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    Pretty sure that no 9 are the four bars that hold the four wooden 100-125 Ah battery boxes into their frames. If the Morris mirrors MWR practice, there should be four frames with eight long threaded rods to which are welded large wing nuts. These screw down onto those bars to hold the batteries in place.
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    What an amazing find, I'm extremely jealous! the information you can glean from this vehicle that other owners can only guess at based on bolt hole distances etc as everything had been stripped from it, just brilliant, a real time capsule piece.
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    I’ve spoken to my mate who repairs and refurbs burners and stoves. hes asked me to pass on his info if needed Steve Darby grizzly.darbs@btinternet.com or message him on 07771521115 paul
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    If anyone needs spares, info or repairs on any British burner or stove, there’s a good engineer friend of mine in Essex who’s obsession is these. What the guy doesn’t know, not worth knowing. He’s called STEVE DARBY, if anyone knows him, if not PM me and can pass his details over.
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    Hi Pete, I have this original Sept 1943 Chrysler Corporation of Canada "Operating and Spare Parts Manual 200 Gal. Water Tank Mounted on Dodge T222 4x2 Chassis". Do you have one? If you are interested please pm me.
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    Start at the ankles, then you weld back on higher up! 😁 They were built for someone about 5 foot 6 inch. I use a couple of wooden wedges under my Dodge Ambulance drivers seat to get a better angle. Don't forget hatch in the top of canvas. You will find a way! To much fun to be had driving them.
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    I was given some FORD official pictures .A lot of WOT6 .I will try to scan them & poast then
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    I bought F207077 a couple of years ago and from what I can gather it was Mr Chris Wilkinsons own Dingo and he used to sell bits off it, when he had the yard at St. Albans, and replace the parts on F207077 from his stock of new parts. This seems to be borne out by the gearbox still having a number in yellow wax crayon on the casing. From my research F207077 was manufactured in May or June 1943. I have loads (... and I mean loads !) of information regarding the vehicle together with Workshop manual, Parts List, Drivers/Operators handbook etc. The vehicle is totally straight, starts well, drives well and looks really good. The tyres look to be unworn. Exhaust in excellent condition. Butler headlights with the blackout hinged part. As new canvas roof. Working WS19 with correct rubber 'anti vibration' mounts. Correct 'A' and 'B' set aerials/bases. Convoy light. DVLA road registered. All tinwork, fuel tank, wings, starage boxes etc are in excellent condition. Loads and loads of extras - Fire extinguisher, correct jack, dated shovel, Petrol/Oil/Water cans, first aid boxes, bags, bren gun mag rack, map board, bullet-proof glass drivers blocks, to name a few ..... etc, etc Belly armour available but not fitted. For some reason or other the KI-Gas system is not connected. Two years on, and only 50 or so miles clocked and everything is still in excellent order. . I bought the Dingo after regretting selling F48582 many years ago. Little did I realise that I have also aged and the getting up, in and out is no longer as easy as it used to be. (Give me my M151 MUTT any day for ease and comfort of driving !) To sum it up, you would be hard pressed to find find a nicer Dingo. It will require on going maintenance, being 76 years old but is an excellent example of the marque. Based S.Wales - 12 miles from Severn Bridge. e-mail enquiries to: Barrie@marcherlords.co.uk
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    Dear All, Here are some photos of the Conqueror ARV: These were running around Slab Common a few years ago This was doing work on the rear spade at Bordon in the museum. The frame in front is the Antar's winch / fifth wheel sub-frame, This was testing the winch. I have never seen a photo of a Conqueror's spade embedded into the ground. This arrangement will resist a pull of 135 tons. This is the engine when I thought that all I had to do was replace some inlet valve oil seals. This shows rust damage due to not running the engine. This is a look into the ECU box that controls the electronic fuel injection. It controls 24 Rover V8 injectors. There have been several iterations of this ECU. This is the rig for lifting the cylinder block off the pistons and crank case. The long studs attached to the cylinder head ensure that the block is lifted up square. The engine is rotated and fixed 30 degrees from horizontal to allow for a vertical lift. When I found that the crank had to come out I then had to make a rig to rotate the engine 360 degrees. LOL. Nearly off! Two of the end, or corner, studs were broken off. The plan is to drill and tap the remains of the stud. The drill jig is ensuring that the stud is drilled absolutely central and vertical. I now have to strip down a scrap IVB to get a better bottom end. Unfortunately I will not be able to start this work until December.
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    Welcome aboard Tadeo, are you located in the UK, EU, or other location? Rick has some meteor engines available, do you have a Cromwell/Centaur project? There are a few experts on here and we know most of the ones around. I never found a turret for my previous Charioteer, I have a Centaur dozer and a Centaur MK III with turret, we might be making some turrets up for a few Centaur dozer conversions around, which will be as close to original standards as feasible, you can even have a correct turret ring made, I am getting ready to start a big restoration process and will be casting and fabricating some bits, please let us know if you might be looking for some stuff besides the turret and engine, since it is easier to be multiple instead of one, I will have two projects going, if you are looking for Cromwell/Centaur bits there are only a few people around that can probably help, so add some pics or more info so we can see the project too.
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    Hi Jon, Here's a pic of bringing it to the workshop and one in her new home. Gathering information and parts now before the restoration will begin. Do you happen to have a Parts List? Can't find it anywhere.. Regards, Marc
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    If you want to take it on tour, here's a re-eanctment idea! 😁 Periscope films have all sorts odd films and clips, well worth the browse.
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    Hi all at HMVF, My names Mark and I'm looking forward to finding my way around your interesting forum. I live in the South of the UK and have a interest in these vehicles, especially MVs made for film purposes. But I'm no expert. I recently paid a visit to Combaton military museum, which was a great day. And also the D day museum at Portland Weymouth, you could sit in the vehicles, brill. And I must mention History on wheels near Windsor, fantastic display and very friendly.( Great cheese toastie). Thanks for reading and if poss, I'd like to ask a member called Eugine, if still around about a truck grill. Cheers.👍
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    Hi I am new to this site my name is Dave Minor 67 years old. I am restoring a 1943 Bedford and I am after some one who can make me some mudflaps for her as the old ones have had it they are 14 ins wide and 16 ins long with a rolled edge.I am putting some photos on of the mudflaps and also photos of my Bedford I hope some one can help me with the mudflaps, many thanks Dave.
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    I have nearly finished the belly plates, I just need a hole saw to cut the 2 inspection holes and I need to make the covers. When I checked the fitment I noticed that the front plates didn't line up, after checking I found the original plates were out by 1/4" so I will leave them. I have also got a set of springs for one suspension unit primed after soaking in molasses. Peter.
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    It’s on its wheels now. Engine and gearbox in in Q1 2019. The kids showed an interest when the Loyd had its first roll out this week.
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    Also some parts are available from local factors. I pay a couple of quid for oil fliters from my local , rather than £10 or £12 plus delivery from Specialists.
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    I think the 2 u sections marked as n0.4, are from the front of the rear body and are part of the spare wheel attachment. The other parts I don't recognise, sorry. Jon
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    Congratulations! Most suppliers carry parts from the same manufacturers, but prices can vary quite a lot sometimes so it might pay to shop around a bit if you need something.
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    Congratulations Mark always an exciting moment when that hoped for vehicle arrives in terms of parts supplies you really have a very wide choice for a jeep these days. I would suggest you do a little web research it's all part of the learning curve you have a choice of 4 major outlets in the UK, and any number of well known suppliers from Holland, Belgium and France that's before you start to look at suppliers in the US, just remember that non EU countries will carry a not inconsequential import tax. I'm purposefully not naming names as I don't believe one is better than all the others it's a case of mix and match depending on the size of your pocket and what you ultimately want to achieve. The most important thing to keep in mind is that it's your truck and you can do with it as you wish and don't be afraid of asking questions on any of the forums that's what their there for. regards Pete
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    Hi I am new to this site my name is Dave Minor I am restoring a Bedford MWD 1943 and I need someone who can make me some mudflaps with the rolled edge, they are 16ins long and 14ins wide. If any one could help me I that would be great and may thanks for any help you can give me. I am putting some photos of the mud flaps and of my bedford.
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    We were fortunate to be down in Devon over the weekend and whilst still concentrating on finishing the Thornycroft, thoughts are beginning to turn to the Peerless. We want to start by getting the engine out and going right through it. This we can do with the space that we have without putting anything into storage so we decided to take the sheet off and have a look at what we have got. We put the lorry ito Father's car-port about twenty years ago and packed all of the spares around it before sheeting it down. Tim started pulling bits out and we are amazed at what we have. One forgets after so long! We had turned the wheels onto a hard lock to improve access to the back door of the house so the next task was to straighten them up. The steering had seized completely so I disconnected the drag link. Still no movement until I realised that it had sunk into the tarmac by an inch! I jacked it and we put boards under the wheels whereupon they straightened easily and revolved freely as well. After doing the same for the back, we rolled it back six feet to give us some acces for removing the engine. Exciting times! Steve
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    Each Peerless was fitted with two wooden tool boxes with a metal lid. While at Beaulieu a few years ago were were very lucky to find an original one for a reasonable sum. After it was purchased we were asked what it was "It is a tool box from a Great War Peerless army lorry" Steve replied. "What are you going to put it on" he was then asked. "On to a Great War Peerless army lorry" Steve explained. For some reason the guy seemed disappointed. Anyway, one down, three more to find.
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    Dear All I'm in the process of rebuilding my websites as the original 2008/9 design is looking rather dated and I have had a forced change of hosting for one of my sites. The HTML is a work in progress at https://moffatig.plus.com/g0ozs/Clansman.html https://moffatig.plus.com/g0ozs/Radios.html So far I have only re-written the UK/PRC-319 and UK/PRC-320 pages - the UK/VRC321 and 322 will be next. The image galleries have been migrated to Amazon web services and are available in full at: http://d3guoyyrmod405.cloudfront.net/radio/clansman/ Enjoy ! I've also uploaded the BATES/BMETS galleries (strictly the successor LACS hardware running BATES code) at http://d3guoyyrmod405.cloudfront.net/radio/BATES/ Constructive comments welcome via forum PM Iain 73 de G0OZS
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    Thank you so much for your reply. Good to hear from a family member of one of those brave men who unfortunately never returned home while fighting for our family. Do you know if there are photo's of James William? Here a photo of the remembrance plaque.