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    Well that's bad luck and good luck, isn't it? Bad luck it didn't work first time, and good luck that nothing got ruined. I'm not seeing anything on there that won't respond to a re-size, clean, and polish, but maybe some of this rings might not be safe to re-use?
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    It is a sad time, my condolences. Your memories of him are priceless and keep him with you.
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    My condoleances on the passing of your Dad.
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    Hi Jez ...Great work as always..looking good. Just a point re saggy canvas .I am no expert but thought I read somewhere the canvas should be made over size to allow for 5%(?) shrinkage.??? May be get it wet before final tweaking ?
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    Noticed a couple of bits of rust breaking through on the front of the cab lately and as we are off to the big AEC Rally at Newark next weekend, thought I'd best do something about it. Not a disaster, but not exactly show worthy Dig out the rust, and skim over with filler Primer on and flatted down Mask up and spray on fresh red Vast improvement, just got to make the rest as shiny as the new bit and we'll be ready to show off to our adoring fans
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