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    Or maybe a few signs like these...
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    I suspect he is in the workshop constructing the patterns to cast a new computer.
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    I was always told, keep tank full, especially in winter. Back in day when you had to put petrol or parrifin in to prevent waxing, or have two jerry cans in the muck heap overnight to keep them warm during winter Though on one memeorable occasion a bottle of cheap gin wemt in, it actually worked! . . 😀
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    Stunning photographs. The haziness adds a bit of atmosphere to the photo's. I love the muzzleflashes on the jackson.
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    Thank you for a great report.
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    Well just got back today after a very hot & enjoyable weekend. Thank you to all who organised the show & are still clearing up. The planings on the upper roadway were a great improvement in keeping the dust down & would have avoided a mudway had we got the rain that was predicted. The water stand pipes were much more sturdy & reliable, I gather that the whole water supply network was relaid earlier on in the year. One of the many tasks that go on unnoticed in preparation for the event. As always at this show, the toilets were kept impeccably clean & serviced, the showers worked well. Thanks to all for the preparation & delivery of another successful show. It was worth the 500 mile round trip.
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