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    Hi Pete, I am currently in the process of restoring a Dodge T110L, I have ended up importing a replacement engine from the states, (unfortunately this also requires rebuilding but that's another story) this engine had some sort of governor on the carb which may be what you are missing, I will take Some photos over the next couple of weeks and post on here. Kevin
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    always amazed me on the news footage, the guys are on one side saying there's a tunnel on this side, but quite clearly seen on the opposite side are several concrete vent shafts that obviously served underground areas of some sort. I know where I'd be digging.....
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    Thanks for the feedback Pete. in the 2 and a half years since I posted here I have found this truck and just completed its purchase and transport to the UK. Alex, the supporting registration documents and feedback from the Belgian owner confirm your feedback about its French army history. I'll post some more photos and info soon - I am just in the throws of applying for a UK registration for it.
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    Over the last couple of days i have just been trying to clear some of the smaller items that needed mending, remanufacturing and the last two major components pertaining to the drivers cab, the doors and the windscreen frames. All the rails for the windscreen frames were in a very poor condition but repairable, apart from one and for that, I just made a new one.
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    Brilliant for 6V. We fitted one to a customer's F1 Ford with a flathead V8. It was the last throw of the dice before we converted it to 12V but it transformed things. On one occasion I even wound it onto the trailer using the starter motor alone. On the downside they don't look right in certain circumstances (EG a Jeep)
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    Hi Pete , only just seen your post as I'm afraid I do not bother to visit the forum very often these days . I have had a couple of Optima batteries over a period of years . I put one on my WC54 after I got fed up with the standard having insufficient guts to get it started . I now have a pair on my jeep after the originals died during the period of all my electrical problems , they have been there for a couple of years doing sterling service . I also had one of the larger ones which ended up in the Snow Trac when I sold that . They have all been good . If they stand around for ages they will loose charge eventually . I actually have a dead one in the garage which I bought to fit in my Triumph Vitesse . Due to various plans coming unstuck I've not got that back on the road again as I had promised myself I would . That battery has sat unused for quite some time , it's been abused for various jobs and left without being recharged , I've not looked after it properly and , unsurprisingly , it has expired but that's through my neglect rather than anything else . Yes they are a bit more expensive but I've come to believe that they are worth it .
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