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    Looking good chaps 🙂
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    I needed to test something for photogrammetry and rather than scan my garden for the nth time I nipped over to the Hankley Common Atlantic Wall. This is just the mid section: Hankley Common Wall in 3D If and when I get time I will scan the rest of it, plus see if I can't find and scan some of the other remains lying on the common.
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    Next job was fabricating the 2 Syphon's / Suction filters, the only photo I have of them is this early war photo which blown up has given us enough detail to fabricate something that looks right. Started off with this Hugh 1970's fire service syphon which just happens to be the same diameter as the original's and which fit into 2 brackets next to the filters. I will post photos of the completed items tomorrow
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    Second layer of roof timber fitted, laid out the upper deck tread bars.Daves nearly finished the gingerbread beading which looks effective The upper deck steel support post is temporary to enable us to set out sides the sides as per the original Birch body as we only have a few key photos to work from.Some of the dimensions we have taken from some General bus drawings as the dimensions we have are very close between the two bodies.
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    More of the same today with the rear set, but this time I found a lot more rust and scale in the internal passages, so first task was to sort this out ( again !) The rest was a repeat of yesterday's effort and we now have the 2 sets in primer. No problems this time and this cylinder block is as perfect as you will find for it's age.
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    Great to see the Atlantic wall in 3D, ..I was there last year, its well hidden in the trees so not very easy to find, its on an MOD training ground but is open to the public, the huge concrete replica of a section of the Normandy Atlantic Wall was built by Canadian engineers in 1943 on Hankley common, Surrey to experiment what type of explosive charges were needed to breach the wall. Hankley Common was a top secret training area during ww2, also used to test a lot of Percy Hobarts "funnies"
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