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    Ok, sounds fair enough. Its easy to point out potential problems for me. But do accept my respect for all those who took on this massive operation. Did they at least promote you to Major?
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    Thanks for registering mate! I think you will find that we are flexible and understand that you cannot decide everything in advance. Things change, vehicles get sold and new ones bought and we will accommodate all these changes. We just need to know what the preferences are for everybody is in advance or we can't organize anything.
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    making a lot of progress on 1531 know, all the wheels are built up and fitted, the range box is finished bar fitting the new top cover. the hand brake mechanism is mostly in i just need to get the shoes/pads lined and fitted. almost at the stage of choosing to start either the winch or the engine. hopefully tomorrow will be another good day so should have another up date coming shortly. regards sam
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