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    Chris, main gearbox uses engine oil, SAE 50.
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    There is a lot of contention over this topic. I would suggest contacting the oil manufacturer and asking them whether it is suitable.
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    And she lives and breathes again, and sounds sweet! The key here is I did not attempt to start her once she had cooled. So thankfully the crank was in perfect nick once the soft shell Alloy had been emery clothed away 14 hrs. The mains where all good and still showed oil inside. So managed to do the job with crank in sittu. Changed plans a wee bit with the gearbox, I was going to try and fit the ZF box, but at the moment it’s just too much an ask. So just going to slap on a Turner 5 speed with overdrive to keep pace with the engine upgrades
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    A fighting compartment as a total rust hole with unmovable turret floor due to bearings completely rust-solid. And this is after hrs of S's clean up.
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    Hi Chris, the last picture you show is the rack that contains the two jacking blocks, of about 3" thick each, the thickness of them is important when that rack is mounted on the right hand front mudguard on a standard Valentine, as the drivers door will not fully open, if more than this dimension! cheers Andrew.
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    Can anyone give sizes of the spare wheel brackets for the Scammell Pioneer shown below? Length,width and depth and the distance the tyre should be away from the timber boards. Cheers Bryan
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