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    Take a look here: https://digitalcommons.unl.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1727&context=tsaconf Dunlop. Neoprene rubber substitute. 'Camouflarge cloth' ....secret. Air Ministry Ballon Section built them, so did Shepperton Studios. Search Google widely and deeply and ye shall reap 'facts'. My interest is Force R, who whilst they were the masters of deception in WW2, were at some point brought back into play for the Cold War ...... certainly in Tripolitania in 1955 and as an overtly Royal Engineer unit were based in at least one regiment's base at one time (Homs, 3RHA) to utilise a new unusualy large purpose built aircraft-type hanger ....on the edge of the parade square to house what is anyone's guess as I can't track much in the archives remotely from the lands unfit for human habitation. I was alerted to Force R by a Veteran of 3RHA who was there and he told me that the unit was based in their camp and that personnel of Force R were not allowed to mix with the troops stationed in Homs as 'their work was secret'. They dressed in quasi-military uniforms and were 'scruffy'! What I have found out officially is that Force R were indeed in Libya to build dummy V Force bomber diversionary airfields in the desert .... as the real RAF Idris was a known diversionary real airfield for when the 'balloon went up'. The thinking is the large hanger was for constructing/inflating dummy aircraft ... the hanger, even I can remember as a child there in 1959-61 was huge and most certainly was big enough to house a blow-up Vulcan or two! Whether there ever were inflatable British jet aircraft at that time, or after I know not. The hanger was not used for anything after 1957 when 3RHA departed, seemingly 'empty' during 6 and 2RTR's time in situ though no other Veteran could tell me what the hanger was used for even if they could remember it being there. So if you know anything about dummy airfields, inflatable aircraft and Cold War deception in Libya, do please sing out.
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    Hello All I hope you had a Merry Christmas and looking forward to a pleasant New Year. I have been a member of HMVF for 4 years and during that time never posted any articles, so this is my first post and I am looking forward to your replies. Some 35 years ago I aquired a small generator unit, very similar to the Chorehorse ones on the site now. The gen set came from a friend who unfortunately left the set outside to gather rust at an alarming rate + at some stage it had been dropped on the control box causing quite a bit of damage, fortunately the tin parts were easily straightend, but much of the wiring was damaged. I am at the stage where I would like to get the set reassembled and running, that is where I hope you can help me out. This set is different to all the others I have seen on various web sites, mine has the control box on top of the generator, all others I have found have the box on the side. I made a number of wiring diagrams at the time the set was dismantled to help with rebuilding but I have hit several problems. These are the details from the various plates on the fuel tank and the fan casing. Power Unit DC/AC 250w (American) No3 BMB 1941 WD Serial No B1079 Cat No ZB A1101 1. Should there be a variable resistance on the control box to set the output voltage. 2. Does anyone out there have a wiring diagram for this particular set, I found one for a BSA set which has been very helpful. 3. Through testing I have found the pick-up coil in the cut-out is open circuit, I have dismantled the cut-out and weighed the wire removed to give a clue as to the qty required to rewind it. 4. I have an assortment of wires and copper links but I cannot see where they belong. Any help would be much appreciated. Attached a couple of photos to give an idea as to where I am in rebuilding the set. Regards Roger
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    I will try and do something Marc but I am not quite sure how. I suppose I could cine the visuals and then tape the sound using my real to real, try to match the two then workout how to digitise it all. I haven't mentioned the state of the cooling system, it was full and I am not exaggerating, of rust and general crap, the steel pipe work looked fine until I tried clean them up and as you can see from the picture the only option was to make new ones. It took hours to clean it all out. I think I have at last fabricated the last two components, I couldn't really save much of the original parts, only the catch and clasp and the spare wheel bracket. Onwards forwards and backwards, Jon
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    https://www.prewarcar.com/282029-white-camion-a-chaines Just seen this on prewarcar.com 😊
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    I am glad to report that after a frustrating day chasing different problems, the old girl coughed back into life at 7:30pm. She sounds lovely and quite and the oil pressure is perfect. Jon
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