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    Sorry Pete our replies crossed. The replacement engine is, as you say a long block. I'm told it was removed from a 1950's Clarkston tractor which came from USAF disposal at RAF Molesworth. Being from a Clarktor it will be a Chrysler industrial unit. The carb, manifold, born, air cleaner and oil filter are all from the original engine though.
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    The trim is painted steel iirc. The earlier D-15's still had chrome trim and the Dodge emblem, but these were omitted by the time this truck was built. As Gordon says the four blade fan is correct, and quite likely to be the original since it appeared that when the engine was changed all ancillaries were simply swapped over to the replacement. That dent in the cab roof occurred in my ownership I'm afraid. A storm brought a branch down which landed across the truck. Really pleased to see it receiving the attention it deserves!.
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    Four blade would be right for that Pete, you shouldn't need a six blade unless the radiator is partially blocked. Be careful taking the 'chrome' trim off the radiator shell. It is fitted with a bunch of non-standard threads and coach bolt type fasteners. Difficult to get it off and on again. It will probably be mild steel painted but it did vary with the years.
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    Thanks Ben , that is wonderful! Yes, the earlier Q-types had the M4 engine. I think the later ones had the AB4 inlet-over-exhaust type. The chart seems to match what we have so I am pleased that we didn't change it. I don't have any time for messing now and everything has to be right first time. Our test run, which is planned for 29th, won't be more than a mile at most! Thanks or the confirmation! Dad has decided that we must have the signwriting done so he has rung the signwriter. He is coming on Monday so I am now panicking trying to produce some artwork for him including choosing a number. This is what I have laid out this evening: Computers make this a lot easier but I need to be careful to pick a font which doesn't look 'new'. There are a couple of very nice vehicles out there spoiled by the style of the lettering which is a great shame. Steve
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