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    All that carnage just from a loose grub screw. I feel for you, mate. It might be easier to remove the ball end of that joint from the drag link, and leave the other end stuck in the drop arm. They are spring loaded and adjustable, slacken the adjustment right off and the ball slides out of the end. Alternatively, remove the drop arm from the steering box. It fits on a tapered spline, bit of gentle heat and four penny one with a big hammer should crack it off. That would give you less weight to lift getting the actual box off.
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    Sounds like a thrust bearing failure in the steering box. I do not think Mk1s have power steering.
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    After another awesome leave period I managed to get some more restoration work done, The rear four wheels were removed along with the brake drums, shot blasted and Bonda Primer added followed by a coat or two of Deep Bronze Green. I also managed to complete a panel on the front of the cab along with the radiator cowling. Several other items were removed for the shot blasters too; the worst being the tailgate which was a three man lift. The brand new headlamp which was in the truck on purchase was finally fitted to replace the badly corroded one on the drivers side, with the remains of this I was able to restore the left hand one and after purchasing a set of headlamp inserts (Shiny bit) I was road worthy again. The indicators & four-ways are now fully operational after the best part of a years labors, so happy about this I made a video of them winking. Along with the tailgate I was able to remove the springs and adjuster brackets, the refitting will be fun at a later stage methinks, as the tailgate was awfully heavy so I refitted the brackets a hole further up the slide to take a bit of weight whilst opening and closing it. A locally manufactured step ladder was also fitted to the tailgate to allow me to remove the tailgate pins when I am older. Jerrycan holder & tool bin also got a clean up and a double coat of DBG. The two brackets in the drivers cab used for the tool boxes, the floor plates, drivers seat mount & floor plates along with the pedals also got a good clean up.
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    German home made cab and German unit with Bedford MW trucks. photos from my book.
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    The 2nd photo of Bedford MW is on the front cover of my book and has a German field post number as a reg number, until they were given a WH number. 2nd photo of Bedford mw on the eastern front. A few more photos from the book. Keith
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