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    Yes Pete over here we're really looking forward to the Dried Onions, Pea Soup Powder & Semolina on Christmas Day. I mean you have to spoil yourself at least once a year
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    I was drawing on 53/Gen. No./5503 Handbook of Specifications for Supplies 1915, it cites the specification 40/War Office/1837 Cans for the Carriage of Petrol (2 Gallons)
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    Farewell to you Lords, Ladies, noble friends and those few of less than honourable intent, for the grains of Tripolitanian sands have ebbed from the timer of patience and tolerance, some grains seemingly misappropriated and becoming tainted, so I regret the best thing to do with regard to this thread which I love, is to turn it over to you to populate with your photos and interesting content. I shall perhaps look in from time to time as an outsider and provide, if I'm able, some history to what you've added. You can find me on LI and through my company website if you wish to connect. The quest to publish the Tripolitania book(s) continues unabated and I'm pleased to inform you that I've just received around 260 new and previously unseen photos featuring The Bays, 6RTR and 219 Tripolitania Royal Signals Squadron from Veterans who were there. Nearing 3,000 photos and slides now. Thank you for your participation, generousity and support. Kindest Regards, Lizzie Taylor
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