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    Well the bottom part is, but the top is thin metal
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    A few hours spare over the last couple of weeks has got the adaptor sorted for the engine stand. Closer inspection of the crankcase housing reveals its an aluminium machined block, not a casting. It will be interesting to get the aux end cover off and peek inside. I got some steel blanks plasma cut. Ordered online to the exact size I wanted, including the flange: Holes needed marking and drilling but the steel blanks were perfect and burr free. Quick loose fit of the flange confirmed the marking out was close enough. And the main mounting plate lined up too. After tack welding the spacers in-situ I took it off the engine to put a bit more weld around each. With my welding I was not planning to rely on the strength of the fillets, but by weld No 28 of 32 quality was improving: And final fitting, ready for a lift onto the stand: Next few days should see the engine off the floor and onto the engine stand. Then its back to stripping the motor down.
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    I have a grey pair of trousers like the ones above. label says 22C/1156 and they are size 4. Also a number 23185 on the label. Anyone want them for £20 plus carriage at cost or collection from Reading?
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    Thanks Pete and Chris, i tried using multiple o-rings and rubber tubing thinking modern materials would be better, but after many attempts and leaks i admitted defeat. In the end i got some replacements from chris morter as i needed some other bits from him anyway, and the cork works perfectly. ah well you live and learn thanks again Alan
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    Ok some pics . There is more stuff . The canvas cover and the wooden shipping box .
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    my MWR body , short way to finnish , think looks good, as original...
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