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    looks good to me.... ...but I'm colourblind
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    As Jack says the forum has gone through a number of changes over the years and the initial reaction of most people has been against the change but after a while you forget what the old system was like. There are bound to be hiccups at first but to be fair to Joris he has listened to members comments and reacted where necessary and this at what must have been a very stressful time for him. Thanks Joris. If an old computer illiterate fuddy duddy like me can adapt to the changes I'm sure anyone can.
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    Hi Richard, Good to catch up today. I mentioned driving an MWC in France this summer and here are some photos of the filters and pumps for reference
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    I was looking for info on the 80W lightweight charging set via Google with Enfield Cycle Company as part of the search term and came across the following link: http://gpoclocksystems.byethost22.com Not sure if this is widely known about, but it has limited details and photos of Royal Enfield war production, with some details of Flying Flea and WD/CO bike production. Thought it might be of interest if you haven't seen it before. Chris
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    They still crop up occasionally but have never been common. One sold on ebay a month ago for £22 here, a good size but with some paint marks. I think that as Scotch Harry says, they did drop right down and could be had for a tenner or so but have since gone up again. I've also just got the two so no spares here I'm afraid.
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    I dont Im afraid Jerry. The spares I had in the collection I sold last year(cheaply) and now only have 2 that Im keeping.
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    An old picture of a Pioneer I was given
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    Yup, looks more like home. Thanks for all the hard work. Cheers Phil
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    A clean example of the early DPM cover on my Para trials helmet. Cheers Paul
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