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    Taking advantage of the recent dry spell the Retriever was moved from the barn into the new workshop with the help of Trevor the tractor and my wife Anne Pete
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    Hey Scott Great to meet you too glad you like the old girl 😁 journey home was easier with less traffic no probs with the truck though will change the oil and filter now it's done about 150 miles . J.
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    This week the tank was shown to the press and VIP for the first time and it was the longest drive the tank has done in 80 years, aprox 300 meters. The tank will now be on display in the museum during the summer and it will be taken out for a spin (a slow spin) 2nd of September and during a special day 18th of August. More info on the 18th of August will follow on the webpage as soon as the details are set.
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    Thanks Chaps. Lots of food for thought there. We store them dry, generally, as we do very few miles and it reduces the amount of drips on the floor! The Dennis has been roadworthy for seven years now and still hasn't done 500 miles and the poor old FWD hasn't run at all for nearly three. All a bit sad really! I have spent the day working on the front wing irons. Grinding, filing and filling the same as before although the welding was very kindly done for us by Adrian. A very tedious job which I can now hand over to the paint shop. Steve
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    Just back from Wartime in the Vale, great wkend met friends old and new, 90 mile odd mile round trip and no problems There were three Aero screen early Bedfords there which was great as in previous years there were none in attendance.
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    Steve - I think in time you will agree that to have persevered with the Brighton run would have been a bad decision. The 3 of you were under the pump in order to make that event and pure and simple, the truck wasn't going to make it. Driving these old things on modern roads is stressful and having an untested vehicle with as it turned out a major issue would have just ruined the whole experience, probably with it marooned by the side of the road with a seized engine. In my opinion all 3 of you man'ed up and made the no-go decision which was a much harder thing to do than heading off down the road. In aviation it goes by a number of names, but is a well know trap for those who fixate on the goal to the exclusion of perspective. It is a difficult thing to resist. See graphic. Now you have no schedule, can get that engine running sweetly and can enjoy the rest of the restoration, other than the wings (mudguards) installation that is. Regards Doug (Aussie one)
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