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    Friend started restoring his K9 but his ‘engine’ box of nuts and bolts etc have gone missing. Looking for either the TREAD SIZE or spare BANJO BOLT (filter?) for the carburettor inlet. Green Machine has some for the Champ, same or not? Carb is the Zenith 42VB. Any help greatly appreciated
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    Well. like to hear about the fast car days. I like fast cars and fast gals and beer. Then, them old ww2 military vehicles. We got a 1957 xk140 jag with a 10 cylinder dodge viper engine and other cars.
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    More progress in detail. Painting has been a bit sporadic due to the varied weather conditions. Some parts are waiting on Stan for some more welding. Changes are happening and I have been to see the most incredible workshop, where the project will be moving, hopefully next month.
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