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    Well done Tomo, always thought you were officer material.
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    More progress.... New mudguards arrived Started making the 'special' tops this one is for the spare wheel support and steps Next on list is making the supporting brackets out of 6mm thick angle and bar Still looking for pumps and filters
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    At last after four years of hard work and good fun it's nearly there, took the wee beasty out for its first shakedown road run today rather later than I hoped due to a week spent in Normandy .Clutch needs to be slightly adjusted along with the brakes . After missing Wartime in the vale I hope that it will be at Welland by the end of July just need to get more miles on her.
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    yes model is a lot more fiddly though this filter has been fiddly too :nut: before during Almost after just need to fit elbow and put top coat on.
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