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    I care as it is the way it should be done.
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    Yes I have but also noticed that a sentence starts with a capital letter.........
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    We also need to remember that the controller was supposed to have a vehicle to hand so that he could run around the airfield to examine the landing area, investigate things and generally make himself look more important to the poor erks busy working!
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    Pipeline Network The south west isn't served by a liquids line on the above map - the red lines are gas pipelines Not sure if there is a specific Terminal or refinery for the South West - logically it would be Fawley being the nearest
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    Hi I am new to this site my name is Dave Minor I am restoring a Bedford MWD 1943 and I need someone who can make me some mudflaps with the rolled edge, they are 16ins long and 14ins wide. If any one could help me I that would be great and may thanks for any help you can give me. I am putting some photos of the mud flaps and of my bedford.
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