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    Not seen any mention of this. From the BBC Lincolnshire news pages. The country's only Ministry of Defence firefighting museum has begun to move its vehicles from the home of the Red Arrows to a new site.The Museum of RAF Firefighting at RAF Scampton, Lincolnshire, closed as space was needed to organise an airshow.The museum had a presence in Scampton's hangars for about 14 years and shut in January.Some of the 50 vehicles left for a new site about 16 miles (25km) away in Gainsborough, due to open in 2018. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lincolnshire-42123472
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    Maybe the burly young apprentice had the job of stamping 'Vehicle" and "Engine" on every chassis, and then Miss Smith, the vehicle records clerk, applied the numbers?
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    So I cut a piece of sheet to size and gave it a go. I allowed a few extra mm all round in case the pressing pulled in slightly. It didn't seem to move at all so once it was done it was a simple matter of scribing around the top template and cutting out with tinsnips. Attached Thumbnails
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    I have to say I was very satisfied with the result. The pressing was very uniform and the lines on the underside very defined and exact. Attached Thumbnails
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    So that was the female part complete. The male part I used 25mm steel bar. The ends were rounded of in the lathe and a cross piece welded in situ in the female template. Some 10mm flat bar added to reinforce the round bar and then it was ready for a test on a piece of scrap.
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    Three 10mm template pieces were tacked together and positioned over the 5 mm piece and then clamped together. I welded small positioning tabs around the outside to locate the top template. I added loops for lifting as It was getting pretty heavy. Heavy angle iron was drilled and positioned over the templates to clamp the die together. I then drilled and tapped into the heavy plate for the bolts to secure the angle iron. My gantry allows me to move anything anywhere easily which came in handy for drilling the heavy plate. Attached Thumbnails
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