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    i bought the mk3 cent wreck because i feel i have too much free time on my hands
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    Yes it sure has! and I think I can Now Confirm that we are all agreed that we like and dislike Guy Martin, Like and Dislike the replica Tank, think that machines and systems are safer in the old days before health and safety and are safer today, we need more and less people in engineering and are pro and anti Europe, want to get rid of people who use their money to push technology forward and also want to keep them. I'm Glad that's all now settled, better close this thread off before it gets out of hand!
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    Sorry forgot to mention, The above pic is 42A towing 42B down saddams highway. 42C is not in this photo. The sappers were issued with three CET's, as a rule there was only ever two running. Give her some TLC and she will be fine. you may find the throttle cable on the operators side sticks a bit, usually when you get her up to full chat ! The call signs should still be stuck to the inside of the drivers hatch cover.
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