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    Err, it's not water that they are selling guys ! David
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    Probably drove it up mountains & charged premium £ to grockles
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    Looks like the pukka wheel type to me
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    Great to see your project under way. I will follow it with interest. Ian
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    Shortly after these pictures were taken, the speaker and mount were removed to give the mount a couple of coats of varnish to seal the wood. It will be refitted later once it has had time to fully cure.
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    I haven't finalised the mount and position in the Jeep yet. It needs to be removable to allow the dummy radio to tip open to access the storage below it and the rear Jeep locker. I think I'll make some wooden trays like in the Dodge, which will slot onto the Jeep side panel, but lift off again when needed. I'm very pleased with the look of the completed speaker.
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    A small aluminium plate was cut for the data plate and a waterslide decal made with the data on. this was screwed in place with some tiny screws. The whole speaker was then given a sprayed satin clear coat.
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