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    they are ex Dutch army bowsers , still used up to the 80ies
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    Being no expert on water trailers I would guess they are not British. The lamp above the number plate looks to me more of a US type. Steve
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    Looks like the guy on the left is planning on starting it!
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    Alrighty then! Since I'm doing my best to power on through burn-out at work sapping my will to live work on this hulk, I've dragged myself back onto the forum! The driver's door has been re-re-welded in places (Apparently, my inner reinforcement bar was not stuck where I thought it had stuck, so broke free and pulled a few little holes in the door skin in the process. Sigh.), and the tab for the bottom of the mirror arm has been welded on. I've also treated half of the inner surfaces of the door with rust converter, so I have to follow that up to the other side, and then go back in with some paint. Then I can put that back together, and re-fit it to the truck, which looks a little silly without it. L...ast week, I think? (It all blurs together), I did some more chopping and hacking of the rotten cab structure. Decided to do a video in a different style, a sort of faux time-lapse method; involving videoing it, then speeding up all the tedious bits to make them marginally less tedious. It did not work very well. Nevertheless, here it is: I don't think I'll continue that style of video, it's just too mind-numbing to edit and watch. Currently, the plan is -- weather, light, and mood permitting -- to roll my generator out to the old gal and finish removing that rotted-out section with a full-size angle grinder. Then I'll do my best to clean out & apply rust converter and paint to the inside of the other section where it doesn't appear to be as bad, before cutting a length of replacement box section to length and welding it in. It's just too cold and wet to be rolling around underneath the truck, in all the puddles, bending brake line.
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