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    A new bezel looks like a fun metal-spinning job. Here is my guide to making lamps by metal-spinning: https://bodgesoc.blogspot.com/2015/02/headlights.html
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    I wouldn't entirely exclude the possibility.
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    There were clear signs of an original coat of Service Colour,apparently applied straight over the tin plate. Also, visible on the inner reflector plate is the patent number, (refering to the rather natty spring catch) followed by an abbreviated date, in this case 1915, which happens to be the year of the truck. (The two sidelights are 1916 and 1917 respectively.) After a thorough clean up, a light coating of of rust converter was brushed on and the day was over. I may have a suitable replacement bezel, and an original red bullseye lense. If anyone has a spare curved Miller dogbone badge please shout !
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    So the brake system is under way. All made from top quality ‘scratch’ as you can see.
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    Hi Richard, I've striped the pump back down for you, Internal view attached, I have coated the internals with silicone grease just to try and preserve what is left of the leather seals. After 70 years it still pumps water.... Notice the imperfections on the brass casting, i thought this could have been caused by frost damage...... I have the same imperfection on all the pumps. This must have been a production issue that was never rectified during production. That issue is the same for both British and Canadian built units....
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    When I purchased the pumps and finally collected I had a few moments of panic, the size of these is difficult to gauge off a picture. I though I had bought the wrong type (being Canadian), The panic was over when i offered the pump up to the bowser, all the mounting holes align perfectly. Picture below shows the pump against a jeep dynamo /starter motor. this will give you some idea of scale. Physically the Canadian and British pumps are the same size, however their are differences, These being End caps that screw onto the ends of the pump are different thread forms. and have additional drain taps, in what would be the bottom end cap. I guess to prevent frost damage. Secondly the pin locating the pump handle, Canadian is steel, British is made from brass. Just goes to show same thing but made to slightly different standards
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    My word! I’ve taken my hat off to you so many times that my arm is now in traction. If only I had one tenth of your skill set. Thank you for carrying out this build, and thanks for taking the time to keep us updated. Well done!
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    Here's my jago, still a work in progress with a bit to do but I'm relatively pleased.
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    With a winch sorted and ready to go on I started looking for a body, hoops, bows etc I found a body over in Essex, an all steel one with the sides and seats, all the wood is rotten and the body needs work but I’ll blast it and replace the floor later this month. Hardest part was figuring out how to transport it, I made a frame to sit on my trailer which would hold it above the wheels, off I went to Essex’s and here is the body back at my workshop.
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    Moving forward with the truck, several items which I wanted to return the old girl to how I want her to be came up for sale, so now I have a lot of work ahead of me over the next couple of months. First up a full winch setup, pto, shaft, handle, floor plate and spring holders.
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    As promised, sorry no side on shots I could find. It is a 1987 SJ410, LHD and looks the mutts nuts kitted out!
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