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    I've been trying PULSETECH XTREME chargers (well the MOD apparently use them), thinking it might be a solution to my dilemma of a shed full of OPTIMA batteries hanging around for months before being called upon to earn their keep. I know Antar on here has had very good results with them on Hawker batteries. I also know some of my batteries are sulphated - but unless badly sulphated they should still take a reasonable charge even if they don't last as long. I've had some batteries on charge for over 3 months continuous and the red lights flickr about and indicate 'duff battery'. When tried they are dead. So it is a bit annoying to then put the same batteries onto a more modest OPTIMATE 4, only to have most of them charge up to decent cranking power. Some of them do not last as long as a tip top battery might, but quite adequate none the less. I've then put the same battery back onto the PULSETECH only to find it won't charge - straight back to the annoying row of flashing red lights. To my mind the PULSETECH would display more intelligence if it had an indicator on it which said "Well mate, your battery is f*&@%d, but I've put as much in as it will take so at least you're out of trouble, but don't blame me if it fails somewhere down the road". Just to sit there smugly flashing your tiny red LEDs saying "Look - I'm not going to charge any old sh&t batteries OK? Don't bother me until you've bought a new battery" displays a degree of arrogance and an attitude which quite frankly is not helpful in the slightest. I feel so much better having offloaded that - I think I'll cancel today's appointment with my Analyst.
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    Derek yes that's coming on, but I think there should be two sliding doors on each side. That then allows a wider exit hole for the length of the missile, because at present the door can't go too far forward as it would encroach on the driver's door. A split door that is operated by a rack & pinion would obviously less burdensome to open. Presumably the rear loader would open the rear sliding door & the front loader the front sliding door. Of course there is quite a barrier, in the form of the launcher arms/cradles, between the front & rear loaders, which is why the rear loader has his own rear door. As I understand it Eric was the Sales Manager during most of the time of the manufacture of Shorlands. The export drive was down to him mainly & he was on a sales mission abroad when the take over happened & sadly the records seemed to have been cleared out & presumably discarded/destroyed. Eric died about 4 years ago, but it is him in many of the sales brochures featuring a man in a DPM jacket firing a gun or missile from a Shorland.
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    Meanwhile, I have made up the cab frame mounting brackets. These are bent steel fabrications although one of the originals might have been a casting. The steel we have is bright so it is slightly work-hardened. I found this to my cost when I put the first piece in my press-brake attachment and promptly snapped it! I tried heat-treating the second by getting it red-hot and allowing it to air-cool. This was successful, thank goodness! I then cut all of the remaining pieces for bending and heat-treated them as well. One has a joggle in it to lean the hood frame backwards by 1/4" at the top. I think this is to negate the spring in the wood when the leather securing straps are tightened. All bent and ready for welding. This was done with my usual style and ability kneeling on the floor and using a vice to hold the bits. Nothing a bit of angle grinding won't cure! A few dollops of filler to hide the gaps in the weld. A polish and a coat of primer and ready for the paint shop. Another tick! Steve
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    Pretty much rained off again this weekend, getting a bit monotonous, now. Still we cracked on with other stuff. Off Side Door from the pump control box Top hinge is broken, and the tin worm has eaten it's way in behind the edge beading, forcing the two apart. On the inside, The budget lock is seized, and the fire extinguisher bracket is broken. Managed to free off the lock, end of the bottom pin needs a repair and obviously a fire extinguisher and bracket will need to be picked up at some point. Started by removing everything, including the beading. The whole thing is very heavy weight, main panel is 2mm thick sheet, no tin plate here. Good thing about that is, even real heavy duty rust is still only on the surface. The cut out in the bottom right corner allows access the diesel tank filler. Can't say I like that idea, so a small modification is planned. Fill in that corner, so you can't get to the diesel tank cap without opening the door. Won't stop the determined fuel thief, I know. Round here the pick axe seems to be the weapon of choice, just bang a hole in the side of the tank, catch some and spill the rest. My main concern is some smart alec at a show or somewhere who thinks it's good to chuck something in the tank, resulting in disaster for me on the way home. Worked out alright too, cut the frame corner and turn it round, new bit of sheet into the corner and weld up. Sand off the loose and flaking paint and give it a coat of primer. Next job, 38 rivets to bang in, as the beading goes back on That'll impress the neighbours later this week!! They''re quarter inch dome head ones and they take a bit of knocking down too. Smear of filler over the rust damage and we're home and dry.
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    making a lot of progress on 1531 know, all the wheels are built up and fitted, the range box is finished bar fitting the new top cover. the hand brake mechanism is mostly in i just need to get the shoes/pads lined and fitted. almost at the stage of choosing to start either the winch or the engine. hopefully tomorrow will be another good day so should have another up date coming shortly. regards sam
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    My Dad sadly passed away earlier this year, and his army album has now been handed down to me. He did National Service From 1952 to 1954, and was a tank driver. This is a photo of "Old Faithful" as he called it..
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