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    You could try buying this book: http://www.bookworldws.co.uk/9011-tankograd-british-special-recce-p-3346.html others in the series are also good. Not sure why you need camo on your vehicle, with all those shiny bits etc?
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    Lauren, yes, you're right about the earlier Meteors having no mounted generator but I figured with this tank being a later Mk 5 it would have had the Mk4b engine. Seems not. Maybe the Mk 5 isn't as late a Mk as I thought. So we either get the auxiliary engine and generator running or find a regulator for the Mk 4b and splice it in. Oh well, nobody said it would be easy. Malcolm
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    The 'Bling' Ferret may well have suited the taste of the guy who built it, but it was for sale on and off for more than 10 years without finding a buyer. If it was left stock it would have sold no problem. This is the point I was making about keeping all the parts.
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    That depends... it could have spinner hubcaps 🤣
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    Been used for the 1920's version of drag racing judging by the exhausts 😄. David
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    Those cabs were always available as kits Pete, since the start of Mound Road production for the 39 series. You could get a chassis with cowl, windscreen cowl, or cab as I remember, but they would primarily be intended for coach builders to build them up, rather than as a kit for assembly of a cab overseas. I'd guess the cab rear, floor, and windscreen pillar joints were engineered for this series of trucks.
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    Taking advantage of the recent dry spell the Retriever was moved from the barn into the new workshop with the help of Trevor the tractor and my wife Anne Pete
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    “HAPPY 100TH BIRTHDAY. I almost missed this very important occasion, the 100th birthday of my 1916 Albion A10 chassis number 361A. Well actually I had missed it as it was to be delivered in the middle of February 1916 so I waited to the last day, the 29th February 2016 just to be sure as I do not know the exact date of delivery. These are copies of the original build sheet which I obtained from the Albion Archives in Biggar Scotland in 2009 which have the date the chassis was laid down as the 6th December 1915 for delivery the middle of February 1916. This is what I first saw way back in 1971 at the rear of A.W.Smith & Sons P/L Leongatha Vic. Aust. There was a large ship’s winch behind the driver’s seat for winching logs in the bush. This winch was driven from the final chain drive pinions on each side after the truck had been driven to the work site and the chains linked up to the winch. Bert Smith the owner wanted to keep the winch so that had to be removed first. The chassis had a 3” sag in it between the front and back axles so the chassis had to be completely stripped down and straightened. This was achieved with the assistance of a track breaking press for bulldozers. More to come Regards Rick.
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    www.ww1-event.org It's been a while since we posted anything about the Finale' of the "Tracks to the Trenches" First World War Centenary Events in Staffordshire! 13-15th July 2018. The event is coming together well & we have an array of WW1 vehicles attending over the weekend - as with 2016 we should have the RLC GS wagon and the privately preserved 18lb Field gun & limber. Both these will be on active displays during the event. The gun should be firing (blanks) at times during the weekend. In addition, on the Light Railway, we will be debuting the British WD Light Railway Hunslet 4-6-0T - an original 1916 War Office steam loco which (as I write this) is undergoing its first steaming trials. This loco saw post-war use in Australia hauling sugarcane in Queensland & is now the only one of its type in Europe. This will be in action alongside the famous Baldwin 4-6-0T (also operated by the British Army in vast quantities), WD Hudswell 0-6-0WT and a wide variety of original WW1 rollingstock - a sight unlikely to be repeated for a very long time. If anyone is interested in attending with vehicles please contact me via the forum or the event website: www.ww1-event.org Many thanks,
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    Black, picked out in Amber and lined in Red and Yellow is standard Fowler livery of the period To be fair you can see in some photos of WD Fowlers that this is the livery that they left the makers in. As this These are a batch supplied to the Ministry of Munitions. Class TE2 Haulage and Winding engines. Essentially a heavy artillery tractor. I suspect your currently looking at the info for one of the same or later batches. For info, a large order of identical and similar engines was supplied via Vickers to the Tsarist Russians during the Great War and I can share some photos of these in use if it is of interest. To this day the surviving ex MoM engines are termed ''Russian Fowlers''. You will find the Russian order specification notes a Khaki green finish (to match a sample of cloth sent in). 1 coat of grey, 1 coat of Khaki.
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    If, the Ministry plate which is usually riveted to the chassis frame on the nearside, is still on the trailer, it maybe possible to trace through the DVSA the owner at the time the trailer was last tested. Assuming that the DVSA can help you, it would be a starting point to find the current owner.
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    few more steps, mainly generator box for generator was big prolem, but think looks good as original
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    I suspect the devastation caused by a 30kt warhead might be worth the effort to prepare and fire a missile......
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    Valve spring compressor, with range of heads for different sized valves
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    We'll be heading back to Tanfield in September. After more than a decade, they are reinstating their 1940's weekend. That event was one of the first I attended with my Jeep back in 2005. Here's my B-17 Fortress and Jeep at the 2005 wartime weekend. One last look at the Marley Hill yard before I end this report. Next weekend is the Barnard Castle 40's weekend, but for that we are planning on taking the Dodge.
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    The old girls been sitting there patiently awaiting some attention since i last posted. The engine is now in peices and i know whats got to be done there, everything. The cylinder head took 2 weeks to remove and eventually gave up and come off without damage, by using a sissor lift type thing and the vehicles weight. I have had the top off of the gearbox and freed up the reverse gear that was stuck and now it all works as it should do. I have now turned my attention to the drivers, passengers compartment, I forgot to take pictures of the driver side before I started but as you can see from the passengers side it needs a lot of work. There are a lot of panels that are in really good condition and only need preparing before spraying, other however, are knackered. Its my intention, to leave as much of the original metal as is sensible and to patch rather than make every new panel but some panels will have to be renewed. I have also made a start getting the brake components, the rear wheel cylinders were easy to get hold of but the fronts are causing some frustration. The rubber brake pipes are on order, the next part to find is a new master cylinder. Jon
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    I restored one for behind my Antar back in the early 90's. You have 18 tons to pull out of there. very likely the tyres will inflate in situ, don't try to move without trying to inflate them or it will rip all the valves out of the tubes. Hopefully the brakes were left wound off that will be a big plus. It looks in pretty good condition
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    Hey Scott Great to meet you too glad you like the old girl 😁 journey home was easier with less traffic no probs with the truck though will change the oil and filter now it's done about 150 miles . J.
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    This week the tank was shown to the press and VIP for the first time and it was the longest drive the tank has done in 80 years, aprox 300 meters. The tank will now be on display in the museum during the summer and it will be taken out for a spin (a slow spin) 2nd of September and during a special day 18th of August. More info on the 18th of August will follow on the webpage as soon as the details are set.
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    Just back from Wartime in the Vale, great wkend met friends old and new, 90 mile odd mile round trip and no problems There were three Aero screen early Bedfords there which was great as in previous years there were none in attendance.
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    More fettling and have moved the truck to my parents place to help with the running in process Truck has now done 50 odd miles and is really starting to settle down and run sweet and I must admit I'm really enjoying driving the old thing as long as it doesn't rain ! 🙃
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    Set off this morning with great expectations for a good days progress, unfortunately I failed to take half the kit I needed, and it turned into a complete disaster. Plan 1, Fit the modified downpipe and exhaust silencer in a better place so that it misses the off side tyre. This would need the mounting brackets modifying and welding, only I left the welding helmet behind, so ended up with this Exhaust fits nicely, but mounting brackets leave a bit to be desired. It does give me the correct dimensions for making the new brackets, but...... Plan 2 Connect up sufficient electrics to be able to start the thing and check leaks, oil pressure, charging and so on. Got up early this morning, printed wiring diagrams off the computer and promptly left them at home. Got this far with hooking things up and decided it might be safer to stop guessing They might only be small batteries, but 24 volts in the wrong place will do untold damage. Looking like I'd wasted a good day, I packed up and went home. Can't just stop though, so cracked on with the blast skirt. At least there was a bit of success here, new centre section made up, wired edge and sides folded round. What you can't see is the two earlier attempts that are now residing in the scrap bin. So it still wasn't that good. There was one other glimmer of hope in the gloom New dashboard looks the mutts, even if it isn't connected to anything. Never mind there's always next weekend!!
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    this was quite successfull at reserving a plot at W&P show ....... a reminder what happens to the hop farm after heavy rain
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    And have luck, buy orig. tin side engine panels, orig for my "aeroscreen", nice, little hollyday. Tom
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    The Albion engine has a dry sump system invented by Thomas Blackwood-Murray the founder of Albion. The oil goes to the 5 main bearings and the 4 cylinders. It then drips off the main bearings and collects in slinger rings which sling it into the big end bearings after which it is thrown all around the engine. The oil should be run off at the end of each day according to the brass plate seem above the exhaust manifold. The crankshaft was in excellent condition but missing the governor. I found one as well as the magneto cut out switch in Toowoomba QLD. The clutch plate was beyond repair as the lining rivets had ground well into the plate. The Albion has the linings on the flywheel face and the spring plate with a spinning disc plate, the opposite to todays practice. Where do you get a new clutch plate these days? Well, you cut one out of a circular saw blade which, I might add, are extremely tough but designed to carry heat without distortion. It is a lovely clutch to use. No.2 piston came out in 3 bits, so it was a case of welding it back together and hand filing down. More to come.