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  2. Just had a look and mine is a Sealey gun. For the price it has done really well. I recall a lot of my friends advised going for expensive guns but as a novice I wanted to dip my toe in before taking the plunge as they say!
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  4. Thank you Edward53 for this post... as a collector, this will come in extremely useful... it's the most concise explanation of contract numbers I've ever seen... well done that man! 😄
  5. Doc

    Karrier WDS

    Some pictures from September 2019. Who would have thought that two tea chests could hold so much treasure, but among the items was a pair of new-cast front hooks. So back when "working from work" was the norm, I set the hooks up on the Bridgeport and machined them square before drilling and boring the holes. Hooks were a right b***** (I think that's enough *s) to hold. This method seemed to work... Boring the first hole in the pair of hooks. To ensure the holes were aligned, I turned a spigot to the diameter of the first hole onto a piece of hexagonal aluminium bar and bolted it to the bed of the mill. Having clocked the spigot, I could then clamp the hooks in place, drill and bore the second pair of holes. So after removing the front axle assembly this weekend, I did a trial fitting, just to see what they would look like. I have no idea if my lorry ever carried hooks but I think they look rather grand. Practical too.
  6. Good luck with the tank, it got my pig running on its fuel tank. Nigel
  7. Did the regulator come with the gun or separate?
  8. More wonderful history you have saved there, all subjects that are not usually available. Great stuff, Nigel
  9. Fantastic job. Before and after pics just do it for you. As for spray gun choice. One slightly battered and well used Sealey gun. Must be getting on for 20 years old now, wasn't that expensive, but lovely tool. Wouldn't change it for the world.
  10. That’s how the mix up happened, I was using cellulose thinners to clean the gun and then picked it up by mistake, I take it the now contaminated paint should be disposed of?
  11. Hi I'm restoring an Ex army REME machine shop RL and I'm about to rip the rear brakes apart. I don't suppose you could let me know who supplied your rear wheel cylinders and rear hub seals? I have a feeling I might be needing some at some point, I take my hat off to you old mate you have taken on a real challenge there , I thought mine was bad ! but your cab is really buggered. I'm fighting the same issues you are so if you want to swap war story's give me a nudge. Andy
  12. For thinners with that paint, I use a standard thinners from a local agricultural machinery dealer as tractor paint is much the same as you are using. I have sprayed numerous vehicles with that paint and it may appear to have a sheen on it, but after a few weeks it will dull down and be very durable. My own Bedford QL was probably last painted about 12 years ago. You can use the cellulose thinners for gunwash after you have finished painting! Just to add, the Fordson WOT6 I restored was done in the same paint
  13. Gravity fed guns are more modern and all the info I’ve read say they are better, I’ve ordered a sealey one, it’s not expensive but it has good reviews.
  14. Firstly, it looks very good. Secondly, I have only used a gravity fed guns and I was very pleased with how they operated, I would use one everytime. To be honest the gun I use these days isnt particularly expensive either. Its a gun that is a good weight and feel.
  15. It’s Green.... finely managed to finish the paint, two coats done on Saturday while it was upside down just to make sure everything was painted, couple of days to dry before turning over and going over any misses. From this To this Turning it over was easier said than done, child labour came in handy at point. Ended up getting the paint from War Paints, it’s a satin finish synthetic but I am not sure if it was the right choice, I went for satin just to give it a bit more durability but it appears to mark just as easy as matt, it also has a curing time of up to 3-4 weeks which I didn’t know before purchase and for some unknown reason the paint is still tacky on some areas of seem sealer, any ideas ? I have a question about paint and thinners, I accidentally mixed some cellulose thinners with the paint but luckily spotted it before I used it, the paint seemed to react with the thinners and after having a bad experience with a high solvent thinners pickling paint a few years ago on another project I didn’t want to take the chance, does anyone know if its ok to use ? Also is there any advice for setting up a spray gun, I have an old school siphon feed Gun but it was a nightmare to set up, liquid feed adjustment made no difference, fan adjustment was either bullseye or full fan, air pressure turned down, air pressure turned up, absolute pain in the backside!! New gravity feed gun has been ordered..
  16. Washington Two Jeeps Tour - May 31st We took both Jeeps out on May 31st for a local drive and photoshoot. Here's one of the pictures, but a full report can be found on my other Jeep thread by following the link below this picture.
  17. Location 12 The last stop was at a park near Washington Old Hall and village. The Sun was setting and temperature dropping fast, so we skipped the last planned stop at Princess Anne Park and headed for home. While we were still missing the many events that have already been cancelled this year, it had been a very enjoyable three hours of family Jeeping fun. We now have three small Go-Pro type action cameras, one of which was a freebie, so we also shot some video from both Jeeps while out. We didn't shoot the who three hours out but I'll post it up once complete.
  18. Location 11 From there, four roundabouts along the road brought us to the Washington Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust. We're members there, but haven't been able to visit due to the lockdown. They've just announced they will open again on June 10th by pre-arrangement to control numbers. During our Jeep visit, the car park was locked up, so our pictures were near the entrance - also on the Coast to Coast cycle route.
  19. Location 10 Only a couple of hundred yards further along the road was another car park at Cox Green, near to the foot bridge over the river. This one was on the Coast to Coast cycle route.
  20. Location 9 Off on the road again through Fatfield and on towards Cox Green where there were two more car parks to visit, both further North East along the river. The first was at St James Steel Park, with the sun setting through the trees.
  21. Looking for a good set of CVR(T) track with lots of pad life
  22. Location 8 Turning around and heading back along the lane again, put us on the right side of the road to pull over for a stop beside the river. Unfortunately the river was very low since it is tidal, so it wasn't as visible as I had hoped.
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