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    My clutch plates were fine despite the vehicle being left outside under a tarpaulin for over a year, but I've been told that a suitable lever through the bellhousing inspection access works wonders if needed. Andy
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    My sentiments exactly Ron ! But also wholeheartedly agree that it's better to save a bike than let it rot away, and also to do it exactly as you want !!! That's fine by me and everyone's right to do so........ But I always thought that this was a Military vehicles forum, and if you know that it's a civilian bike and choose to repaint it in olive drab then that doesn't make it a military vehicle so not really relevant here........Most people post here for providing or seeking information on military projects that they have done or are working on, and naturally therefore you will invite comment..........sorry, but it wasn't clear that you didn't seek any information or advice so my apologies if I got this wrong...... In a group such as this, there are many, many knowledgeable individuals here and the majority of Group members value that vast pool of information or they simply wouldn't be here.......to refer to knowledgeable comment as "flea police" and being "geeky" is not the kind of remark expected here........ As for me, I wrote the definitive reference book on WD motorcycles and have restored 3 flying flea's over the years.......Ron is equally knowledgeable.....if that makes me a "geek" then I can live with that...........and as for "police", no thanks, I'm retired now having done real policing for 30 years........Steve
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    That's absolutely fine. I just thought that since you started the thread with pictures, you might have wanted some feed back with additional information. But now I know that you already know it all and have better things to do, I'll let you get on with it in your own fashion. Ron Done!
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    Managed to get a couple of hours on the bike, pulled all the bike bits out of the wheelie bin it came in (no really it did) and slowly went through each bit. Ended up with this.
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    It now only remained to strip out the camshafts and the dismantling was done. Almost immediately I hit a familiar problem which Steve also encountered on the Gosling Thorny. The end of the exhaust camshaft bearing locating bolt had broken off. This meant that the camshaft was still captive in the crankcase until this peg could be removed. It didn't take long to load up the crankcase and seek help at Stan's. Steve's solution to the problem was to drill out the offending widget and Stan quickly produced a cored out bolt to act as a drilling guide. Attempts to drill ours failed however and hardness of the metal was thought to be responsible. After a good night's sleep we approached the problem again and Stan decided the widget was actually spinning in its hole. No wonder it wouldn't drill ! A magnet on a stick was produced and that should have been it sorted, but no, the little sod had just enough of a thread on it to prevent it's extraction. Eventually Stan hit on the brilliant idea of raising the peg as far as possible with the magnet, whilst simultaneously tapping out the camshaft. This worked a treat and all the parts were removed from the crankcase. Stan you're a star. Don't miss the next thrilling instalment 'Cleaning the crankcase'.
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    looking a lot more like a Diamond T know!
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    A bit more progress Tank now on so that I can fit the mudguards First mudguard fitted, will need a bit of 'fettling to get it just right. I will do one first and set the other to match
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    This is an old topic but thanks to Adrian and his wealth of knowledge, I was able to nearly fully restore my 1918 field gun trailer I purchased this time last year. It needed a ton of work!! Many plates had been welded and metal cut out. Here is before and after pictures. The last picture is of the memorial day parade this year.
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