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    It's quite a posh lorry if it has two doors!
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    Just a plus 1 for anyone else who finds themselves in the same sitation. Jacking one wheel up and letting it spin the the tension out will prevent a nasty bang. Then you can change back to 2wd.
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    Jack up both wheels on the same axle then rotate one wheel the other one should turn or you will hear some noise.
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    I always went for the jacking of one wheel when trying to dis engage 4x4 if it did not release on its own, and as said the amount of torque stored is huge, so be a bit careful not to let your arm get dragged in between the tyre and road,
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    We have had a good weekend. Barry's new spline gauge has arrived and is absolutely perfect! It pushed on easily by hand as a nice firm fit with no rattle. Wonderful and thank you Barry! We also pushed the lorry outside for a trial fit of the cab. We are pleased with the result! More later. Steve
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    I then scrubbed the aluminium and gave it a coat of etch primer. And some undercoat before hanging the door. It even closes properly but I need to put a little more thought into the latch as I am not sure that what I have will work to my satisfaction. So I proceeded to fit a leather strap to prevent the door from hitting the mudguard if allowed to swing in the wind. I don't know if the door pocket is a bit too posh for a lorry but I thought it would have been useful for the drivers to keep their paperwork (or sandwiches/sat nav) safe. We then fitted the second door but the cab side is not quite ready to fit and there is still quite a lot of work to do on the beading.
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    I have at last, managed to fabricate the suspension arm travel stops / bump stops and attached them to the chassis. It seemed to take ages to complete these items but we have been in a perma frost for a week, that seemed like a month, snowed in and the workshop was frozen up, thats my excuse anyway. They are not perfect but as near as I could get them, the grey one is from the Bovington tank museums PZ2. For my next trick I am going to make the track return rollers, now that will be fun. Jon
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    Nice work. like your direction indicators...
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