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    We have enjoyed many years at the show but feel the last couple of years the footfall has been slowing down so are going to try some other shows. We will be attending The Yorkshire Wartime Experience - it's a great show, with a lovely atmosphere! We will also be attending The Victory Show in Leicester for the first time! As always, anything that we supply can be ordered either over the phone or on our website! If anyone can suggest a military show for us to attend we would be open to taking a look! ⚓
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    Thanks for the heads up Nick, I've just booked in my Norton 16H & Ariel WNG
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    Not much has changed in this ongoing saga regarding War and Peace (revival or otherwise). Some see it as a cheap holiday with mates in a field surrounded by like minded individuals. Others it’s an opportunity to talk about the olden days when it was so much better then, than now. I find it unfortunate some appear to proffer the opinion those who are classed as the paying public (so should be restricted to just a few days) are almost an inconvenience to the real reason behind the show which is nothing more or less than for profit. A profit for those who took the risk and coughed up a considerable sum to bring the show alive. The organiser may choose to sweeten someone’s pocket in order to get something a little special. It may cost an individual a lot of money to bring their pride and joy to the show under its own power doing less the 3-to the gallon. It’s a choice if you are worried about your cost, don’t go otherwise enjoy the event its evolving so I’m told
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    Some Flickr photos of Leyland Martians in Aden-
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    The annual Well attended 100+ Military vehicle Day at the Famous Brooklands Museum, Surrey, Sunday 17th November https://www.brooklandsmuseum.com/whats-on/military-vehicles-day FREE entry for pre booked MV's, the Booking in form below, ...entries in by 3rd November https://www.brooklandsmuseum.com/application/files/6815/7080/9035/MV_Day_2019_vehicles_invitation__entry_form.pdf
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    Just to let everyone know, ANCHOR SUPPLIES LTD will not be attending the war and peace show in 2020
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    This may be a bit long winded but please bear with me; A big show like W&P will cost a lot to run and as such I can understand having to charge a certain amount to cover 'security', staffing & toilets etc. However the basic premise of "without the exhibitors there is no show" is absolutely correct. As such there should be (as i understand Rex used to run it) a financial or logistic incentive for the really big kit... the real crowd pullers that you're not otherwise going to see. Without that and as we have seen, due to the cost of hauling these around, these guys are going to understandably be the first to pull out, then the trickle down starts... Without the big kit some of the punter numbers drop away as will some of the other exhibitors, then costs will have to be raised slightly to balance the books, with higher costs more exhibitors start to drift away, and as we're invariably camping in groups, this will have an influence on others attending exponentially...all the while, the paying punters are seeing lees and less kit for their entry fee. Meanwhile in the background as their main customer base is dropping away, the traders are seeing figures dropping because... lets face it, most of the paying public aren't there to look for spares for their Dodge Weapons Carrier, or CVRT and we will see fewer relevant traders and more purveyors of 'fairground tat' At this point the the organisers aren't necessarily seeing an accurate drop in figures because of their inflated prices and there are still a reasonable number of paying public. But after a while, as more and more exhibitors (even those who don't mind paying a sensible fee) drop away because their friends no longer go (which I would hazard, is why a good percentage of us make the pilgrimage every year) and there will be a sudden dearth of vehicles barring easily mobilised Jeeps and Land Rovers making it less and less enticing for exhibitors to go. Suddenly the public will realise the arena goings on aren't as much of a thrall, and as well as the loss of revenue from the exhibitors, you've lost what you had from the turnstiles too To take it to the extreme, you won't find the manufacturers of roller coasters paying the Merlin group to have their rides at Alton Towers. The main revenue should always come from the paying visitors. I can't help but think that W&P has got to die off again so someone else with a sense of what the show is really about can take the reins of an MV show for owners to which public have access, subsidised by the traders and turnstiles.
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    Selection of photos of the other goings on recently, as well as painting the cab. First off Diesel Security. I have this paranoia that some nefarious little Creature will stuff something in the tank while I am at a show. I have heard several stories of this happening to people with disasterous results on the way home. This is the original design with fairly easy access to the filler And this is the modified version. I adjusted the door ages ago, but have now extended the front plate, so only way to get to the filler is to open the locker door. Now it's painted green, it looks original too. Wont stop the determined diesel thief, but does make it a good deal less accessible. Had to manufacture a mounting plate for the rear number plate, as the original had long since rotted away First off, make a plywood template, and cut out the tin plate to fit Cut wire and fit to inside of folded edge Tap over to roll in and paint in primer Cut out hole for light unit and have a trial fit of number plate. Obviously this is the Military reg and for show use only. Civilian number plate for traveling home just fits over the top. Note the wing nuts holding it in place Close up of wingnut fitting. Last bit, fit light unit and paint DBG. Speaking of DBG, checked out the cab this morning, still looks impressive, paint has hardened off well, but I don't like the rust marks in the front bumper so I think that will get a bit of reworking. But not this weekend. I didn't fancy getting into too much work today as I'm away on holiday for the next two weeks, so just had a bit of a trial on cleaning the tank, see what works best. Used a mixture of sanding discs and wire cup brush on the grinder. Having been extolling the virtues of Silverline brushes on another thread, I can't say the same for their sanding discs. I started using 80 grit, but the abrasive bit separates from the velcrove backing, before it has sanded very much. Quick visit to local paint shop and picked up some 40 grit mirka discs which worked much better. Still took a couple of hours to get this it cleaned off. Couple of coats of Bondaprimer finished the job. Took most of the day to get this far, and that tank is going to take some time to get it all cleaned off. Nice job for the coming winter months
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    Hands up who wants to see a Tanker in Deep Bronze Green? Been a heck of a lot of work over the last couple of weekends, flatting off the primer and touching up the odd dink and chip that has occurred during fitting. Started early this morning with final DA-ing of the last bits Then dust off, wash off and tack rag all round. before masking up The patient is prepared Got to start somewhere, actually I started on the roof, but this was the most difficult bit, especially with the second coat, trying to spray one side without sticking to the other side. There was also a bit of laying down on the job too Have I missed anywhere? Nearside finished View from the top Offside looking very shiny. Paint is still quite wet at the time of the photo, but it was still shining after we had packed up. Appears to be drying nicely. Can't wait until tomorrow to unmask it and see how it looks once it is properly dried. Well pleased with the days efforts. Spare wheel carrier can go back on now, along with the tool bin that is currently underneath the thing. Start work on the tank after that
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    Not achieved much since the grand run out, in the great scheme, but a fair bit of smaller results, have kept the progress going. First up, repair the damage caused by urolling the spare wheel into the blast skirt a while back, Tried straightening it up on the truck but it wasn't happening right, so whole lot had to come off and back home to the workshop. Couple of hours of panel beating, bit of heat in the right place and a fresh rivet in the end made all the difference. Tiny bit of filler in the hammer marks and a fresh smear of Bondaprimer and it looks like new. Awaiting a touch up of under coat here and I can bung it back on ready for DBG. One of the issues picked up on the run out, the other week, was the lack of charging from the dynamo. Timber Tractor came in handy here for diagnosing the problem. Spent half the weekend charging up and down the M2 between the Tanker at Swanley and the Timber Tractor on the farm, calling in at the home workshop on the way. Raided the control box out of the Timber Tractor, then up to Swanley and bunged it into the tanker. Start engine and it all charges nicely. Rush back down to the farm, put Tanker control box into Timber Tractor and get no charge. Proves Tanker dynamo and wiring are OK, so get both boxes on the bench at home and compare the two. Tanker box on the left. Bit dirtier than the Timber Tractor one, but nothing obviously wrong. Had a similar problem a couple of years ago and had to get an electrician friend of Richard Farrant to sort it. I watched while he cleaned and adjusted the contacts on the coils in the right hand side of the unit. He explained that these control the warning light on the dash and subsequently the charge output. Contacts on the tanker box were very black and not actually touching enough to make a connection. Thought I was on a winner, quick clean up and reset the gap, all looked good, so rush down the farm to try it. No change, still not charging, so back home to try again. Put a meter across various terminals and found very high resistances between contacts in the coils on the input/left side. Striped out the two contacts and although they were a bit discoloured, they seemed OK. But further testing with the meter and I found the highest resistance was where they mounted onto the frame. Careful cleaning here as they are quite delicate bits, resistance cleared, then back to the farm once more and try it again. Success this time, so refit Tractors original box, and back out to the M2 to refit the Tankers box. Pleased to say it is all good, nice 28 volt charge at anything above tickover, just as it should be. No idea how much diesel I used on this little jaunt, it's 50 miles each way, but I did get the result I was hoping for.
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    Started out on Friday evening over a beer or two writing a list of jobs that must be completed prior to going out for a road test. It went on for 2 pages, some major tasks like wiring up the rear lights, and a lot of smaller but just as essential jobs like checking the wheel nut tightness. Up at the crack of sparrows on Saturday, armed with the list and lots of enthusiasm, and promptly fell at the first fence by leaving a tray headlamp mounting bolts behind. Nevermind, I can come back to that later, and ploughed on with the rest of the list. Rear lights on, wired in and tested. Brake light switch took a bit of fiddling to get right. It is a simple pull switch activated by a spring attached to the off side rear brake actuator rod. Spring too tight and lights stay on, spring too slack and no lights unless foot hard down on the pedal. Front bumper back on, dashboard finished and secured down, drivers seat finally fitted, I'd been stalling that to give myself more space to do dashboard and other "in cab" bits. Wheel nuts torqued up, and tyre pressures checked. They were a bit down, but, surprisingly enough, it has been over 3 years since we last pumped them up to move the old girl out of the barn. Mid afternoon saw me rushing back home to collect the missing bolts. Last job on the list, after all else done is fit headlamps. Should have been simple, except you can't get your hand in behind the front bumper to put the bolts through. So, undo front bumper. Fortunately I didn't need to take it right off, and was able to slide it to one side. All extra hassle, on a very hot day, but got a result in the end. Sunday morning, all hands on deck. Son Stuart delivered Timber Tractor, bought that up for an HCVS do at South Godstone last night. Other son Philip on camera duty. Quick first parade, and last check over. And a quick photo of both together Please excuse the cheap plastic bus mirrors on the tanker, but they are better than nothing, and I have yet to acquire the right ones. Last nervous fag and we are off. Nine and a half miles covered, with no maior issues. Couple of small things to attend to, brakes will need further adjustment once they have bedded in a bit more, and the clutch travel is right at the top, which could be adjustment required or it could be worn out. I have got a fresh clutch plate if it needs it, but I don't fancy using it just yet. That said she drives beautifully, and is so quiet with the cargo exhaust on, you can even have a reasonable conversation with the passenger without yelling. Very different from the other one. That is a raucous little go kart by comparison, very bouncy and a bit boy racer!! You can chuck it about through corners and have a lot of fun in it. Tanker is far more sedate, a steadier more polite mode of travel. That said it is by no means slow (well not for a Militant) pulls very well. Easily kept up the 30mph up the hill. The longer wheelbase and additional weight make it a lot smoother ride, seems to just sit nicely on the road. Gearbox on the Timber Tractor is very tight and unforgiving, miss a gear and you are doomed, Tanker is sweet, almost syncro, lever just glides through the ratios. Steering is lighter too, which must be down to not having a driven front axle. Certainly a different drive, but all positive. Well pleased with the days efforts, but I think it will be a while before we hit the road again, loads more bits to fit, and the small matter of a lot of DBG to go on
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    Was getting some ear ache from a colleague the other day for not posting the latest goings on with the tanker, but to be honest I haven't had much time to do a lot recently. Had a few family commitments and, of course, it's show season with the timber tractor, so available weekends have been a bit sparse. That said I have managed a bit of progress. Cab ceiling and storage trays all fitted in, then spent most of a whole day with a kiddies paint brush painting all the rivet heads green. Fitted the passengers seat, but I'm going to have a re-think with it. It's very low down and not that comfortable. I added an additional bit of frame to the timber tractor, to raise the seat up and move it back, so I think more of the same here. Might not be original, but don't want to arrive at a show feeling crippled by a duff travelling position. Front bumper has been cleaned off and given a good coating of primer and stonechip ready for a top coat of DBG New headlights ready to fit, Chrystal Halogen 100watt jobs. Again not exactly original, but nice beam pattern, far better than the vague glow you got from the old ones. At least I'll be able to see where I'm going. Test fitting of the new rear lights, so that I could measure and cut the correct cable length to the rear junction box inside the chassis. Most time consuming job here was running the new front to rear loom along the chassis. A 24ft length that is clipped on every 12 to 14 inches with a brass 'P' clip along with all the brake pipes and other bits. A right ball ache of a job. Spot the 2 different shades of deep bronze green on the lights and the chassis. Allegedly they are the same colour, mixed to british standard etc, just different suppliers. Not even close to matching really. Shall have to be careful when it comes to the final top coat, otherwise it will look like a patch work quilt. Plan now is to fit up all the lights and the bumper, then take her for a little run out to see how she goes. But that wont be for a few weeks yet, next 2 week end are at shows with the other one. Only got one pair of hands!!
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