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    Tested Spring in Tividale Birmingham. Theyve done all sorts for me. Including Aveling safety valve springs
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    Looks good @Samro nice to see an intact Triad 32 😜
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    Is there a question Rien? Your Jaeger pattern speedo doesn't look complete. But a 3HW would have had a standard WD speedo (not Jaeger) Ron
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    @Richard Farrant is the reason she is not in aden colours 😜 for the best I recon! #GreenMachine
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    Well done, it is now looking as I remember them 👍
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    Rob, 36 Engineer Regt at Maidstone also carried the X11 sign on their vehicles in the 1970's, I had an original sticker and scanned it for Sam. regards, Richard
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    Looking beautiful in the DBG. Please excuse my ignorance, but what are the front markings, 163 and XII
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    In October a new title of our successful series Frituur Zorro will be published. Restorations of WW2 soft-skin vehicles in bringing them back to their original status. 180 pages. Many British vehicles. Stories told in word and deed. Interested? Let us know: info@narwal.eu and we will keep you posted.
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    She's looking great and good luck with finding the bits you need. I love seeing these old girls come to life again. Keep up the good work. Steve.
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    few pics of "getting there" lol sill lots of wiring and a leaky bevel box to sort! as well as swapping out some old PAS hoses. but she works 🙂 winch is lovely and now pay's on properly, and the crane is nice and smooth, its got a later hydraulic pump fitted that is leaking a bit, but im not overly concerned about it, seems to function well enough.
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    Shes back to DBG, still lots todo, still after the above bits... "cab sun shade, the suspended tow pickup, the fire extinguisher holders and one of the hub cap a-frame pickups" thanks all.
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    All sorted, tracks tightening (after the pictures) steering adjusted. Just the remanufactured front canvas turret bellows to fit.. and we are complete.
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    Wy am I getting every day spam mail about booking vehicles and stalls , are there not many booked ? otherwise you would not send so many reminders.
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