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    😄 you can always dug out the floor...
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    Hi Prof, Here's my twopenneth, the'U.S' mark would have been recognised as meaning 'Unservicable' in the British army. This may well have been a source of amusement to the troops in the Front Line who were already 3 years into the War when the Yanks turned up !!! .............Just a thought 😁
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    Woo hoo, Monday, we put the application in for the museum, we are ready to go...we have every thing ready..we have the site ready, the coffee shop building ready the car park ready the entrance planned the reports all done...if we can now get planning we will then level off the initial storage area and build cheap open sided sheds or a single low story shed...the latter being my preference...once this is done we should then be opening sometime next year...the big moment is nearly upon us... I have a lot of work to do prepping some of the vehicles but the plan is that i want to use the museum to restore many of the artefacts and use visitors and volunteers to help build the museums fleet...and make the museum interesting for all people... the first resotrations will be the frog 7 missile launcher, needs its engines sorting and then prepping for launch, the strikers needs rebuilding after being stripped ready for paint...the chieftain is a forever project...the BTR60...needs light work, the BTR50 needs a lot of work and will be a major long term project, just collecting parts will be hard enough...and likely we will use the MUnga jeep, as an easy build project for beginners...
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    No argument about the Valentine tanks, but the softskins are interesting. I think the truck towing the 3.7AA is a Leyland Terrier - much rarer than the Retriever, and used for towing AA guns (though more often the 3inch) . The searchlight truck behind it is the special searchlight bodied Retriever - nice to see what the inside looked like. The 15cwt towing the 2 pounder is the portee version of the CS8 - apparently designed with the French 25mm gun in mind rather than the 2 pounder, but higher than the normal to allow more room to handle the gun. Humber Mk 1 armoured cars too, earlier in the film
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    The same strainer appears to have been in service for many years. On the 80 Gallon 10cwt trailer and at least one First World War type.
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