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    You could also re-check the ring-end gaps too. Maybe there is a tapered bore?
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    We haven't balanced the shaft. The rotation depends on how well I drilled the leather so there will be some variability in it. Hopefully, there won't be a problem but if there is, then I will have to get it done. No time left at this stage! Dad is still pressing on and has sent this report: Our old friend and great old lorry enthusiast, John Corah arrived to do the Sign Writing for us. Previously he completed similar work on our FWD and then on our Dennis and we have always been full of admiration of his wonderful skills. Steve had made life quicker and easier for him by completing all of the Art Work full size, before hand so that when he arrived, John could go directly into his procedure of covering Steve’s writing showing through to the back of Steve’s paper with a white chalk crayon so that when the paper was impressed against the position to be signed , all John had to do was to go over the drawing on the outside with a pen to leave a chalk impression on the surface to be sign written for the chalked shape to come off.. The following sequence of pictures will show what happened. Incidentally, John has written book entitled “The writing’s on the the Truck” which demonstrates his skills and procedures and contains dozens of photographs of old vehicles which will be enjoyed by any old lorry enthusiast. And then it was exactly the same procedure again for the remainder of the writing on the side of the lorry. And then the Number Plates and lastly, painting the Thornycroft Name Badge! Thanks John. Now it looks the part! Steve
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    Selling my collection fo deactivated rifles SMG and machine guns. Open to sensible offers.Weapons included are as follows. Bren gun complete with canvas shipping crate tripod magazine box of 10 mags, same as used on the back of the ferret 1/1. No longer available SLR wood furniture and pre 95 deactivation. Working action.Cocks dry fires.£1200 SLR plastic furniture post 95 deac.£750 ono Sten mk3 cocks dry fires with sling £385 ono MG53 with anti aircraft tripod drum mag and sling. working action and dry fires.£550ono Lee enfield Mk 3 No4 .cocks and dry fires. £375ono P14 Rifle same as used by the home guard in WW2 cocks and dry fires.375 ono Sterling SMG.working slide but does not cock or dry fire.£395 ono Sterling fully welded up action. £355ono AK 47 full welded action.£285ono PPHS 41 cocks dry fires £300 PPHS 43 cocks dry fires £300 Thompson SMG full welded action. No longer available. Browning .30 cal machine gun with tripod, traverse and elevation, belt of ammo and ammo tin. Israeli conversion to 7.62mm.No longer available. Webley .38 Cal pistol.cocks dry fires. Comes with RAF canvas holster belt and ammo pouch and cleaning rod. £285 MP56 Cocks and dry fires, spare mags and leather carry case with cleaning rod.£285ono Bazooka M20 working sights.£285ono Luger Pistol replica and mag cocks and dry fires.£175 German potato masher practice grenade £18 Mills Bomb practice grenade no longer available Vickers machine gun belt complete with full inert rounds of 303. £125 Have some other bits and bobs or militaria and plenty of .303 inert ammo and speed clips. Even have some 7.62 x54 empty cases All have at least 1 magazine with each weapon. If your interested please do get in touch. By PM or mobile. No 0740 15 19 117
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    Hi All I am restoring a 1950's Thornycroft Big Ben, 6 cyl 11.3 liter petrol engine. Its been lying up for the past 25 years, it was a commercial recovery truck before that and started life as a military vehicle. In good shape considering its age. The plan is to restore it as a commercial vehicle. A few pictures before I started
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    Another 7 wonderful days spent on the Mighty Militant, I managed to remove the two front wheels and the spare, split them down and had the wheels shot blasted, primed with BP and a nice finish of DBG, plus the two brake drums. I would like to have went deeper but time was against me. Removed 50 years worth of paint off the front left hand corner and primed it and covered it in DBG, took a few hours of work stripping paint with an old Black & Decker heat gun. Next time home I would like to get the four rear wheels and drums sorted, and if possible the front bumper off along with the tailgate, hoping I will be able to achieve this in good time I might be able to do another panel or two. Still no ignition, just after I spent 11 months getting the indicators to flash, every day a new noise. I have the lights, cab interior light, horn, I'm thinking now my fault is between the Rubber block/distribution box and the dashboard as the rubber block & wiring behind the seat are in poor condition, I am hoping to by pass the armoured conduit and try this as a process of elimination. I am hopeful I will find my problem and have it rectified, and reward myself with a good 20 mile road run. Hutch
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    Thanks Chaps. To be honest, it was quite a successful day really. We did take it on the road on the day we planned. We just didn't get very far! Today, our old friend Dave came and had a look. He is a retired motor mechanic and keen rebuilder of motor cycles. He has helped us a tremendous amount over the years with advice and assistance and we value his opinion very highly. We ran the lorry for him and it started very easily. We seem to have that bit nailed now anyway! It was very smooth and nice and, when switched off just ran down as you might expect rather than stopping sharply with stiffness. I started it again and, although stiffer than when cold, rotated OK. His considered view is that it is almost certainly tight in the bore and he thought that it should have nearer 0.008" clearance. However, rather than pull it down for the moment, he would keep it running for a few hours at a fast idle and see how it goes so we plan to do that. Failing that, he has the appropriate honing equipment and would be pleased to have a go at the bores for us if we drop them off with him and handle them. We have run it for another hour today until the fuel ran out. I put some more in the tank and then tried to swing it but after those few minutes, it had tightened up a lot and I couldn't turn it. In fact, I have pulled something trying so I thought that a good moment to stop! I have a couple more days of holiday so we will run it again and see what happens before putting it back into the shed. In answer to Andy's comment, it is running rich now due to my oversize jet. I shall make some more, when I get home, of slightly smaller bore. In the mean time, we are doing some bits of the body ironwork before going back to the wing irons. I would like to finish off the floor shortly as well. It is interesting watching the clutch operate beneath one's feet but I should hate for someone to put their foot through it! Steve
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    A couple of drawings from the big ben file plus a couple showing the dolly for the FV 2700 semi trailer and one of the original photos used in the drivers hand book of the cargo version
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    Steve, That is a wise decision. Having been rebuilding engines for 50 years, I was alarmed at the tightening up of the engine, and as you say, it could end up with a rod through the block and that would be unthinkable. Take your time in investigating and hope you can get the lorry out for other events during the year. You have all done fantastic work to a deadline, but you cannot afford to damage anything at this stage. Well done to all involved. regards, Richard
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    Engine idling very smoothly But increasing the load it ran a little eratically:
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    Starting for the 1st time today. The benefit of getting a new (and younger) starter
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    The Thorny out on its first drive. The dinging noise is the fan clipping the edge of the radiator.
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    60 miles to Brighton and then crawling through traffic the last few miles to the sea front on may be a roasting hot day would send shivers down my spine if I knew my engine was likely to seize. Like Gordon has just said I think it would be far safer to pull off the barrels first thing tomorrow morning and take a look. With a hone you could ease out each cylinder a thou or two in minutes compared with hours of running at tickover. You could have the barrels back on by lunch time confident that you will be eating ice creams on the sea front next Sunday!
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    Today has been one of mixed successes. Not a bad one for a new lorry but not quite as good as I had hoped considering our timescales. This is what we have been up to. We started off by fitting the seat cushions. I first drove the Dennis with no cushions and every time I tried to steer, I slid around rather than turning the lorry and I didn't want that to happen again. We drained some more water from the sump which, to be honest, is causing us some concern. I took a side cover from the crank case and then poured water over the top whilst Father looked in with a torch. Water could plainly be seen coming in at quite a rate so that is where it is coming from. The best solution will be to seal up the water hoses and stop the leaks at source. At least we know how it is getting in there now. We then filled the radiator with water and the sump with oil. Time for a swing! It didn't want to know so one of our guests, a young and fit student type had a go and, of course, it went. It idled for a while but didn't want to pick up very much. However, I decided to move it out which it did nicely. The clutch works anyway! I had a bit of a go at manoeuvering and it was OK but it would not rev and the engine kept dying on me. We decided to stop for a bit and fit the hood and tailboard whilst there was plenty of manpower about. and then have a think about it. It idles quite nicely but any move to open the throttle and it fades and pops and bangs through the carburettor. If we choked it a bit and tried to open the throttle it was much more responsive so we diagnosed a weak mixture and I turned up a new main jet. The original had a number 56 drill through it. Our 55 and 54 were missing from the rack so I used a number 53 which is 0.012" bigger. That was a much bigger step than I intended but we fitted it and it was much improved so we decided to have a go. Coming down that hill certainly proved that the brakes work! We were away! Unfortunately, fifty yards up the road we came to a sudden stop as the engine stiffened up and seized. I could not turn it. We sat there for ten minutes whereupon it freed itself and I could re-start it. We reversed to the bottom of the hill and then started to drive back up whereupon it seized again. Another delay whilst it freed up and then I drove the rest of the way back. That hill start was fun! We then parked it in the driveway and left it idling for two hours which it did very smoothly. I did try to accelerate it just before we shut down but it was very sluggish and then stiffened up again and stopped. We are hoping that it is only a running in issue and that perhaps I made the pistons a bit tight. We intend to idle it some more during the week and see if it frees itself up. In the meantime, there are still the straps for the hood, the tailboard catches, the wing irons the cab floor and the hood frames to do. Fortunately, I have the week off! TIm has some clips which he will post when he gets home. Steve
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    Metal stitching is quite common in Railway preservation circles. The firm linked have worked on stitch repairs to steam cylinders on locos. https://www.metalockengineering.com/en/typical-repairs/metal-stitching/
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    I made a 1/76 scale scratchbuilt model of a Big Ben cargo about 40 years ago, just found it, a little dusty. It bears the number and markings of one that came in the Workshops at that time, never saw another one in army service after that.
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    The military had two versions of the BIG BEN FVII401 fitted with a fifth wheel and the FV11402 cargo some were l have the drawings of the FV11401 and the trailers FV 2700 it was going to tow
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    First of all it does indeed look as though you are making a good job of restoration. if you should ever decided to remove the cab eg to remove engine as long as you a means of lifting it vertically it is simplicity its self. the only things to detatch are the air pipe to wipers one wire to interior light and four mounting bolts put ratchet handbrake as near vertical as poss and lift straight up. This leaves a chassis that can be driven about. seats etc stay with chassis. May have put you off with winch. The winch is a fantastic piece of kit extremely power full plus smooth and controllable. i was trying to hint that if you use it and the chassis rears up do not try tethering it down with a crawler or some thing at front end it will damage the chassis big style (guess how i Know ?????) From memory the Big Ben was supplied in two forms. Artic with 3" ocilating fifth wheel chassis was very short at back end Rigid with troop caring body this was longer wheel base and had larger over hang at rear. From your pictures your truck is the longer one shortened over hang when converted in civilian life. if you have any more pictures of winch which is certainly been added after leaving army/raf service i will have some more tips. block had great success with a product called ?steel stick? and some friends supplied us with a paint on substance that was used in for sealing air craft fuel tanks as a backup Keep up the good work i for one would like see the old lady doing the rounds
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    Have thought of metal stitching?
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    A great start, how long have you been at it?
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    Yes it is, I've have driven a few miles in it, Richard bought the QL from Ruddington sales 1974 straight from Military service
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    run, run with MWC, after winter sleep!
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    Looks like a lot of work to be done but I envy you the project Sorry I cannot help with any useful info but I will be watching for resto updates.
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    Took it for a spin down the drive yesterday only to have it spew coolant out of the rad FFS ! Ok quick search last night through the resto threads on here and today replaced the spring inside the top of the rad and set the level of the castelated nut as per manual remembering to seal the nut, plus replaced old thermostat with a NOS. one and hey ho ! no more problem ...... so far, then replaced the handbrake spring and made bckt for the accelerator spring thingy. Little difficult to see but it's the grey painted part between / behind the pair of oil lines. Next job was to investigate why the charging light wouldn't light up when the ignition was switched on, this turned out to be a duff bulb, then it was time to investigate why I had no side or headlights working this was traced to blown fuses and dirty contacts in the fuse holder. Then the moment to see if it all works as it should, half a dozen laps of the feild first before venturing out down the lane and back. I guess thats about it apart from maybe blowing over the rear body to get a better colour match, possibly fitting blackout masks to the headlamps and making the bow hoops for the rear canvas, 5 years and it's been a blast and I'd like to thank everyone thats helped me with this project wether it was spare parts or good advice it's much appreciated 😀 Now what's the first show ? Caldicot castle wartime wheels event is not too far for a first attempt 😁
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    Hi Everyone, The first summer with the Ferret is coming to an end. It was quite the year, pushing hard to finish everything in time for the first event (self-imposed deadline). Finding out that there was far more to do than anticipated, hunting for parts and spending way more than originally budgeted. Chasing electrical gremlins until 2:00 a.m so the scheduled 'Out of Province' could be completed the day before the big debut. Getting comfortable driving in traffic and gaining confidence in the reliability of the vehicle. In retrospect, I wouldn't change a thing! The interest the Ferret generates just going to and from events, even stopping for gas is amazing. My daughter complains about all the attention we attract whenever we take the Ferret out but I know she really enjoys the countless 'thumbs up' and enthusiastic waves she receives while in the commander's seat. Over the summer months, I have added a .30 cal tripod, camo net, .30 cal ammo cans on the left rear fender and commissioned one of our local artists to hand paint all of the markings. Everything on the vehicle (including the union jack) is hand painted - it was one of the best things I did - she is truly unique and the colors pop! This winter, I will be installing a complete radio setup (Clansman 353 and 352 sets). We will also be removing the rear deck to re-torque the head and chase down a minor oil leak. Thanks to everyone on the Forum for their comments and support. Looking forward to next year! Darcy