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    Believe it or not after a few years of trying on and off I found the Archive this afternoon. The only problem was they have not uploaded the film I want but I have emailed to request it The Archive is called MACE and has a great selection of films so have a search through. It is amazing what is on film archive and online too. http://www.macearchive.org/mace-themes
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    I'm happy with that Rik. Especially as my illustrated parts lists covers 4 contracts C7182-7890-8136-11463 and shows the early stand for all of them. I've cleaned up the stuff for electro/chemical blacking. (I can't remember what process they use, but they will advice the best) and no doubt they will chemical or acid dip clean them too......Always a good idea to take a picture and print a copy with any parts going to the platers. Ron
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    Just a little bit of rain has fallen just lately, so I have changed the course of work for the sake of sanity. The boards were cut and shaped back in the summer, so it is now a good time to cover them in something to preserve them for a good few years, I hope. They have been in my hot workshop for the last few months, so are a dry as they can be, and this showed up in the amount of preserver they soaked up, they were really hungry, and soon empty the brush of the contents, meaning a regular dip in the pot is necessary to cover the surface. My workshop is 12 feet across it's width, and 24 feet long, and with the boards laid out to work the preserver into them, take up nearly all the available space. Next job, that passenger side door.
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    thank you doug it is great to have a decent amount of time off to be able to get loads done to the truck. succeeded in getting the range box in bits today, one selector shaft was seized and every thing on the out put shaft was rusted up from the flange nut right down to the bearing. generally very good condition all the gears and bearings appear to be very good so it should just be a clean/paint reassemble exercise. tomorrow will check what is good or bad and start cleaning & painting.
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    to answer doug's question we use a steel plate equal in thickness to the original tank in this case 2.5mm and i make it big enough so that all the weld is on good thick base metal (tank). in this case a 2" x 2" patch which i curve so it matches the radius of the air tank and helps retain strength. then i just do a single run all the way around with a stick welder at around 35 - 40 amps which gives good penetration with out under cutting. in the UK it is very common on older vehicles to see patched air tanks or brazed copper air lines etc. i know were BlueBelle is coming from but from working experiences with steam boilers which i have hydraulic tested old riveted boilers to 300 psi which have a working pressure of 200 psi in steam. these boilers have known thin spots like 2 mm thick or less and a hydraulic test does not make the boiler fail and that is fact they always fail when hot and when they do fail they just drip and hiss. either way i know the air tanks on the Diamond T are sound and i know to keep an eye and a ear on them as with any old vehicle. i have seen air tanks on another diamond t with braze repairs and never give a problem. of course a repair is only as good as the person who does it. besides a modern air tank is only 1.5 mm thick when new and the tanks on the diamond t are 2.5 mm thick and run at a lower pressure than modern trucks so i can't for see any issues.
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    the air system is 110 psi and is perfectly safe and if you go worst case scenario you would just hear air leaking out. the air system on a truck does not have to be in test, the air tanks on a truck are not pressure tested they either hold air or they do not. i build steam engine boilers for a living and i have seen boilers hydraulic tested to 300 psi or more and even when they are down to 2mm of thickness and they don't leak or fail. worse they do is start to drip or hiss and not much more. trust me if i thought they were no good i would have scrapped them but having had a boiler inspector thickness test, put a camera inside and pressure testing them to 150 psi on air they are sound part from one spot were it had managed to make a hole which the inspector said to patch it as it is a very common practice. thank you for raising the questions though as it is nice to see someone taking an interest in these things. regards sam
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    Thought I would post a pic of your veh 94BD67 which is the best I have showing the side and the extension chests which now appear long gone. The year is 1958 and we were on a round robin exercise travelling every other day and firing the regiments 5.5's the next day on a different training area. So the first was Salisbury Plain, followed by Thetford, Otterburn, Wales and Dartmoor and back to Salisbury. The Scammell did some work on the way, spares being flown in by Heli at least once and a gun overturned too! The photo shows the LAD column just after getting stopped by the police for a word in my 'shell like' between the Lake District and Preston - I was driving the binner with trailer (& my iron bedstead in it), at the front of the column. Happy days! The regt's CO was trying to show off to the GOC even though he was ex Desert Rats. Max
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