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    Realise I haven’t posted for a bit. So a quick update.... Trial fitting of cab Refurbing the radiator Making loads of bits Bonnet repair hinge Hoop sticks Trying to work out how to make sharp radius bends and tilt brackets (see photo below). I don’t suppose that anyone has any spare of these (I believe they are the same on morris’s) Repairing front panel more work on the engine Also making the drivers adjustable seat, the one on the left I borrowed from Pete Marshall as a pattern Still looking for the pumps and filters
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    Great wkend at the Netly marsh autojumble and the Beaulieu one too, apart from N.O.S. sets of pistons and valves, I found The Bedford Drivers handBook No.1 😁 I had the second edition but never thought I'd find this gem.
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    I knew I saw it somewhere and whilst I thought it looked like a still I had no idea of where ti came from until now, so thanks for that. The Documentary is on Youtube...
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    And here as a few photos of data plates gauges etc currently Little Nipper sits next to my wife’s 43 MB jeep (another project).
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    So with most of the dirt removed I could start on the fun stuff, finding the ww2 markings. i tried a few methods but standard thinners and scotch pads worked the best on the new pea green paint. the vehicle has lots of markings dating from 45 onwards I’ve no idea what some are and it’s clear the old ones were rubbed down before new ones applied over the top in 53/54 then the pea green paint was put on over everything.
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