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    Hi Joris , many thanks for explaining the reason why , I like many others struggle with IT change , and I can liken the use of the old format to driving your old MV in the dark where you know where all the controls are ! The new format is similar to jumping in an unfamiliar vehicle equally in the dark , where I can't quite find where the lights or indicators are ! five miles up the road all will be fine , and the same will be for the new forum layout. Thank you and your team for all the effort needed to make the transition.
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    Thanks Might be useful to have a how to do section
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    Clive Just come across this thread and can answer your queries. RRC7310 is a 3 terminal screen and was indeed used on pre Wolf 12v military models and the Genuine Parts ones are made by Pilkington. Pattern part ones on the same part number can be really poorly made. On 12v vehicles the centre terminal is normally the power feed and the outer ones are earth terminals. On Wolf it is wired differently and the centre terminal is not used. You just use the outer terminals as power and earth and insulate the centre terminal. I found out the hard way that if you use all three terminals on a Wolf then you literally melt 40amp fuses, the screen goes as fuzzy a hell to look through and everything gets really hot. Nick
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    The old forum was totally outdated, it needed a new (and pricey) license, we were forced to move it to a new server where it didn't work which would mean weeks of downtime and development costs. On top of that, we had to pay way more money (monthly!). I'm really disappointed that after all the work we put on to keep the forum running over the years and all the trouble we had moving to this new place to get this feedback.
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    For your convenience, a new posts button has been added to the menu.
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    there are 2 ways to find your own content First way (after you log in) on the main screen on the left hand side beneath the HMVF logo there are 2 menu bars. The top one has 4 tabs: browse,. ACTIVITY, store, support. Click activity and the rest should be self evident. Second way - hover your mouse over your own name on the left hand side of the post I have quoted. So hover it over Kufra Kiwi - a pop up window will open and on the very bottom row of that window there will be 3 options: message, ignore user, and FIND CONTENT - click on find content and that will take you to a list of every post you ever made on here (ie as at the time I posted this you have 59 posts). - on the left hand side of that screen is a menu. Note that one of the options is called "Forum" and under that are 2 options: "Topics" and "Posts". Topics obviously being threads you started yourself and posts being all 59 of your individual posts
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    I noticed that if you click on the last post time below the last posters name it takes a very long long time to load the page. however if you just click on the last page number it loads the last page (and post) in absolutely no time at all. BTW Thanks Joris, the forum is very fast now (and that is on an 8 year old Mac)
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    CANCEL! Finally figured it out. Have to click on the large logo at the top of the page. Doh!
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    What I miss is the listing of posts of the last 24 hours, it seems to be replaced with Recently Updated Topics, which is fine if you are popping in several times a day. But if you are checking perhaps just once a day I imagine quite a few posts would fall from being flagged up. Is there perhaps a way to extend Recently Updated to cover a rolling 24 hour period?