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    Funny enough,and not much help in your search Im afraid but I also had 2 pairs of blue overalls/boiler suits when I did YTS in 1987 and from memory they had rubber buttons.
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    Due to no internet connection this photo was not today, but last Friday. Spotted on Holbrook to Culcairn road ........... actually I was driving it and stopped for a brief rest on way to the Corowa Swim-In & Military Vehicle Gathering...... a Perentie FFR
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    No, Martian BURV, beach unarmoured recovery vehicle. Crane is completely different to the AEC the spare sits in more of a recess and AEC does not have a horizontally split screen.
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    getting a bit further this weekend, one battery box fitted and half the fuel pipes. been to see the cab again which is ready for paint end of next week and the clutch is not to far away either i hope.
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    MWR body...similar to original 1944
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    Dear Heinz, Once again thank you for your suggestions and observations. We have all but completed the idler wheel components, although we are unable to complete the final welding operation due to a quality issue with the idler wheel bearing retention nuts. We are currently awaiting a new supply of nuts that should be with us this week. Lubrication points have now been added to the relevant components. My concern regarding the idler shaft rotation locking mechanism has now been addressed after the receipt of new information. We are now in a position where, I feel that we can start to plan and manufacture the suspension leaf springs. Until we communicate again, Johann
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    That machine is way too clever....
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    The engine has taken a back seat for a bit. Mainly while I progress a couple of underwater projects, one of which is scanning an entire 52 acre lake in 3D. I will share the model here, if only for the tenuous link that there is the hulk of an AFV432 sitting in 24m of water: Section of quarry with AFV432 But with that processed and out of the way it was time to crack on with the engine. First up, the tappet rollers from all even numbered cylinders were pulled out. This proved to be the easiest job of the day: Then it was time to get the cylinder bolts undone. After slimming down a ring spanner to wafer thin, the nuts were removed. Space was a premium: Now the it appears that the cylinder heads are held down with studs. Not so. Of the 12 fixings, 8 are pan head screws: And when viewed from inside the crank case: There is two visible in the above image, very close to the cylinders. Now, true to form several of them started to rotate with the nyloc nut. This proved to be a PITA and needed another special tool knocked up on the bench grinder and careful filing: Its a knackered 1/2" allen key I have had lying around in the toolbox for about 30 years. Kept for no good reason apart from "It will come in handy one day". And so it did. Not easy to access, but eventually they all yielded and bingo, the first cylinder slid off the crankcase: Now its pretty mucky inside, but in excellent condition with remnants of preserving oil oozing from every pore. The purpose of the oil pipes that were running into crankcase next to every cylinder is now understood; its injecting lubricant directly into the bore and presumably finding its way down to the big end. After initial success the predictable happened and the worlds thinnest ring spanner split when attempting the next cylinder. A crows foot spanner is on its way and progress should return. The gudgeon pin appeared to be held in place by a split pin, but on closer inspection there appears to be no gudgeon pin at all - not in the traditional sense at least - and after the split pin was removed closer inspection has left me wondering how this assembly goes together, and apart. I will post up some pictures soon.
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    Steve and Tim have been back in Devon for the weekend and we have been going hard at it on the Peerless. The engine is successfully out of the chassis and the strip down of it is well under way. Full report and pictures to follow - probably tomorrow! No real surprises - the last owner of the Peerless said that he had broken one of the pistons but in fact two have been damaged beyond repair and will have to be replaced.
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    Wiring of the new instrument panel almost complete. Once finished focus will switch to getting the engine ready to install and try and start.
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    Firewall back in place and starting to fit out. Looking at the pictures it was August 2016 when it was removed. Out in August 2016 back in January 2019.
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