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    Not exactly relevant to your inquiry, but back in the '60s when I was in training they were known as cobbly wobblies. Thought you might like to know. Steve.
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    Know what you mean Ted, I have a 1955 edition of 16E & that is a very fat book. The only good thing about it is that it lists the vehicles to which the item was fitted, unlike VAOs that gives little away.
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    Bit of an 'elf an' safety issue this weekend, but made some good progress none the less. Tanker has obviously had an oil cooler leak at some point in it's life, because it has been disconnected and bypassed. So, one of the jobs on the to do list at some point is remove the thing and have a look. Started on Saturday with plan A to finish off the "in Cab" electrics, but failure the bring test lamp and other kit to site meant a move to the back up plan. Bumper off and attack oil cooler. Bumper came off quite well. big bolts needed a big crack bar, but plenty of penetrating fluid and a large hammer soon got a result. Bumper on the deck. You can see the bypass hose at the bottom of the radiator. Bumper had to go to get to the rad grill for cleaning anyway, and it could do with a quick go with the needle gun itself. So 2 results in one Quick inspection reveals the leak It's had a whack at some time, pushing the pipes back and cracking the weld. On the plus side, cooler is made of steel so shouldn't present too many dramas to straighten and repair. Thought I would get rid of the bypass hose first, but it was on well tight. Big spanner and a pair of Stilesons should do the honours. Not quite. It was actually a big spanner and a pair of cheap Chinese looky likey stilesons. And they went like this!! Needless to say I went backwards, tripping over the bumper that was still just where I'd left it. Showing a clear presence of mind in a time of crisis, I remembered that the cargo truck is parked quite close, and I tried to twist away to avoid cracking my head on it on the way down. Got that bit right, but my right shoulder and upper arm took the full impact with the concrete floor. A funny scrunching noise and instant pain told me it wasn't a good landing, but there was no claret leaking from anywhere so perhaps not too bad. Carried on like you do and got the grille and cooler off, packed up and went home, didn't feel too bad. This morning was a different story. Can't lift right arm at all, so obviously pulled something. Plenty of pills and deep heat is helping, but looks like I'm off to the vet first thing tomorrow if it's no better. Lessons learnt, then. 1. Don't leave big lumps of truck lying around where you can fall over them, and 2. more importantly, stop buying cheap Chinese tools off the boot fair.
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