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    In a search for a humber box for quite a while i found this one by pure luck in the north of Sweden 2 years ago. The oldest known Humber box number 65 build. Deposited paid will collect soon when the snow has gone. Lots of work to do to it but overall complete missing some details has not been running for some years.
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    The trouble is that not all drivers can be trusted. I am keen on elderly Land Rovers and, quite often, if I see one about, or for sale, I pop its details into the DVLA website and look at its MOT history. More often than not, even enthusiasts' vehicles' MOT records are appalling - with fails in most years. It seems its sent in for an MOT, it fails on several points, the garage puts them right and issues an MOT within a day or two, often with several advisories which then appear the following year, and off it goes for another year of indifferent maintenance from the owner . And, all too often the failures are chassis rot, brakes or steering related. If I were insuring a vehicle exempt from an MOT I would demand proof of roadworthiness in any case, whether it be a formal MoT or a qualified engineer's report. And no matter how diligent we are in our own maintenance, it never hurts to get someone else to give our vehicles the once over, it is easy to miss something. There was an "immaculate" Volvo 245 for sale on the Classic car website recently. It looked superb and had a write-up to match. It had failed its first attempt at an MOT every year since 2008. 10 68.
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    Well, I thought it might be 'Interesting' (Or not to some!) to follow up on my thoughts. On the 'New' Forum layout. I still do not like it as much as the old Forum appearance. I used to visit the old site daily. I now haven't bothered to come on here again for Months. I still feel it has 'Lost' something.....:( Sorry if any Admin are 'Upset' by my comments. I did not intend that at all. To Me, it just doesn't seem as nice as the orig layout. But that is just Me. However, I am at least being honest about it. That is MY Personal Feeling about it. There may well be others who feel similarly? I am grateful however, that at least some of you admin chaps. Have actually bothered & made an Effort in introducing this new layout. To at least keep the forum going! I TOTALLY support That! Small Potato's I know. but I took the time to at least follow up on my very first Post on This Topic.
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