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    Belzona is excellent, and used in heavy industry. MoD use it and I have used it successfully in all sorts of applications. regards Richard
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    One way to repair pinholes that pretty much can't fail is to rivet in aluminium rivets. It's not the neatest or tidiest, but it is easier to reverse than some other ideas. AC Mig seems like it ought to work, though I seem to recall it's been tried, and failed, on Dennis castings.
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    One method that may be suitable:-
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    Ian, if not loose on the shaft then it is possibly the bearing or clutch basket as you mentioned.........I'm sure I have a good used bearing here, plus a NOS clutch basket still in the wartime packing..........I'll have a rummage tomorrow in the workshop....... It's Steve Madden by the way.........
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    Well there's an offer that beats trailering it to Bournemouth. Ron
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    Ian, never had this issue with my 16H.......I also run the clutch dry with modern bonded friction linings and 4 instead of 5.......... As mentioned, I would suspect the clutch bearing or possibly the basket......another possibility would be if it was slack on the shaft....... I'm on the north edge of Newbury so not a million miles away from Abingdon and willing to drop over and have a look......I have a lot of NOS 16H stuff plus decent used spares so substitution of parts may be an idea......? I'm also around most of the week as retired..........
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    I would want to pull the whole clutch off and start from basics. What is your location for moving the bike? Ron
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    Leaking hose connections. Cannot sort them even with modern clips! We have, at least, put gaskets and sealant under everything this time so it can't run into the sump like before. Any thoughts on what to do about the hoses? Is there a recommended goo we could use? I have never had much luck in keeping fluids in any of my toys. It seems to be a knack I have yet to master! Steve
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    Linked up the two finished trolleys for 1st time so couldn't resist a tow round,apologies for the German tractor!! Fordson on the blink...
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    Hi,not sure yet got a mate who's ex bomb disposal who might b able to get me a casing so I could make a mould to make some, out of what,I don't know yet
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    As previously mentioned, the Battery gun emplacements now have replica Mk VII, 6 inch naval guns installed and look much better for being occupied! Both emplacements had re-enactor displays, but in one, a gun crew ran simulated ranging, loading and firing displays. The port of Blyth can be seen in the background of the last gun image. At the end of the car park, looking in this direction, there is also a search light building.
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    Now I am happy with the front panel alignment I have started to fit the angle iron to the inside of the front panel. The first 2 are straight forward lengths of angle iron that run from the top corners of the lower front hull plate to the outside edge of the body with 3 holes in the front and 3 in the bottom, I need to remove the front panel again to drill the holes down through the bottom of the panel's. There are then 4 angles that run top to bottom of the front panel that are welded to angles on the lower panel. I have got the centre 2 done these angles also mount the instrument panel. Next I need to do the outer angles which run along the inside edge of the fuel tanks and hold some of the fuel tank brackets. Peter.
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    I am finally happy with the alignment of the front body panels. When I started I went from the back edge of the original front lower hull plate and I should have started from the front edge throwing everything out by ยผ" causing the gaps at the front corners. I sorted things out by slotting the holes in the front side panels. The rear hole are covered by the centre panel on the outside and the body support bracket on the inside. The front holes will be behind the tracks and don't stand out so I will live with them. I also took the time to get the front panel to sit better. This involved trimming the front edge of the front side panels. I had the front panel on and off 4 times today and although not heavy it is large and difficult to line up and get the bolts in. I need to take the front panel off again in the morning so I can drill 6 holes. Peter.
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    I also gave the bespoke seat a coat of Service Colour and it now looks less incongruous with its surroundings.
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    They seem to have done some more tuning...i don't know if it's the same tractor but it's the same airport firebrigade.
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    Photos added from my phone due to my computer's inability to find them !
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    Well the poor old sump pan has got a bit maggoty, but at least it has kept the internals in good nick. Dropped out the crankshaft today and after wiping oil off the journals I was delighted to see how well they have survived. The white metal bearings are all in good shape and may well be fit for further service. Next mission is to check for wear with a proper engineer, but from visual inspection I am greatly encouraged. Without the crank in the way it is possible to see another interesting early feature of this engine. There are no anti- splash plates fitted and no fixings for them. I suspect this engine was re-badged war stock, sold off to the colonies in the early 20's. This suits me fine and matches the original engine. I am of course following closely the Gosling Gospel according to 'J ' ( which I am finding immensely helpful ! ) and I will be removing the cylinders complete with pistons in order to deal with their extraction separately. By good fortune the pistons are all lowish in the bore, which appears to have suffered light rust only from what I can see. Onward and upward, or downward if you are a piston please.
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    My first thoughts were a "Sellers" thread , however after consulting Zeus and other sources ,,
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    Still making steady progress although putting in lots of hours. I got a small alignment problem which needs addressing next or else it will cause other problems down the line. Peter.
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    I've spent the last couple of months working on this painting - based on the photo posted earlier. (I'm no more than an enthusiastic amateur...as you can see) The information on this thread provided details not visible in my 100 years old photo (thank you very much!). I hinted at the Cologne location in the background - no idea if Granda's truck could possibly have been at that particular place with the cathedral in the background....but sure,m why not! Thanks once again for sharing all the pictures etc. Also to Tomo for the insight into 610's activities during this period.
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    In the 20s and 30s the Germans were building steam locomotives with Whitworth threads but metric head sizes. David
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    Evening All, The petrol tanks in place but not leak tested or finished, as I have been waiting for various components to arrive. It should hold about 70 litres of fuel, so a lot less than the 170 litres in the original tank but I want to put the electrics between the engine fire wall and the petrol tank. This area then gets covered so that you won't see any of it. One of the other items that I have been making, is the air filter housing. I want to use a standard early Jag filter, so although the outer housing looks as it should, hopefully, the modern filter fits inside. These are the best two pictures that I could find of the original item. The inner housing, containing the actual filter. The top cover for the outer housing although in reality, on my version, it's just for show. It's looking a bit like a vacuum cleaner. The complete housing with the outer housing and brackets in place. I can't bolt it in place yet as I need to have the gearbox in place to make sure everything fits. Jon
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    As it says on the parts list, this is a special thread, invented by Leyland for that particular application. I used to work for Fodens and they invented their own threads for that kind of thing if there was no standard one that seemed right. Don't mess the nut up ! David PS, It couldn't possibly be UNF as that wasn't standardised until the early 50s. Before that the USA used American Standard threads from which UNF and UNC were developed but not all sizes interchange (like 1" UNF is 12tpi vs. 1"AF which is 14tpi).
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    Odd size that one. BS only use 55' UNF etc is 60', and on a Leyland you would think BS. That said, it is far too fine in TPI for BSF or BSP, and Whitworth is way too big. Zeus tables are pretty comphrensive and they don't list anything like it.
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    Wish you luck Ian, few generous offers there. I'm hoping to get to Normandy myself but unfortunately it wont be on a WD bike, although The Kawasaki ZZR will be in Nato green if it gets finished on time, or its a Black AJS Model 8 if I can get it to stop.....
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    I collected a length of angle iron this morning and fitted it to the front plate using a plate borrowed from Alistair as a pattern. Then I could not get anything to line up correctly, wasting most of the after noon before realising that the holes for the first set of body brackets were 1/2" out. (I didn't drill them!) These were redrilled then everything made sense. I hope to have a better day tomorrow as everything now makes sense! I am a bit short of pictures will try to get more tomorrow. Peter.
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    "Hope" is 76 years old today! The original data plates were badly corroded, but the Date of Delivery was still visible.
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    I set to this afternoon and cut all the T section steel to length and then cut a half inch strip off all but 2 of them as my back started to complain. Not the best way to spend Sunday afternoon but a bad job almost out the way. Peter.
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    I booked Friday afternoon off work and went for a drive to the nearest weigh bridge. It is only one and a half miles from home but gave us the opportunity to try another couple of short moderately steep hills (in the form of canal bridges). The bridges are not steep enough for gradient marker signs but we are gaining confidence to take it further afield. If does go better in warm weather; I don't know if that is just the oil being thinner in the transmission and wheel bearings. Anyway, the result was a total mass of 2580kg. 1100kg on the front axle and 1480kg on the hind axle. The petrol tank was half full and there was a supply of oil and tools. Technically it would just go on a car transporter trailer but a serious tow car would be needed.
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    Almost ready for the bank holiday show, just need to fit the extra set of wheels to the front. I hope it does not rain!
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    Today has been all about splitting rims and removing tires, overall not as bad as some I've done where Iv'e had to cut the tire off the rim in fact I hardly broke a sweat it was a cold North wind mind. Bob, these look like standard 900 x 16 Kesley rims, until they have been blast cleaned I won't know for sure One down three to go Outside face Inside face After a bit of exercise with the tire lever, wooden wedges and hammer Job done time for a now repeat 3 times. Pete
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    Low tack Census numbers purchased from https://www.axholmesigns.co.uk/ There is certainly a knack to achieve a good finish....... Ron I took your advice on the small Matt white paint rattle cans, itโ€™s a small world, the eBay link you sent to me is for a shop just 2 miles from my front door! pictures of them stencils now completed.....time consuming but worth the effort!
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    They were a bargain ! ! still looking for some with WD stamped on them if anyone sees any, must of had a soft moment LOL They look lovely Tomo
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    Got the power steering working too ๐Ÿ‘ 7D4A3CED-19D5-49F5-9F1D-42CED29839AE.MP4
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    Adding a couple more pictures to show the the hand built quality of this model and the hours that must have been invested while building this one of a kind.
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    been using all the spare hours in the day getting as much small parts fitted to the skuttle and getting the last of the fuel and air lines in. the clutch came back on thursday which was a huge relief as it has been gone for 4 months know but it has mean't i can fill that large hole in the middle of the truck. needed a bit of time spent re adjusting the clutch pedal linkage and the clutch air cylinder linkage (for operating the winch) but all expected. next steps will involve having a complete new wiring loom made and getting the fuel tanks repaired/fitted then the cab can be fitted. still aiming to have the truck ready for Welland but will see how we get on.
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    We've made a start on the woodwork for the back body.
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    I got the clutch relined by Dinah at Prestige Clutches. She did a brilliant job re-lining the friction plate and clutch brake and also supplied new springs and the four springs that hold the clutch release bearing. I made new pivot pins for the fingers and release blocks and had them hardened. I also put the clutch shaft and clutch brake drum in the lathe and gave the drum a skim so that i have a decent true surface to run the DTI on when i come to align the engine and gearbox.
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    Call Me cynical, But I wonder how long it will be. Before this gentleman is Burgled? I am of the opinion that anything in Newspapers is really not good in this Hobby. & related equipment subjects. The press normally revile such things & call us inappropriate titles. Just because we wish to enjoy & preserve historical items like vehicles & weapons. The Press rarely portrays anything positive in these Fields. Or am I wrong here?.....Just my thoughts.
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    Been a while since I put anything up here, so lets have a little up date, Just before Easter I managed to get hold of the correct ATU for the C13 HF radio set, pretty much NOS! so got that fitted and tested etc. With the space freed up from removing the incorrect ATU I was able to fit the amplifier to use the loud speaker. Unfortunately when I tested it it just blew the fuses! no idea why until the next day it turned out after having it in storage for years I hadn't noticed it is a (rare?) 12 volt unit! Thankfully I had another, but more tatty looking one I had brought a while ago for the cables and other bits so hopefully will be able to test it when the new fuses arrive. Took advantage of the good weather today to go out and do a few lanes near home today too ๐Ÿ™‚
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    Very few children are taught respect these days. Respect for other people and respect for other people's property. A Jeep parked at a show is fair game as there are no doors to stop anyone climbing in ( apparently ), but I've seen people open the doors of a friends staff car and climb in for a picture. I don't let anyone in my vehicles, unless they are mature and show a genuine interest, and then only if there aren't hoards of people watching who will take that as a sign that it is a free for all. From a young age, I've made sure my daughter doesn't wander onto the neighbours lawn while playing on ours. It doesn't belong to us and therefore unless invited, we keep off. Door to door leaflet droppers annoy me too, when they bung crap through my door and then walk across my lawn, right in front of my lounge window to the neighbours door, because they are too lazy and disrespectful to walk back down the drive. ........and breathe!!!
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    collected the cab from Jason Jeffries today and absolutely delighted with the result of all his hard work looking forward to fitting gauges and all the other bits n pieces to the skuttle. still waiting for the clutch and release bearing but ounce i have those will be ably to drive it. so getting closer and looking on track to have it out this year.
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    Oh wow, lot's of different stuff.. Not in the best of shape mostly though, could do with some more shelter
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    Thanks david, well we try to stay busy,
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    The most delicate operation involved the front chassis member where a nasty crack had appeared right through the treasured chassis no. and down the side causing the complete separation of the end of the plate. This part is not under stress and is held by the front bolt, and the later added internal reinforcing piece, so we decided to weld the outside only to preserve the number. Note the three figure engine No. from 1915.( lovely !)
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    Took the FFR up to Leafers's at T'pit the other week, and and all was well until the drive home and seemed like the head gasket had failed :-( Once home and got the head off discovered the head and block had extreme damage :-( and with Goodwood a week away and a shout out on Facebook a new block and head were found and a ninja squad assembled to remove the old engine and build and fit the new one this weekend :-)
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