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    I don't know what your rebuild plans are, but after stripping mine, I cleaned up all the small parts, oil filter housing, footman loops, pedals etc, and repainted them. They were then wrapped and boxed out of the way. When the main rebuild started, all those parts were completed, ready to be fitted when needed. I ended up using two and a half 5 litre tins of paint sprayed. I started with two 5 litre tins but towards the end of the project it was clear another would be needed which also gave me some for future touch ups.
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    Ahhh, now here is a story, originally i was attracted to the 42GPW which was ok i guess, after speaking to mike he informed me 75% of the imports the get now are Ford tubs and Willys were getting harder to source (amazing because more were built) The Jeep generally is more original to its factory day and is in sounder condition, minor work to the side panels/floor joint the footwells already repaired to a good standard rear floor is sound just a bit in the tool storage to work on, i listened carefully to the advice given by the guys that long term this would be a decent option, I am as you know somewhat green, this is my material to work with and hopefully we will get on fine.
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    It's all fairly straight forward stuff, read your manuals take note of the tolerance specs for bushes and bearings and don't be tempted to cut corners on the mechanical work it will only come back to bite at a later date. If you haven't found this site already it would be worth having a look and putting it in your favorites folder there is a huge repository of knowledge from around the world of Jeeps here https://forums.g503.com/ some of the posts need a bit of filtering but it's well worth looking through the technical section particularity the engine and transmission rebuilding blogs that have been pinned at the top of the forum. Look forward to following your restoration blog Pete
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    I found this camouflaged G S shovel at a steam rally in 1993. It is marked W/I\D. Be a bit hard to find it in the rose garden though.
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    Thanks John The progress has been slow and steady, I figured the best plan would be to try and collect all the bits before I start. Obviously getting the tank was a big push in the right direction. So many thanks for that. The next focus would be to turn up a pump and filter. Easier said than done. Filters are practicably impossible to find, constructed from brass and copper. chances of these surviving the scrap man very slim....... fortunately Ian (restoring 180 gallon water bowser trailer) was kind enough to let me measure one of his originals. So this was my starting point. No luck in picking up an original (10 years in the looking) nothing. so onto making an replica. So progress so far.
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    If i go in and he's not there will mention this thread which may help, I don't know how many people on he forum but that figure may help
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    Yeah I agree. To and from shows I will put the gun in the back with all the rest of my kit.. It will only be mounted on the vehicle at shows. As you said police now don't know half of what they are doing. Had one of my vehicles broken into and the police came around eventually. They were in my place and spotted some replica flint lock pistols on my wall.. Tried taking them and arresting me for owning them, even when I showed them they had solid barrels and the triggers were solid they still seemed to think they could fire a projectile!! But as you say from our point of view it is better to be safe than sorry. Just want to be able to display my vehicle at a show with the weapons on it so the public can actually see what they are like.
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    Took delivery of the sandblasted chassis, axles and rear springs today. No doubt as to which company made the steel for it then? We can also make out the chassis number 014489 but I dont have the chassis number lists for Peerless so I cant date it. A shame!
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    Fairly new to the forum myself but a fellow Jeep owner I have a Feb 43 MB with an early Ford engine.. As has been said before, take LOADS of pictures and be sure to bag and tag everything that comes off.. I may have missed it but assume you are in the UK?
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    If your' interested here's a link to a blog on a GPW I did a few years back click on the title and it will take you to it Pete
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