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    50 RB 34 was in a allocation of numbers 30 RB 71 T0 72 RB 03 for BEDFORD QLD trucks
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    There is a link there, it would cost a lot of LSD to fit LSD's to WW2 vehicles !!! 😎
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    Dear All, Years ago there was a 'scandal' in a newspaper that the MOD was, apparently, paying something like £5 for an ordinary light bulb. They even showed the packaging with the price and the D of Q. Of course, the D of Q was something like 24! John
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    I think that if Land Rovers didn't exist, there would be a lot of half empty fields at Military shows and anyway Land Rovers are like Marmite, either you love them or hate them, but for me you can't beat the old ones. Jon
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    Beautiful work! 👍
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    Evening I have just picked up the above trailer, it’s in very good condition. Mainly picked it up to save it from the indignity of being turned into a mobile barbecue. I have it’s record card but does anyone know where I might find a manual on how it works?
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    Andy, A Roadrailer trailer? Think that was the name. I recall building a model kit of one about 50 years ago, with an AEC tractor unit. Sorry to hijack the thread, I take great interest in this Dennis restoration, well done Ben. regards, Richard
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    As per this picture of a Commer Q2 tractor:
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    It's an impressed Royal Enfield civilian model D (250 SV) I have several pictures of these and despite what some people think.....This one attached, is not Princess Elizabeth. My own bike is the true WD version WD/D. Ron
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    I've gone as far as I can go with Lex's frame and engine, until the fasteners are returned from the platers. I was pleased to find that the steering head races are in excellent condition, so just replaced the steel balls with best quality British balls. Ron
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    According to my technical literature, the generator is made by Pioneer but the engine is made by B&S. The PE-77-A to C used the model IL, the D and E used the model N.
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    My long awaited valves have arrived from G&S and will be taken directly to Paynes at Evesham where they are waiting to finish the cylinders and valve guides. Also back from Rob Foreman ( Mr Solex ) is my MOV 35, newly re jetted and refurbished. This magnificent bronze carb is slightly later than the original, but has many improved features, including butterfly throttle, idle mixture adjustment and a choke. These are also easier to find and a fraction of the price of the early ones. This particular example came from the south of France, where it was previously employed on a vintage Bentley. The enormous main jet it had, would appear to support this assertion.
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    It would be good to see some bits going back on I think. Here is the steering box taking up residence in its new work place. It needed a little persuasion as the holes didnt quite line up, (different parents) but a little file work soon sorted that. However, I am not convinced that the end result is quite vertical and it may need a shim to straighten it up. The sump has come out nicely. If any one needs one of these, now is the time to scan this one and get a pattern 3D printed. (Just saying.) I will just include a couple of 'before' pics of the moonscape I started with.
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    Contact Brian Tillin briantillin385@gmail.com He makes various parts for these. Axle's with spacers and wheel nuts, front brake rod kits etc. Tell him Ron in Poole told you. Ron
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    Dad has been keeping himself busy with some more painting.
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    Does anyone have, or know of, a Morris Quad offside half shaft for sale please? Alternatively a complete rear axle? Phil
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    There is a book 'SAS Panthers in Detail' featuring Barry Pococks Pink Panthers, the ones in the auction, I think that the book is aimed at modeller.
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    Good find, at last I know what those knuckles are for on the rear hubs.
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    I have manged to get all the poles and most of the pins to rig up for a Max weight over the side lift.
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    have a look at http://www.vehiculesmilitaires.com/ there is a for sale section also maybe have a look at www.leboncoin.fr search in vehicles or maybe militaria
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    Here is a photo of the shackles and bolts for the front axle of our International truck project. The holes were very badly elongated, and we chose to bore them out until true, press in solid plugs, then drill them at the correct centres again. We think it will work. You can see the eccentricity of the inserted plugs quite readily in the photo. Ian
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    Dad has been busy painting things. Despite all the chassis that we have owned we only seem to have two pairs of these shackles (the second pair being on the complete chassis) and these are quite worn. Nothing insurmountable though. I do think that we might already have another pair on the chassis in the back of the garage. It is a bit buried at the moment but I will try and take a look at it when I am down next.
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    Some of our vehicles that do roughly 3000KM a year with our clients..
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    Also had time to restore the seat bucket. I Cot off the bottom 4inches all around except for 3 inches in the front on both sides. I I had a replica of the rusted missing metal fabricated with an offset at the top. I used blind countersunk rivets to attach and then did the appropriate body work to hide the repair
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    In the original tank between the brake drums there was an extraction pipe that was connected to the radiator cooling fan via hoses, the idea was that the suction caused by the fan, would draw heat and fumes from the brake drums. I know in my vehicle none of this works but I made it because I wanted to. Jon
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    Just had some sand blasting done. Time for Dad to get out his paintbrush again.
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    Also made up a missing bracket for the rear mudguard, and some stainless fasteners for the front wheel...
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    The early WD/C uses Amal’s “Clean Handlebars”, where (some of) the cables run inside the bars. Unfortunately the handlebars on this project had been replaced, so we had to find / make a correct set. Lex found handlebars with the correct shape and dimensions, but they needed quite a bit of work… They had to be straightened, repaired, a slot for the internal twistgrip had to be milled, a few extra holes had to be made, and the pivot clamps for the levers (from a set of donor handlebars) had to be welded in place.
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    And here’s the aluminium brake plate that we will be using for this early WD/C. It came with a triangular bracket for the anchor rod, this was a later factory modification. So one hole in the aluminium plate had to be plugged, and the anchor rod is now in its correct (early) position.
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    Evening All, I have at last finished the brake assembly, well apart from 5 springs. John F pointed me in the right direction for the magnetic light, container and holding bracket, so my thanks to him. I couldn't find a tin of the correct dimensions but I did have an old bit of tube. And I have got a lathe so...…. The light is nicely dated 1940 so now that I have an original item, my Panzer ll must be original. The Holding container is a lot bigger than the lamp but apparently the lamp should have 6 meters of cable attached, so I assume that with the plug this would fill the container. Jon
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    Thank you for your comments. Finding parts is a labour of love! Here's something I posted on my Facebook page a while back. She Vowed to Thee Her Country in times of war, with a faithful service spanning twenty-one years. In retirement she worked in bus recovery and farming, eventually laid up and forgotten she stood motionless through winter's storms and summer's blazing heat. Twenty years passed her by as she sunk ever deeper into mother natures grasp, Her Pride was Suffering. Then, at the grand old age of seventy-four, she was awoken from her ever deepening sleep and once again felt the ground move beneath her. Her elation was short lived as her rescuer began breaking her for parts. Then, one overcast February day she was met by the man who'd save her. Her new rescuer did everything he could to prevent further breakup, and succeeded. Fates plans for her untimely demise, would have to wait. Her new owner vowed to restore her with a love that never falters. With every passing day her shining bounds increase. Built to aid in the taking of lives, she'll become a living memorial to those who served and her ways will be those of gentleness and all her paths of peace. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=el38Xr2l9UE
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    Had it on milweb in September ill have to try it on eBay soon I think funds for the carrier restoration would be good
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    Looking for recommendations for a company (name, turn round time and an idea of cost would be useful) to reline an axle set of riveted brake linings 15 1/2" long, 1 3/4" wide by 1/4" thick or alternatively a source of just linings and I'll rivet them my self. thanks Pete
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    My mistake, I must have got the lots confused, well it is Monday morning 😔
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    1943 Willys MB Jeep Estimate: £18,000 - £22,000 https://online.handh.co.uk/m/lot-details/index/catalog/118/lot/45947/?url=%2Fm%2Fview-auctions%2Fcatalog%2Fid%2F118%2F%3Fpage%3D2 Imperial War Museum, Duxford 16/10/2019 1:00 PM BST
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    Presumably about the same as charging a battery, maybe more on the higher settings ? We found the 24 volt input to be the most effective and did most of it on that with the amps on minimum ( 5 or 6 ) . Advantages over acid include faster progress, no damage to bright areas or brass bits and it does not smell like somethings died in there.
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    We have been experimenting with an electrolytic rust busting device, which has been showing great promise in early trials. Made from good solid (free) scaffold boards with a 1000 gauge plastic liner , the tank contains about 12 gallons of water with 6 cups of soda crystals for the electrolyte. Various anodes have been tested and the best was a length of box section steel, this was connected to the positive terminal of the power source. The negative end connects to the job in this case the steering column and this forms the cathode. At first results were disappointing , with a small battery charger struggling to provide 2 amps to the rather cold mix. Stan then produced the heavy artillery, a monster starter charger which soon got the party started and the bubbles flowing. We explored the full range of options which included a flat out setting of 24 volts and 28 amps. This was proper motoring and was restricted to short periods of boost when required. Amongst other beneficial effects this began to raise the water temp and we achieved 24 degrees C which was much better for the reaction. The results shown here after about 4 hrs show the rust mostly gone and replaced by a black substance which cleans off easily ready for paint. The rust was deposited on the anode which was growing a fine set of Titannic whiskers. Various modifications are at the planning stage, but initial results are very encouraging. received_698195273996100.mp4 received_698195273996100.mp4
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    Evening All This is the plate that I was referring to in my last post, having made and fitted the plate it answers a question. One thing that has always bothered me was, what would happen to all those bolt heads should an impact occur on the side of the tank, in the real tank world. One would have thought, that some would have sheared off and ricocheted around the inside of the tank, causing injury or death. Now that I have made this plate, I think that I understand. The plate, along with several others, are not bolted directly to the hull side but stand off by about 20mm, in other words there is a gap between the hull and the plate, if there is an impact and the heads are sheared off the plate would stop them from flying around. The plate should hold a first aid kit, that's the horizontal box, a tool kit, which I have yet to make, a spanner, feldflasche, and a magnetic lamp. I need help with the magnetic lamp, Item "a" in the first picture, I cant find any pictures of one so, HELP!!!! Jon
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    i have just seen a fantic chopper and a cabby in cheffins vintage auction on 19th of october look fab
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    Yes, this tug has been saved and has gone to a new owner.
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    just thought i would add the photos of the MWR on the recent 30 corps trip to Holland in here ,it was the first time i have managed to get a full crew of five in the truck with all there kit ,beds ,chairs ,a shower the roof rack worked a treat and we all slept under the penthouse which which rolled out from the right side of the roof rack .
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    Separate problem to your frosting which you can address as Owen suggest by drawing the air intake from around the exhaust manifold. With my Daimler we have had problems on hot days with the fuel vaporising I know of others adding diesel to great effect but I personally found adding a good quality two stroke oil get the desired result with the added bonus of lubricating the sleeve valves plus with very little if any smoke from the exhaust.
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    Finally getting back to normal after getting covered in Dorset dust which is better than the mud ! Dave has I think got addicted to the bus and has worked miracles on the parts I struggled to get my head round . Had a couple of nice touches firstly the felt on the roof let go when it belted it down with rain which promptly showed up where the seats were positioned on the upper deck.The rain also washed off some of the white wash reveling the seating capacity in and out on one of the window rails.
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    More metal bashing.... Just waiting for some heavy gauge bar to arrive so I can finish the spare wheel carrier., then the jerry can support on the near side after that is all the pipe work (and supports) for the taps (Still looking for pumps and filters)
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    Hi Ian Im going to rebuilt a Fantic TI 50cc and i saw ur post that u own 4 I need some help and maybe parts also if u have for sale.. The big problem i have is the front forks..still didnt understood how to rebuilt them(if they can be rebuilt) and one of the fork tube is stuck in the fork leg.. Thanks in advance for any help Regards Emilios
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    Or maybe some people fail to see the humour in sarcasm...
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