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    CW Son is not "Compton Webb"...............it is actually "Clifford Williams & Son Ltd", a rather old manufacturer of Battledress, etc, and having some of the first contracts to manufacture DPM 1968 Pattern smocks and trousers between 1971 and 1972.............. Following this, they don't appear to have manufactured further contracts so maybe out of business thereafter..............they were also the only manufacturer to (usefully) date their smocks and trousers !
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    Hi. Not been able to do much due to weather - cold or wet. When it has been able to work on the lorry , I have been checking over wires that I did disconnect and cleaning up the faces of of the connectors. The one main problem and I have always had doubts over is the switch box on the instrument panel, this did have water in it during its time outside. I did strip it down and clean it up , replaced the ignition spindle in the ON/OFF switch, but feel that this might be a problem and need replacing subject to getting a replacement. Being mechanically minded and not being electrically up to scratch - I having a few trial runs with the meter before diving in to start and check the circuits . History Note. The half Albion at the start of this blog still in the scrap yard , I have the details of it. L5333019 , Chassis No 52521F, Reg No 18YX62 and sold from C.V.D Ashchurch on 09/09/59. Will keep you informed as I progress. Cheers. Paul Burns.
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    Hi Tim, Thanks for the corrections to my assumptions. There is always some "here-say" to vehicle history. Interesting that you say the French ones had a different body. If PA did not know the end user so they fitted both language plates, were all the trucks bodied in France? There is a picture of an R5 packed for shipping to France in knocked down form which has the std US body. Does this show some were shipped bodied, or were they removed on arrival in Europe? Did the British ones use the US body or was a WD type utilised? I'm not questioning your details, I'd just like to know. You are the guru on all things WW1 trucks and merely want to be correct. If you're ever near Canterbury at any time I would be pleased to show you around my vehicles and would value your opinion . I'm conveniently located for a drop in on the way to France. When I bought my PA from Philippe I did try to also buy this one, however I just couldn't justify the cost, albeit much less than it is offered now. However as with your US one we should not regret. The joy of hindsight. Quite interesting to see that the US one you looked at had pneumatic front tyres, and they seem to be on very similar wooden spoked wheels to the std solid rubber type. I assume this was an inter-war conversion. The 3x GMC ambulances are nicely stored away for future rebuilds, and I keep on the lookout for spare parts, which turn up occasionally. So on the back burner, but not forgotten. In fact I bought a parts manual in Australia today! Currently I could really do with some correct wooden front wheels for the Pierce if you happen to hear of some. The job to get on with before/over the christmas period is to start on the PA radiator rebuild. It leaks like a sieve, so I either have to fix it or get a bigger watering can to keep up with the leaks. With best wishes, Tim.
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    Hi all, sorry I haven't replyed to each post singularly, and thankyou all who have replyed. I have done some more to the truck but progress is slow, the steering box is now only needing the key ways machining and setting up drag arm, then that is another part finished. I have also been doing some more bits on the engine, and have been kindly allowed to borrow an engine frame to be able to rotate it to work on the con rod development. I have also managed to sort out the final part for the bulk head, so now it really is looking more or less what it should. I will soon be looking into the hoop sticks as they hold the head board in position, I am thinking on just rolling the rad on them rather than welding rad sections into the sides. Also, I will be looking into trying to make or get made a bonnet for it as that completes the look of the truck, everything else is hidden underneath.
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    Very impressed with your pattern making and as always the result look very professional. On the subject of cast ironwelding I have used these rods for gas welding with good results . As already mentioned plenty of pre heating and very slow cooling down .I usually bury parts in cement dust after welding. Our cooker is regularly used to temper springs and pins etc .King pins and spring pins about gas mark 7 and springs anything up to gas mark 9
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