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    Ah, speaking in lingo. Complete Equipment Schedule ie, all the extra bits needed to make the vehicle an operable weapons system and operational as a crewed vehicle.
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    Could someone tell me what CES stands for please?
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    These Tea wagons - canteen vans appear in many guises. However they all started life as Auxiliary towing vehicle (ATV) for the fire service in WW2. They were ordered by the Home Office via the Ministry of works purchasing dept; They were all registered in London C.Cc blocks retained for Ministries. See attached. There were several hundred built. Turn the clock forward to 1949, the Auxiliary Fire Service and Civil Defence was reconstituted in light of the Soviet threat, Initially equipped with hundreds of different vehicles put in to store at the end of WW2 , work was put in hand to design and construct new vehicles for both organisations.. It was subsequently decided that instead of remaining in Cities and towns, self- sufficient mobile columns should be formed on mobilisation which would move outside predicted target areas. This increased the number of types of supporting vehicles required for the actual fire fighting machines. One of the requirements was canteen vans to accompany mobile columns to provide hot drinks at stopping points , the prototype converted from an ATV. I believe about 40 were subsequently converted and yours is one of them. See item 4 on the multi image picture. TED
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    a lot has happened since my last post the range box is know back together and installed into the truck, both air tanks are fitted and have got the rear wheels fitted so 1531 is know much easier to move about know. also farmed a lot of the painting out as it was easier to get all the small fiddly parts sprayed than waste a lot of short day light hours painting with a brush. the header tank has come back from being repaired as it has been frosted in it's past life and had a 5 -6" long crack that has know been welded up and just needs a few little jobs doing to it then it can be painted as well. there is a load of small parts that i can get on and fit then ounce i have tidied up the parts i have painted i can move onto the engine and winch. at the point were every part that goes on makes a big difference to the look of the truck know which is such a great feeling, also today marks exactly 1 year since i started taking her apart. regards sam