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    Thanks for response, it's nice to know that I am not typing to myself and I am glad that my project it interests you. Jon
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    Evening, I have been working on the engine and radiator bay surrounding walls, if that's what they are called. I have had to make a modification to the area of the fire wall where the gearbox protrudes into the crew compartment, originally the gearbox was a separate unit situated next to the driver. In order to be able to remove the engine and gearbox, I have had to put a removable section in this area of the wall. I don't think that it will be noticeable once the interior details are added. These pictures show a little hinged door, behind which sits the radiator. The door can be folded to change the air flow in to the radiator. Also, in the engine deck above this area, is a hatch for the radio operator that has adjustable baffles incorporated into it so that the amount of cool air can be regulated. Sorry for the amount of pictures but hopefully they explain what I can't. Jon
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    Evening, I have been working on the radiator / fan assembly and it's become quite interesting, if that's the word. I am making it as one unit, so that it can be removed as one unit, once the coolant has been drained, leaving the oil coolers in place. There's lots of parts, so lots of pictures. The first pictures are of the fan outer bearing housing This is then welded into the fabricated fan housing. The fan isn't attached I just placed it there so that you can see where it will go. The actual fan bearing housing, which gets bolted into the outer housing. It's made using the same sequence of processes as the outer housing but is machined all over. As a complete unit it has a bearing and oil seal in each end. The beginnings of the cooling unit. The oil coolers will sit under the radiator. I can't do much more until the fan pulley turns up, when that appears I can make the fan assembly shaft and the get the position of the fan pulley in line with the engine pulley, then I can finish the main unit. Other than that, there are a myriad of holes to be drilled for the coolant pipes etc. and of course, all the air ducting covers. I think I need a drink now. Jon
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