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    The paint colour in NATO Green BS381C shade 285. You should have no problem buying it online. Try Trade Paints, Marcus Glenn, eBay or get it mixed at your local supplier.
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    The engine in my Albion was locked solid when I first found it, as I was not in a hurry to start the restoration for 6 months or so, I placed a jack against one of the flywheel bolts and lifted the engine so that there was little weight on the front axle and plenty on the flywheel bolt. I then soaked the engine in diesel, giving it a good drink through the plug holes weekly. After about 5 and a bit months I came home to see the Albion sitting back level on all 4 wheels. I thought that the flywheel bolt may have sheared or the jack slipped, but no, the engine had freed up and turned over. It was an easy job then to strip it down and I found that No .1 piston had been stuck at top dead centre but there was little bore or piston damage.
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    Last night a big step forward when transmission was placed back in the hull. Lessons learned - have the drive shafts fully pulled out to give as much free space to position the transmission - the 1/2 moon spaces that sit under the transmission can be inserted after the transmission was in place - also easier with brake calipers not installed again to give more space. We are happy with this progress as it is starting to feel that we are turning a corner putting things back in. Still a lot of hours to go.
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