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    I really do not see how it is harder - there is the same structure, and the text is a bit bigger and easier to read. In fact it is easier to scroll through topics because once you have finished reading the new posts in one thread, there is a convenient link under the last post that will take you to the next thread with unread posts. trevor
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    When you say you cannot access the site, what do you see when you try? Some kind of message? Blank screen? A page that fails to complete loading? I could not access image sites like Flickr for a while a couple of months ago, but the problem disappeared when Firefox updated itself. So it could be your browser or operating system playing around. Have you tried on both a normal computer and smartphone? trevor
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    Update on this. Following a year that was total Excrement, including be off ill for a lot of it, but that's another story. The trailer has been cleaned patched and painted. Only serious work was to repair one wheel rim. The construction is massive! All the chassis and running gear is excelent and brakes just needed cleaning up to work fine. Two ex Landy 600.16 tyres scourced and look the part, originals had rotted away. Took it out for a test tow last week, perfect! So decided to fit one the pumps, took two of us, a winch and engine lift, those things are heavy! Then towed it about 60 miles round trip no problem. Work has started on pump, Data plate shows re-con in 1961, 10 thou over size rings and crank bearings. Oil is clean and engine turns smoothly. Next step strip and check carb them magneto. Points and condenser are suspect but we have spares so should be able to build one that works. It is now tucked up ina garge for winter , so at least undercover to work on.
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    Locations are back!
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    Hello Trevor. Yes I can understand your frustration over some comments. However, I DID point out that I acknowledged the new website had taken a LOT of time And Hard Work to implement I also mentioned that fact that it was for my taste, too 'spaced'. This it would seem has had a similar effect on some other members also. The correct word's would be I guess. Excessive scrolling to get through the myriad of 'content' sections! As another member has pointed out. The condensed Column Format was immensely easier to navigate. As the topics were grouped MUCH closer together. & it was MASSIVELY easier/ FASTER to get through to read what you wanted. Rather than waste time going through a much larger layout. It is obvious others are finding this irksome/ difficult also. By their comments. Please don't feel offended by my thoughts on the forum layout. It was not intended to point the finger so to speak. But rather my own thoughts & experience of the new layout. As stated by another, 'We are all Resistant to change'. But I have to say in my own case, I have found the change 'Difficult' to live with at present. I do not begin to pretend to understand how & what went into the production & implementation of the new 'Layout/Function' of the new Forum. but I have to say. I am nowhere near as interested in it now. Than I used to be Hence my statement, that I do not visit here. Nowhere near as much as I USED to on a daily basis. Usually once a week now.......No offence intended. just MY personal View of it all. Mike.
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    Out of interest my post above was also a bit of an experiment as the pictures were posted into the thread straight from the clip board of my computer, wasnt sure it would work but it seems fine, and again is much more straight forward than before. PT
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    Johan use the new posts tab, top left as long as you are logged in, . My preference is to select "condensed" for the topics display top right of the list, To get to the last unread post, a handy feature that was not available on the old format, click on the circle (or star if you have already commented on that topic). and there you are. Can I just say that like most people I hate change, especially for the sake of change, but in this case it appears to have been highly necessary to keep the HMVF as a going concern. Its taken me a while to find my way round the new format but its beginning to become second nature now so I'm starting to look forward again to my morning dose of latest posts. I know how much work goes in to setting up a new system and how much effort is not apparent to the end user so congratulations on getting it all up and running to Joris and all. PT
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