down from the Caravan. We were hoping to locate some sound brake and clutch linkage bits - all of these bits were recovered from yet another chassis located some years ago - but all are heavily rusted and the linkage rods are tubes which have become very thin. Some of the clevis' may be fit to be used again but many new ones will have to be made. The rods are notionally 9/16" and 5/8" in diameter. The larger ones are threaded standard 5/8" UNC but the 9/16" ones 9/16" by 18 TPI - UNS again.
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    It obviously wasn't what we'd planned for VE Day (Guernsey 75th Liberation Tour), but positive comments from neighbours and passers by helped celebrate the important day.
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    We decided to have afternoon tea with the working vehicles to celebrate VE day; this was the second drive for the 1908 Singer but as it is only 15 metres between the garages it really needs a run out on the road to get a better idea of the performance. Tinkering has continued on the Dennis and we have added a felt seal to the back of the fan pulley as it leaked a fair bit of oil. If a road test shows it to be relatively leak free I can swap the modern belts over to Whittle belts. I have also found a Powell and Hanmer self generating headlamp (as shown in the in-service photo) but it needs a clean up before fitting. The correct size of tan canvas sheet was available off the shelf but I can't get a good photo of it in the garage and I probably need to improve the way I have tied it down. As these three are moving from rebuild into the tinkering/maintenance phase I am starting to think about the project plan for the 1908 Dennis.
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    Hi All Setting up for a short video. Cheers Phil
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    Yesterday! So, taking advantage of the last good day before the weather moves in... ... Several hours of sanding, scraping, and cursing in full sun *melts* Which gets me this: This wing appears to have been replaced in commercial life, having a black undercoat and then the yellow paint atop it. Very well adhered, as opposed to the prior wing... which was yellow paint over four layers of flaking DBG. Anyway, it came off eventually, exposing some slight pin-holes. Easily fixed, then primed. (I could've blended it in a bit more, and made it disappear completely; but I didn't.) Matched set! 😁 One with factory spot-welds, the other with some gas-weld stitches. Presumably after someone had an oopsie. 😁 (Not entirely sure if I added to any of those dents with the escape from that yard, but I don't think I did much beyond scraping some paint and bending the bumper that I straightened back out before painting.) Also, as of last night -- 2am ebay session. It's dangerous, I tells ya! -- I have some NOS Hepolite pistons on their way from Limmasol. So, all being well, that should sort me out nicely for pistons & rings.
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    Well done you will be ready to invade Poland soon😃
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    April: Mostly paint... And a little roof-patching, so I can refit the wiper spindle: Will definitely need to get further into that inner portion to rust-treat and paint, but for now it will have to do. (...that is not how that linkage goes back together, I'm pretty sure; but I can't remember how it was before I took it out, and I don't appear to have any pictures.) Flush with success from that, I went to free up the other spindle to try have a matching pair. And twisted off the spindle shaft trying to turn it. Okay, I'll have to make a new shaft, just need to get the remains of the seized old one out... ...and then I managed to snap the cast outer, trying to drift the remains of the shaft out. Marvellous. It's not the end of the world to come up with a replacement, though; and I've got something drawn up that I can leave with a local engineering firm to make, at some point in the future. Might as well make a bit of a feature of it, I suppose. 😁 Front bumper prettification mostly done: Not turned out perfectly, with a few tiny flakes here and there, and a couple of spots where primer bled under the masking. I'll just call it "retro-realism" or something. 😁 Panel removal continued with the other wing: I'm impressed that it all undid, and I think I only snapped two bolts in total between the two wings. I now have a good bit more access for cleaning & painting the chassis, and repairing those front cab mounts when I get to that. Friday I must say, they did quite a good job hiding that dent. There's also other very visible signs of previous repair work, done with an eye towards function more than form. That aside, I'm very impressed with how solid the panel is. What previous repair work? Well, if I may highlight it a little: (Yes, I did only spot that bit that I missed on the inside of the headlight hole when I looked back at this photo. 😒) And with the good weather only forecast for another day, the next portion was to do the opposite side. (Which I'd already partially started, with cleaning & painting the back-side.)
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    Afternoon All, First road wheel out of the mould. Jon
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    Next, n/s strip and repair. Remove woodwork first, most of which needs replacing. Job for later. Remove all the old rusty steelwork, and replace with new.
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    Hi i wondered if any Dodge fans may like to see some pictures of a rebuild plate i have. It is in poor condition and is very hard to read but i wiped down with vinegar and its possible to read some of the stamping. It seems to be for a WC54 and the date appears to be May 1947 . Chassis number 81644813. Rebuilt by Daimler Benz. Wouldnt it be good if someone had this actual vehicle !!!
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    Thanks John, it’s got to be re-painted, re-signwritten with new water slide CD transfers, lacquered. The vehicle was painted quickly for a BBC series but needs to be done properly, Deep Bronze Green. The previous owner put PVC decals on, so I will do those again. apart from that, she runs well. Ive retired the rear office which has all cupboards, desks, chairs and original Blackboard and map board.
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    It’s all original with the 3.6cc 4 cyl 24hp ‘Costcutter’ petrol engine.
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    Lined my three up for a quick VE day photo yesterday
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    Gaz-producer lorry test in 1925 a FWD and a (Peugeot?)
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    I know you've already seen mine, but I'll add a couple for the MV collective.....
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    The display brought the neighbours out to get some pictures, then they stayed out. The daughter of the guy over the road brought her music decks out and started playing music, a nice variety including some 1940's stuff. More and more neighbours joined us in the street, drinks started flowing, people brought their lunch out, then there was dancing. The social distancing conga was rather amusing. Partying continued through the afternoon. Evening meals took place in front gardens and the partying carried on. We began packing up a little after 7pm and took both Jeeps for a victory parade around the block. Was the journey necessary? - ABSOLUTELY!!! The street party finally finished at 1am!! If it hadn't been for the lockdown, I think most normal families would have gone about the usual bank holiday shopping and DIY activities. However, being stuck at home probably resulted in more people taking the opportunity to let their hair down a bit and celebrate. It may well be our only event of 2020, but it will certainly be a memorable one.
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    By now we were being noticed, with walkers stopping to take pictures, followed by drive by shootings. I have a feeling we'll be all over local social media.
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    Once everything was set, we all got changed for some pictures. I hadn't got my proper boots on at this point and forgot to hide my foot for the pictures!
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    Eventually, a little after 9am, the Jeeps, trailer, table and banner were in position.
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    Our VE Day display preparations started in late April with the banner. The next step began the night before, with the baking of some VE Day cupcakes. The following morning, icing the designs began. I specified that they needed to be appropriate and so we settled on US Star roundels, RAF roundels, the Union flag and the flag of St George.
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    Hello, a newbie here. This is our 1943 GPW wearing the colours of the Canadian South Saskatchewan Regiment. Soldiers of the SSRs befriended our family when they were billeted in our village during the months up to D-Day, and corresponded for many years afterwards. The Elgins were also in the village, Hartley Wintney. The Jeep is parked in front of the Womens' Institute hut, which was the soldiers' canteen. Our gran worked there as a cook. Posted today in honour of the SSRs and all Canadian servicemen. John
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    DSCN0252.JPG (4.5 MB) DSCN0253.JPG (4.4 MB) DSCN0254.JPG (4.4 MB) DSCN0255.JPG (4.5 MB) Not done much today but went looking for more Foot Brake Parts. Dug out the only two "drums" that we have loose - called "Service Brake Drum" in the Parts Book . I don't think that there are any more of these. These really are heavily corroded - I have taken them over for blasting but I think that they will want skimming. I didn't measure them but I think that they will just go in the gap on the Student. They attach to the Jack Shaft.
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    Not too much progress but all brake lines and cylinders taken off (every one undone) and swapping the rear winch rollers over off my spare chassis. Plan is to get it stripped down ready for sandblasting . TC
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    Hi I really like your post, had been thinking of doing something similar, and your post got me out of the house to do it. Started all three CMPs and drove them out of the shop to warm up then it was drive the HUP out down the drive, walk back 600 feet, drive the Pattern 12 3ton out, walk back, drive the Pattern 13 Radio Truck out. Take pictures, the repeat the process backing each of the trucks back up the drive. I shot some gopro of the fun which needs to be edited and uploaded. Cheers Phil
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    It's the big day! Peace at last. USAAF on the left and RAF on the right.
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    Found a picture of my grandfathers boat mtb 410
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    Had a good weeks work repairing and painting the first 4 hose tubes. First 2 off the production line. Holes, dents and the chewed ends repaired and coating of the old Bonda Primer on the outside. Odd patches on corrosion up the tube have been quite easy. Well, as easy as thin sheet welding gets. Repairing the rusted ends was a bit more challenging, as it has to be spot on otherwise the brass end cap wont fit Usual massed clamps, and loads of little spot welds Lastly, try an end cap to see if it fits. Keeping a hose inside the tube while working on it goes a long way in noise reduction when hammering or grinding. Trying to be a little bit considerate towards my locked down neighbours. Last job this afternoon, paint the inside. Will the invented sprayer do the honours? Yes, it did. Well sort of. A better class of spray nozzle is required really. The current idea of a bit of plastic pipe with some holes punched in it is a bit too ad hoc. As it doesn't spray like a conventional spray gun, there is no air coming out of the nozzle, just pure paint. It's not so much spraying, as pouring under pressure. But it does pour rather well, if a bit messy. I did say I would do a video of the thing in action. I don't really like filming myself so It's not brilliant but worth a look at for a laugh. Hopefully this is the link to it
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    All of a sudden it has grown and made, what would appear to be, a massive leap forward. The remainder of the resin has arrived, so I can now cast the tyres on road wheels. next job is to get the upper hull in place and start fabricating the engine deck. Jon
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    For the followers of the ubiquitous Ford 'Model T'. This creation takes some beating, again at Slough where no doubt it saw plenty of use . Richard Peskett.
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    As an aside, but co related to the topic here. Last night at 8pm there was thunderous applause on my Estate outside. As everyone Nationwide, stepped outside to Clap with Support. & to show our Wonderful NHS & Carers. How much they are appreciated. To Me personally, this shows the backbone of Decency that STILL prevails in this Country. Dispite the selfish & inconsiderate idiots that abound sadly.
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