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    The correct colour is Sky Blue EMER WORKSHOPS Chapter 3. Paints in Service Use. Table 1 H1/8010-99-943-4730 Paint, Finishing, Heat Resisting, High Gloss, Sky Blue BSC 101, Brushing
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    Have you got shares in Halfords Tony? The perceived wisdom on here has always been to use a good quality 30 grade such as Morris's, that's what these engines were designed to use also modern manufacture is far superior to the wartime product. In your vehicles you can use what you want but who's going to pay if it all goes pear shaped?
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    More progress.... New mudguards arrived Started making the 'special' tops this one is for the spare wheel support and steps Next on list is making the supporting brackets out of 6mm thick angle and bar Still looking for pumps and filters
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    The above events took place in November and it has taken until now to obtain the necessary permissions to gain access to 4 Reg. LAD workshops, where the REME look after the vehicles of 60 ( Close Support ) Sqn. RLC amongst others. Moving day for 2393 coincided with the CO's leaving do and John Marshall brought down his 'J' type to transport the CO from his farewell ceremony to the gates of the camp. An honour and a privilege for us and the first military duty for J type 2282 for some considerable time. We were also accommodated in the Officers Mess ! A few pictures from two busy days. The Mushroom sign is the current emblem of 60 Sqn. ( Fed on bullsh*t and kept in the dark !) As you can see there is no shortage of space in the workshop which was previously a WW2 aircraft hanger with the RAF. In addition the REME lads have provided a storage cage for parts and a work bench with vice. Let battle commence.
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    No longer looking. Got incredibly lucky and got a very nice WC52.
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